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  1. We did a lift & shift. It had to be in the +/- 4 week window. Initially they offered a 7 day replacement, same itinerary for our current 8 night reservation, but I mentioned it should be same night to same night and all of a sudden other itineraries became available to shift to. We went from Anthem leaving NJ (Port Canaveral, Perfect Day, Nassau) to the Freedom leaving FL (Perfect Day, Puerto Rico, St. Maartin, Haiti). Both were holiday cruises. The only downfall we have encountered is that we had two connecting balcony rooms on the Anthem but when we shifted to Freedom, we could only get
  2. I figured as much. We made out on a lift and shift that far surpassed the 125% FCC so there are no tears for not being eligible for 125% OBC.
  3. We pre-emptively lifted and shifted our December 2020 cruise on Anthem to December 2021 on Symphony. I was pretty sure Royal was going to cancel December and I wanted to beat the rush to reschedule. Now that Royal has officially canceled December 2020, does anyone know if I am eligible to request 125% OBC for the cruise planner items that were purchased for the Anthem 2020 cruise? Or do we miss out on that offer since we already utilized the lift & shift option?
  4. @WAAAYTOOO Thanks! I found it. Your right, I would not have found that by just clicking around or searching L&S. Seriously, thanks!!
  5. The link brings me to a 404 error page.
  6. Hi! Having trouble getting ahold of my non-MEI TA (I know better for next time.) We finally decided to L&S our December 2020 holiday cruise and move it to next year. I've looked all over the RC website and "manage my cruise" but I can't find a Lift & Shift link to do it online. Can anyone point it out to me please?
  7. Wonderful! Thank @Lovetocruise2002 and @Atlantix2000 for your responses. I'm hoping to give the kiddo a leg up on cruise points and this will be a good way to do it.
  8. Hi, We are thinking of taking advantage of Kids Sail Free offer to upgrade to a junior suite. Does anyone know if our child will earn double cruise points? My initial thought would be no, since kids are free, they won't receive the benefit.
  9. It did. Somehow RC canceled our booking even though it showed as active with the TA. Thankfully the TA reached out before someone else booked our rooms. I did have to repurchase all our cruise planner items, but I got them at the lowest prices I've seen so far. So while inconvenient, it was not a tragedy. Let's hope I don't see a cancelled your cruise email again!
  10. Good news...RC canceled our booking by accident. So thankfully it isn't a booted situation. Bummer for me, I have to go rebook all our planner stuff. Fingers crossed I get the same pricing.
  11. Full payment was made a couple of weeks ago. And we had a ton of extras too (cabana, drink packages, etc). So they are getting plenty of revenue from our reservation.
  12. I think we got booted. Just got a notification from RC that our 2 rooms on Anthem's Christmas cruise and our cruise planner items were canceled. Nothing yet from our TA and the RC appears to still be taking reservations for that cruise. I really hope this is a mistake!
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