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  1. Your prepaid packages should stay in place, unless you use your OBC to purchase. I repriced my October cruise twice. the first time i lost my whole OBC which i had used to buy 2 excursions. like the other poster said, they asked for money to keep my excursion but i called them up and they said, "no don't worry your excursion is still there". of course, few days later, i rec'd a cancellation of one excursion and refund for the rest of the money paid via CC. It sux because that excursion was now sold out. It will be interesting to see if the excursion company still has me as a reservation in October. The second time I called and repriced even lower, I got half of my OBC back because a supervisor signed off on it. They told me that you should not lose your OBC, but i can't remember the term she used. It had disappeared from my cruise planner for a couple of days, but I emailed them and it came back. I think it's a crap shoot. What I learned. Don't use OBC's to purchase excursions or packages. Always go for the reprice.
  2. welcome to the addiction! my next one isn't until October but then I also booked an Xmas one this year too. and I have 2 more booked for next year. I can't stop!
  3. the Escape room was open on my May 2022 sailing of Oasis. it was still 19.99 to participate.
  4. I have a Gold card and I don't see RC in my Amex Offers.
  5. on my Oasis sailing in May, I could not park in the garage and I was there early. However, that could be because I have a truck. After, I dropped off my luggage, I was directed to another parking lot within walking distance and parked with other trucks. I prepaid and my truck was safe in the lot the whole week. I found it very convenient even if it was a short walk to the terminal. Get there early so you can park. My check in time was 11 am and I was there about 30-45 mins before. Parked quickly and went right into the terminal to get in line. I was on the ship by 11:30 and by the time I got to Windjammer, I saw a line of cars stuck in traffic trying to get to terminal.
  6. now if only I could add things to my calendar on the app that are not purchased items like dining.
  7. and your $80 Bermuda travel authorization, which was non-refundable by Bermuda...did RC reimburse you?
  8. I was looking for videos too on JS and doesn't appear to have that curtain, like the Grand suite has to separate the bed from the rest of room.
  9. stop by the Cafe and bring your bartenders some fresh bananas!
  10. I like all the frozen drinks: Lava Flow with Kraken Love Connection (lava flow with mango puree) The banana one (didn't know the name) something similar to a Bob Marley but it's like a Lava Flow with Blue Curacao. Miami Vice there was also a shot they were doing on Oasis: 2 sipper - rum, pineapple juice and blue curacao. not sure what the real name is. just give me the blue drink!
  11. how would they know if your child is 4 or not?
  12. Not following basic etiquette is cringeworthy. just have manners and courtesy for others. Thankfully none of us in this group do any of that.
  13. So is it possible to upgrade/change rooms from interior to JS (not via RoyalUp) in order to get those points by just calling RCCL?
  14. I've mostly sailed Forward, thus far. It's quieter as far as people are concerned, but depending on cabin i found i heard more ship noises. And you can feel the motion if it is rougher seas, which didn't bother me. Rocked me to sleep. but i'd like to check out the other sections as well.
  15. I love cruising for the ship, the open water, the views and the convenience and practicality of it all. Even with today's fuel costs and rising cruise costs, it's still reasonable. You get a week's worth of travel in one place! Imagine trying to book a regular trip nowadays that includes food, nice hotel and entertainment plus travel costs all under $1500 pp.?
  16. Paradise beach was very nice. Beach or pool and friendly service for food and drink.
  17. do you recall how much the public bus was? RC has an "excursion" called Horseshoe Bay beach transfer which i paid $29 to go back and forth to the beach but if the bus is safe, reliable and cheaper than that, who needs the "excursion", right?
  18. yes my time dining is available to reserve ahead of time. i suggest once it becomes available on the cruise planner, you book it for each day.
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