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  1. Where is the link for the Going Going Gone PDF? i see older links for older dates, but can't find a current one. here is the most recent one i can find, but still behind in the date. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event_USD.pdf
  2. I forgot my phone cord to charge my phone. the ship didn't have any android cords for sale and most of the crew used Iphones, but thankfully by day's end GS found one for me to use for the whole cruise! needless to say I bought one in Nassau for cheap and gave theirs back. thank god! I would have had no phone!
  3. I was on Rhapsody 2 weeks ago and they were still doing 2x a day. Attendant says the change for them would take place in April. To be honest, it didn't seem like he cleaned twice a day.
  4. oh and the best thing about Rhapsody. THE INTERNET CONNECTION WAS EXCELLENT! I was live streaming my whole trip. Rarely a blip in internet loss. And they have Starlink too. So I'm guessing with less passengers the experience is better.
  5. Didn't care for british night. @Matt what happens on the longer cruise like over 12 nights with the menus? do they repeat or are there other themes?
  6. I don't know about all this throttling but when I was on Rhapsody last week, the internet was stellar the whole trip for the most part. I was live streaming the whole time.
  7. I just go off Rhapsody on Sunday and they were still doing 2x a day until April.
  8. BTW, Rhapsody is still doing 2 stateroom visits per day until April. Barbados excursion and transfer to the airport was pretty nice. Got to see different parts of the island, like Bathsheba beach. Got to the airport at least 3 hours ahead of my flight. Waiting for the Jetblue agent took longer than getting through customs. You can buy Mount Gay Rum at the airport. And you get on the plane outside. I mean why not, it's gorgeous weather. I would do this itinerary again, but maybe add Curacao and Tobago. Rhapsody is a great ship for solo cruisers and those with no kids. Overall a great time was had by all!
  9. Today is the last day of our 7 night cruise. I figured I'd give you guys an overview and my thoughts of rhapsody end of the cruise itinerary. Barbados beautiful country beautiful people I stayed in the royal bliss hotel in Worthing section of Bridgetown barbados. Great hotel. I got dropped off too early at the port. Barbados does not play around with entering their country. Waited around for disembarkation to finish and then embarkation started around 11 under the large awning. I got on first. It was quick. Rhapsody is a great little ship. In great shape for her age. We were not at 100% cap. A lot of locals on the cruise. Itinerary was Barbados, Grenada, Bonaire, Aruba overnight, and Trinidad, back to Barbados. I have an excursion on last morning with airport transfer. New menus were great. Staff was efficient every night. Very quick service. No lobster night. We had "jumbo" shrimp. The food was very good as usual. The Windjammer is small. The selection is limited and wasnt my favorite place to eat. CREW WERE GREAT! The cruise director staff were awesome and Orlando the activities director was the highlight of the cruise. The activities were fun and hilarious. The shows however were not the best for RC. One comedian was funny but the magician was sooo bad and the other comedian was just ok. The productions were good but not on par with what I've seen on other ships. All the ports were great. Aruba being my fave. Bonaire second. We saw dolphins on the way in to Trini. More to come as we round the corner...
  10. I would prefer that they had this option to upgrade your room as a paying option. So for ex. i booked a balcony and then a month later I wanted to change that to a suite and your total cost would reflect that change.
  11. I have had this offer for a while. In my offers section.
  12. this is on the FAQ. I would not do it this way as a solo. And I personally have not found a better price with a fake person. Q Do I get double cruise points if my sailing companion cancels and I sail as a single? A A booking must be created and sail as a single occupancy, with a paid single guest supplement to cruise fare, to receive the extra single sailor points. When one guest from a multiple-guest occupancy reservation cancels within 100% penalty, their cruise fare is held in penalty within the reservation. This allows the cancelled guest to potentially file a claim with their travel protection provider, if applicable. The booked cruise fare for the remaining guest(s) within the reservation remains the same and no single supplement is applied; therefore, the remaining guests receive Crown & Anchor Society points based on the initial occupancy booked within their reservation.
  13. I only cruise solo. I have been on 5 so far and 9 more booked as a solo. you can meet people very easily, if you want or you can stay to yourself, if you want. Meet people at singles events, bars, clubs, casino, dinner or excursions just as an example. it's very easy even if youre introverted. Cruising is safe for solos.
  14. Anyone bring their own seasonings, dressings or condiments ? I am thinking of taking some Himalayan sea salt and Everything Bagel Seasoning with me on my next one, mostly for Windjammer breakfast.
  15. I think this is wise for international travel, especially by flight and especially if you're prescribed something that may be considered a narcotic. if you're staying domestic or Caribbean, you can use the pill boxes. Make sure you have enough for the trip and then some for emergency. Check your destinations Embassy for meds that may not be allowed.
  16. Yep got this for my next 3 cruises, but only the next one was low enough to contemplate. 57.99 day. I am debating if i want to spend $478 to drink on this cruise or just use my OBC.
  17. i think this is in the wrong section @SpeedNoodles
  18. so if i'm in a JS, i won't be able to get dining benefits? (Although i'll be Diamond by then anyway.)
  19. Since Spectrum of the Seas does not have a Coastal Kitchen, do suite guests get similar dining ? is that what the Silver Dining room is for?
  20. There are always spots at Cape Liberty parking. Don't worry about reservations. Go right to the terminal, drop off your luggage and go park either in the garage or in the overflow outside lots. If in the garage, you get a ticket and pay at the end of the cruise. if in the lot, you pay the attendant for the week.
  21. So hoping by the time this cruise comes along, the new Hideaway section of CocoCay is open.
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