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  1. I'll be in Nassau again in May, so i'm going to stay onboard Freedom. Gives me more time to explore the ship and drink by the pool.
  2. I couldn't find a recent video or article about delays.
  3. I have this message on the app the day before check in opens
  4. we are such a rare breed i guess
  5. They cancelled my Pearl Island excursion at Nassau. So i'll probably stay onboard and explore the ship more as it is only a 3 night cruise.
  6. Since local, will they pay for the parking garage cost ?
  7. Can we revisit this post? Gift ideals for crew members. @CHRIS WONG did a joint video with Tony and came up with good ideas. Maybe there are more ideas since then? Phone Sim Cards with Data Snacks from THEIR home country Toiletries Sports jerseys Socks Cash Recognition through final survey Please add some new ideas.
  8. well her January 8th cruise was cancelled
  9. Symphony is docked in Miami right now. @MattSo where does she go if no passengers? she can't stay at that terminal.
  10. I track everything. because if they cancel something it gets removed from your order history page. Either print out the purchase or cut and paste into a separate document. Then you can always submit proof if you need to dispute a charge.
  11. thanks all. yes it was just my excursion to Pearl Island that was cancelled at this time.
  12. my 3 night Freedom trip to Perfect Day and Nassau has some itinerary changes and they cancelled my Nassau itinerary. So guess it's an added sea day? Dear Guest, We're counting down the days to having you onboard your upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise. Before we set sail, we are sorry to share that your tour in Nassau, Bahamas has been cancelled due to operational reasons. We know how much time and effort go into planning your cruise experience and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Weve issued a full refund of your tour to your original form(s) of payment. You can expect to receive your refund within 7-10 business days. Kindly note, refund times may vary depending on your financial institution. For more information on other tours and more, you can sign into Cruise Planner at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked . Or, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-398-9819 so one of our agents can help find the perfect excursion for you. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time. Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International, Got me scared after I saw Chris Wong's video about the 4 ships cancelling their cruises. If they are going to cancel this, they better let me know sooner rather than later so I can fix my hotels and flights.
  13. It's not fair, I get it. Those with the most money and lobbying power, wins. But if we want to continue to travel via cruise ship, we may need to be prepared for any upcoming changes to the protocols as this develops. This perhaps could mean they will ask for proof of booster shots next, if you qualify. I have mine scheduled for at least 2 weeks before my next cruise, just in case.
  14. This is what I meant. And this is what I love about RC.
  15. To my surprise when I checked my cruise planner for my May trip, I found an extra $25 in my onboard credit. It went from 50 to 75. I am not sure where this money is coming from. There was no cancellation of any purchases. I'm afraid to inquire about this and have them realize it was a mistake. LOL Is it a glitch or is there an explanation for this?
  16. port cancellations seems to be what we need to worry about now, unless RC scrambles to have some backups on tap.
  17. Do you think RC will refund a portion of your money due to all these changes? not just the port fees, which should be done regardless, but the whole experience has been lessened. I think RC needs to rethink the capacities again. I don't know why they rushed into increasing capacities in the middle of winter. This is when people get sick. And then you have all the holidays where people get together. keep it at a lower capacity and wait until end of January to start increasing things.
  18. Smoking in casino is not allowed per new protocols until 1/5/22.
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