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  1. I linked my son's reservation to mine and I am trying to get it unlinked. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this?
  2. Thanks for the responses. My dad was on a Princess Cruise in late February 2020 and prior to the cruise, he had to fill out a form from the Princess site and fax or mail the completed form along with his DD 214 to Princess and they gave him OBC.
  3. My parents will be going on the Wonder of the Seas on October 22, 2023. My dad was in the Army for 12 years and was honorably discharged. I called Royal to find out how my dad could get the military discount. We were told that the military discount was not offered on that sailing. Has anyone else came across this issue? Personally, I would think that Police, EMT, and Military discounts would be available for all sailings. Unfortunately, I am at a point where it is hard for me to believe any information that I receive from the Royal customer service reps. I find that I have to call and be on hold for so long and get conflicting information.
  4. Based on the Q&A from a few days ago, has it been determined if the App Chat will be free or still $1.99 per person per day?
  5. We will be on Harmony in December 2021. I originally heard that the chat feature on the app would be free. When I contacted Royal a few days ago, I was told that the chat feature on the app is $1.99 per person per day. Does anyone know which is correct?
  6. Our plans once we get on the ship is to verify ALL of our reservations once we get on board. Unfortunately, I have found out over the past year that good help is extremely hard to find now especially customer service.
  7. I called Cruise Planners and we are all set with reservations. On the app, it states Izumi Sushi and not Izumi Hibachi which was throwing me off. I was told that we would pay $34.99 per person which reserves our place for the Hibachi.
  8. My husband and I as well as our son and daughter in law will be on this cruise. We will be driving from Columbus, GA
  9. Does anyone know how to make reservations for the Izumi Hibachi restaurant on Harmony of the Seas? Can the reservations be made prior to boarding the ship? When I go online, it only shows that I am able to make reservations for Izumi Sushi. My sailing date is December 5, 2021.
  10. If I wanted to eat lunch at the Snack Shack on Coco Cay, would I have to purchase a Thrill Water Park pass?
  11. Does anyone know if the Windjammer buffet will be open for dinner on Harmony for December 2021 sailing? The RCCL app only shows breakfast and lunch hours.
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