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  1. I called Casino Royale today to ask when the November offers would be out. I was told my wife and I (both Prime members) would not be receiving any offers. I asked why and was told because the offers would have been for some of the cruises we already have booked. (We have 26 cruises booked). The offers we should have received would have reduced our cost on some of the booked cruises. In the past we have received offers that did apply to booked cruises, saving us money. The savings would be spent in the casino. Since Casino Royale only wants to attract new business and does NOT care about keeping it's current customers, my wife and I will NOT be gambling on our b2b cruises starting on the 14th. Going forward I do not see any reason to earn over 2500 points per year. My wife and I have 31 cruises on other cruise lines. The reason we are on track to be Pinnacle by the end of 2023 is we liked the offers we received from Casino Royale in the past. In our opinion, RCCL and Casino Royale have made a poor business decision. I hope they rethink this new policy before they lose our business permanently.
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