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  1. LOL… I am all on my own… I don’t want to hear myself complain!! I’m trying to get a timelapse of Harmony leaving port (if she leaves before us)… and then us leaving St. Maarten… I’ll post them later. #gottaremainbusy!
  2. SOunds like I may be getting an extended stay in Ft. Lauderdale then! I’ll post when I find out what is going to happen. I am lucky in that I can essentially work from anywhere (with an internet connection)… So I am just going with the flow!
  3. I haven’t heard the final details though.. .but it sounds like I will need to isolate in a hotel somewhere when we get back… and then fly home to Texas. I will update once I find out the protocols. Interested if anyone out there knows the protocols…
  4. I’ll take your word for it on 6 ships… wouldn’t be surprised… However, I can confirm that Harmony is in port… She’s my view for the day Symphony pulled out last night around 11 PM (roughly). Harmony arrived this morning sometime around 6? Here’s my view for the day
  5. I started feeling ill at dinner… and did the right thing. That’s the long and the short of it
  6. Prior to the cruise, there were a few port adjustments… months back… but a final one days before indicating we would miss San Juan and replace with an overnight (2 days) here in St. Maarten. We ended up missing St. Thomas as well… They refunded a full day’s cruise fare per person… and brought us to St. Kitts for an overnight. Truthfully, they are doing their absolute best. Your stops may change… get cancelled, etc… but Allure has been phenomenal (says the guy who’s been in Covid isolation since late Sunday night/early Monday).
  7. Third time - should be - a charm. Added to YouTube… here is the link. Symphony Entering St. Maarten 1/4/22
  8. I watched the same They seem to be doing some sort of crew shift. There are about 50 crew our there right now with luggage. Maybe the are coming to Allure?
  9. Worth another try Does this work? (added link in future message)
  10. Did my video come through on my first post? It’s a great (yes, biased) time lapse of Symphony coming alongside here in St. Maarten this morning.
  11. She remained in out original room for 24… more like 36 hours… tested negative this morning and went to the beach. She’s good to go. It’s Deck 3 for me - nothing but me, time, internet, television, room service and a view
  12. Thank you! My wife has been enjoying the trip for both of us… once she was sprung from her jail Staff here has been phenomenal… can’t complain… outside of Ms. Symphony taking up my beautiful island view!
  13. Just wondering when she is set to leave St. Maarten. I am on the Allure - in Covid Positive Jail on Deck 3 - and wondering if I might get my island view back for a little while Here she is coming in this morning! IMG_0359.MOV
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