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  1. Yes, I’ve sent my thoughts to my congressional reps. Please do the same!! When I read Buttigieg’s comments, it’s clear he has no idea what he is talking about in relation to what is holding cruising back. The clueless politicians and the DC regulars think the cruise lines need to prove something to start despite sailing successfully for months out of other ports. DeSantis’ lawsuit is such a welcome sight.
  2. Seems like the outgoing administration twisted some arms at the CDC for the conditional framework, got distracted with other stuff we all know about, and now are almost out. So, the CDC has had the benefit of slow rolling any follow up to the framework. To be fair, they are dealing with a pandemic so are pretty busy, but it’s been apparent they would prefer that no cruises sail from the US for now Anyways, my opinion is that unless the incoming admin pushes them to get cruising going again and pursue the test cruises, we are waiting for the vaccine to be broadly administered before an
  3. Thanks for the fast response Matt! I was behind on your podcast but just listened and heard you cover this. Also really appreciate the return of the mailbag and the classic relaxing island music!!!
  4. I am not sure if I missed something or not, but it seems like all focus in the news and on the boards for return to cruising In the US hinges on the vaccine. I thought we were on the cusp of hearing about/seeing test cruises to comply with the latest CDC order. Has this been dropped due to the complexity of the requirement? Or is the CDC dragging its feet? Sorry if this has been spelled out elsewhere.
  5. I’ve done stuff like this for companies I work for and it’s purely a model to attempt to predict revenues...certainly not a bottoms up look. So I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions for a particular sailing you are booked on, but I do think it highlights the gradual ramp that is a function of so many barriers that the cruise lines have to overcome as they come back. It just won’t be a light switch.
  6. I definitely don’t get the 180 day rule. Seems like excluding people who have built up immunity is the opposite of what you would want. I mean, that is exactly what the vaccine does...builds up immunity just without you actually having it.
  7. I’ve been watching prices on a few short cruises in the early summer and almost always the Port Canaveral prices are slightly (like $30 pp) above Miami for basically the same cruise. But today I am now seeing Port Canaveral for Over $200 higher than Miami for those same cruises. Anyone else noticing this? Any ideas what is going on?
  8. I would definitely do it and could bring my wife plus 2 “kids” over 18 (18 and 20) if needed.
  9. To be super clear here, I am fine wearing a mask in general. I also think it totally makes sense to wear them indoors except in staterooms. All I am questioning is wearing them while outside especially when this is in line with CDC guidance (distanced) and is in line with almost all state and local guidance as well.
  10. Well, because it doesn’t make sense. I can be outside at the port next to the ship and not need a mask, but if I’m outside on the ship, I do? And on top of that, I just had 2 negative tests plus a health screen to get on it.
  11. Or maybe (hopefully) this is the stance for the region but will be different in the US where specifically the Healthy Sail was focused.
  12. This is not what was in the Healthy Sail document. It said masks were not necessary outdoors unless distancing was not possible. And to be clear, you don’t need a mask outside pretty much anywhere in the US. From pages 25-26: Recommendation 16: To prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise operators should require guests Specifically, guests should wear face coverings in any indoor, congregate setting regardless of physical distancing measures, but should not be required to wear face coverings in their own cabins. A notable exception is indoor dining. Seating in restaurants a
  13. Hope it happens. Just afraid it might not if Pence is having to take any other meetings In Trump’s place.
  14. I wonder if the meeting in DC is still on today given what’s going on....
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