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  1. Does anyone know if the addition of Izumi means Jade in the Windjammer will go away?
  2. Related question...does anyone know if the Escape rooms are generally open on port days? Or only on sea days?
  3. Wow. Smart choice by them. I knew about it but was is in middle of having my cruise rebooked so couldn’t get onto the planner to buy. That’s just how it goes sometimes. I did end up saving about $1300 with the rebook though.
  4. Follow up on this just in case anyone sees this in the future. The rooms were basically right behind the bar on deck 4 of the centrum. It’s also right where the dance floor was and the band would set up in the opposite corner from where our rooms were so the speakers were facing directly at us and every night there was music and dancing. Despite this, I have to say that when we shut the door you couldn’t hear anything! We actually loved the convenience of these rooms to the bar, guest services, the centrum access to other common areas, and the elevator banks were right there.
  5. Great thread. I just booked your option #2 this past week. I mean that actual date...June 7, 2020. We discussed both itineraries and decided on that one because my wife and I have always wanted to see St Lucia. However, I didn’t price the other one...so maybe I need to see if it would change a lot. We’ve got 3 cabins / 6 people so a small price per person can definitely add up quick. All the positive comments for Curaçao also have me wondering. One thing I heard on Matt’s podcast about this boat from a guest reviewer was the pool gets incredibly crowded on sea days. So I’m thinking we will stay on the ship at least while in St Thomas because we’ve been there a few times. It’s beautiful so will actually enjoy the scenery in the background while enjoying the pool deck.
  6. @Matt uh oh....Matt, you are scaring me. We have 4061 plus the next 2 cabins in June on Jewel Of The Seas. I was searching for the ship name and saw this comment. When we booked it I needed 3 together and didn’t have much of a choice. Not sure I realized how close this was to the lobby bar and noise. How bad was it? Was it an issue at night?
  7. Hi James, my family will also be in this cruise. While you are celebrating your honeymoon, we are actually celebrating our 25th anniversary. We will have our 4 teenagers with us in 3 cabins. I’m expecting a pretty big difference in the ship since our last 3 cruises have been on Oasis class ships. But we are especially looking forward to the ports.
  8. Hi, In early June we will be on a 4 night cruise on Jewel OTS sailing out of Rome. We will be stopping in Corsica, Marseille, and Villefranche (Nice). All 3 ports are new to us so we would love any advice. We are a family of 6 with 4 teens aged 13-18. We want to get a feel of the different places and see any key sights but also would like to work in at least a little beach time. Again, please give me any advice you may have. Thanks in advance!
  9. Is the paella,clams and mussels, and tray of fish and chips really for lunch? I don’t remember windjammer lunches like that.
  10. Any reviews on Dru Pavlov? We had Abe Hughes last time on the Harmony and thought he was hilarious. We would get the family up early just to watch his show a couple times through.
  11. Thanks. That worked. Seems much better than creating a separate login for the kids.
  12. I am just now dealing with the new website so sorry if this is old news....but I have multiple cabins on an upcoming cruise and don’t see how I can add the extra rooms to my account beyond the cabin I am in. When I try to manually add one of the other cabins through the reservation, it asks me which passenger I am. I am of course not one of the names it shows because these are my kids in other stateroooms. I just called the website tech support line and was told this was for security and that I would need to create an account for each of the cabins. Could this be right? It certainly never worked this way before. I was always able to login and manage all of my staterooms from my account. The tech support guy said it was for security but I’m not buying that. Any ideas?
  13. Hi, My family is going on the Harmony the first week of June and we wanted get a Voom package for 6 devices. Does anyone know if I should expect a cruise planner sale before then? Right now, I don’t see any kind of a Voom discount.
  14. I am looking for advice from you regular cruisers who have also sailed on Celebrity and in particular, on the Equinox. We are considering booking a week this July on the Equinox to the Eastern Caribbean. We are a family of 6 (my wife and I plus 16, 14, 12, and 11 year old kids). My family just finished a week on the Harmony of the Seas and loved it. And last year we were on the Oasis and had a great time as well. What I am wondering is if my kids will enjoy the pace and activities on the Equinox like they did on the RCL ships. Any advice would very much be appreciated!
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