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  1. This is what I use. I got a couple back in 2019 but looks like they have a new one with even more ports on it. But this works great. https://a.co/d/06cZKjn
  2. Do we think this is replacing Surf/Stream? Or is it a new service and price point?
  3. Thanks. Sounds like staying near their hotel is the best bet.
  4. We’ve never sailed out of Tampa Bay before and I’m researching for my oldest daughter going with her friends for college spring break in March. They procrastinated getting a check-in time (yes, I repeatedly told her…) and got 1:30 but have an 11:00 checkout time from their hotel and will be ubering. With strict check-in times, what are the recommendations to fill that time? I’m thinking late breakfast either near the hotel and then get in the Uber a little after 1 or going to the port right at 11, dropping off luggage (can they do this early?), and then walking to somewhere for late breakfast. It looks like it’s possible to walk from the port to coffee shops, etc. is that true? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nassau instead of St Kitts ……. Not ideal. But Labadee is beautiful
  6. Craps was only thing closed on Freedom when we sailed in late December. They said it was due to staffing issues (Omicron was going through the crew).
  7. It was mentioned above and I’m sure you’ve done this but it’s worth repeating…. Definitely price out 2 connecting cabins. I’ve found that it’s often very little difference in price and gets you the space those teens need/want.
  8. The whole thing felt like some kind of red tape gone wrong situation. But I never heard a proper explanation of what happened. We did get a few hours on the island in the afternoon but it was far from ideal. My wife stayed on the boat so missed it altogether.
  9. Also While the snack shacks are open it seems like the larger restaurants are closed (at least from what I could see).
  10. Sorry for the slow update here folks but at about 130 we were told things had been worked out and we were cleared. Most folks including some of my group rushed off to enjoy what of the day was left.
  11. We are making the best of this. Eating wings and burgers in Playmakers (which is awesome here on Freedom BTW) and about to head back up on the pool deck. But it’s really disappointing.
  12. It’s definitely not the RC staff. The Bahamian government is not allowing us to exit the ship.
  13. I just don’t think this is Covid related, but we will see. Captain seems very frustrated.
  14. Are they being allowed to let passengers off? If they are, that’s ridiculous. It would mean they are letting people into Nassau for the $, while stopping the lines from using the private islands where (I assume) they make far less.
  15. So the Bahamian government is pulling something here. It would be interesting if there are any ships in Nassau today and what is going on with them.
  16. Still sitting on the ship. Definitely a bummer for us since we’ve never been there and we can look out and see it. I mean, we are docked and everything.
  17. I dont think it’s counts on this ship mainly because everything seems so normal. I haven’t heard of anyone being sick for sure. I’ve tried to keep my eye on the tender for NCL. Doesn’t seem like it’s shuttling passengers
  18. I just posted this as well on the news board. But yes this feels like it’s not going to happen which is frustrating and confusing since we were in populated Nassau yesterday while there’s just the Royal employees here at Cocp Cay. And unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they are ready for the shift … Top level Lime and Coconut isn’t open/staffed, Windjammer shows as closed for lunch, etc
  19. To be clear, the rest of the cruise has been awesome! The new mask policy has been fine really and hasn’t stopped our family from doing what we normally do on a cruise.
  20. On Freedom right now and it’s 10:00 and for whatever reason the Bahamian officials haven’t given clearance for us to exit the ship to Coco Cay. Really disappointed since we haven’t been before. Also really odd since we were in Nassau just yesterday and everything seemed fine.
  21. I’m addition to requiring masks when not drinking, are there any other recent changes in the casinos tied to changing protocols? I saw somewhere a claim that the craps tables were not being run. Any observations of this? Particularly interested in Freedom…
  22. Sounds great. We just passed our at home tests so now just hoping the flight cancellations don’t impact our flight to Miami.
  23. Thanks! Got through 6 today myself (assisting on all) and totally agree I was really over it by the end. Just glad to be all negative and set to cruise Monday!
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