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  1. To be super clear here, I am fine wearing a mask in general. I also think it totally makes sense to wear them indoors except in staterooms. All I am questioning is wearing them while outside especially when this is in line with CDC guidance (distanced) and is in line with almost all state and local guidance as well.
  2. Well, because it doesn’t make sense. I can be outside at the port next to the ship and not need a mask, but if I’m outside on the ship, I do? And on top of that, I just had 2 negative tests plus a health screen to get on it.
  3. Or maybe (hopefully) this is the stance for the region but will be different in the US where specifically the Healthy Sail was focused.
  4. This is not what was in the Healthy Sail document. It said masks were not necessary outdoors unless distancing was not possible. And to be clear, you don’t need a mask outside pretty much anywhere in the US. From pages 25-26: Recommendation 16: To prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise operators should require guests Specifically, guests should wear face coverings in any indoor, congregate setting regardless of physical distancing measures, but should not be required to wear face coverings in their own cabins. A notable exception is indoor dining. Seating in restaurants a
  5. Hope it happens. Just afraid it might not if Pence is having to take any other meetings In Trump’s place.
  6. I wonder if the meeting in DC is still on today given what’s going on....
  7. As I understand it, the plan is to do 2 tests pending the availability of rapid testing (pages 19-20 of healthy sail document). So each guest would get the 5 day and then a rapid result test during boarding. It will be interesting to see if RCCL implements the Rapid test at the port because assuming they do, this pretty much IS a bubble compared to any other place you could be visiting (obviously not counting sitting in your house). I mean you’ve got the crew that have been on that ship for x days and then guests that undergo 2 Covid checks before getting onboard. The pseudo bubble is then o
  8. I think many will classify this as a political decision as you state, but as I have said previously in other threads I think of this in the same way most corporations don’t let theIr lawyers make business decisions. That’s because the lawyers job is to protect the company from risk. However it’s usually the necessary to take on some risk to grow a company. The root of the issue is that the CDC should never have been in the position they were to make the call about the whether cruises could sail from US ports or not. They are scientists/doctors and are focused on any/all risks of COVID spread
  9. My family members (different folks) have had 4 tests done so far. One from CVS took 5 days to get back but that was a few months ago and was done on a Thursday so I assume that impacted turnaround. The other 3 were all rapid tests and were returned within 25 minutes. For that, the key is to search for rapid Covid tests. However, in all of these cases, there was a reason to get tested because the person felt bad and saw someone in a clinic first for a few minutes. I’m not sure how easy it is/will be to get a rapid test because you are going on a cruise.
  10. I wonder how realistic this is for Royal? It certainly seems like something to explore. I could see the Bahamas as an origination point if they were open to it considering how many ships visit there already. It would certainly bring in lots of $ for hotel nights before/after plus the food/merchant spending that would normally follow. The cruise line wouldn’t have to bend to CDC whims.
  11. This also implies if someone is sick onboard they get quarantined (standard protocol for many other illnesses) and others in “close contact”. What it doesn’t say is if someone is tested positive for COVID, the whole ship goes into quarantine which is what many fear.
  12. Totally agree. They are doing their job. It just shouldn’t be their call whether the cruise lines resume or not just like it isn’t for every other industry.
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