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  1. Maybe she IS talking about check-in, which requires a time to be selected. You produce your negative test, shot cards, etc. at that time. Unless she is getting tested then. They are doing appointments for testing now, if you want to do the testing there.
  2. Welcome! We love cruising, but my hubby was hesitant before our first one. He is more ‘sold out’ than I am now, all these years later. We upgraded ourselves a few weeks ago to a JS on deck 8, mid-hump. A very short stroll away from Central Park. Can’t wait!
  3. We have had multiple price drops on our May 2022 AK cruise, Ovation. We have 2 balcony cabins, and have saved over $1200 per cabin. We had saved a lot on our December Oasis OV balcony cabin, but I wiped that out with upgrading ourselves to a JS. Just waiting for a potential price drop on that now.
  4. I am truly so sorry about your mom, and the grief I know you still experience. My mom passed when I was 5, and all these decades later, I still miss her tremendously. I hope you and your grandparents have a beautiful cruise, filled with joyous memories of your Mom. I pray you feel her presence with you, and it comforts you like nothing else can. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
  5. Screenshot it now? I ageee with @SpeedNoodles, about the printed copy.
  6. As far as I know, there is still weekly testing. Probably how they discovered most of them were positive.
  7. Me too. I'm hoping since they are all so young, and been immunized, that most are asymptomatic and this will end quickly, with no ill effects for any of them.
  8. No, but on CC people who are currently on the ship have gotten notification. Copied from there: From RCCL Thirteen of our 1,799 crew members on Allure of the Seas have tested positive for COVID-19. They, in addition to any close contacts, are in quarantine and being monitored by the medical team. In an abundance of caution, Allure’s ice-skating and aqua shows in Studio B and AquaTheater are canceled. There will continue to be a wide variety of entertainment options available to our guests on this cruise. This is only .75% (less than 1%) of the crew members currently positive. That's better numbers than we've had locally. I have no doubt this has been reported to the CDC and they are investigating. No word on whether most are asymptomatic (at their age, the probability is high).
  9. Re the links: Carnival has been sailing at 70%+ capacity. They and MSC are both known to be stretching it when it comes to safety protocols for Covid. Both should be expected to have more cases. They aren't representative of the entire industry. Even with that, the percentage of people sick on those ships is miniscule compared to the number who were sailing. Carnival had 3000 passengers and 1400 crew aboard, and 26 people infected is less than 1%. And the last article is a click-bait opinion piece. Doesn't really provide anything. And this is not to minimize death from Covid. My family has had its share of Covid tragedy. This is to put the situation into perspective. I feel safer taking an RCI cruise than I do flying, shoulder to shoulder, on a plane right now, because RCI has been jumping through all the ridiculous CDC hoops. I'm quite impressed with some of the measures they have taken. Some of us are ready to cruise, some of us aren't. Both decisions are valid. One doesn't have to be right and one wrong. We each get to make the choice for ourselves. That said, I am not even thinking about our May 2022 cruise in relation to what the protocols will be, because they could be completely different by then. Hope you get to take/enjoy your trip.
  10. If anyone is currently having issues, and are with Verizon, there are nationwide issues with wifi calling. We are having them ourselves, and so are others across the nation. It’s Verizon, not the phones. Ours worked yesterday morning, and reset doesn’t fix it because I did that: https://www.mod-gadget.com/wifi-calling-down-for-all-verizon-customers-carrier/
  11. I think that only the most avid cruisers are not going to let the 2 day test bother them. When I tell friends about the great price I got for our December cruise...and that they can join us...there are two reasons they cite for not joining us. Not knowing for sure until two days before sailing that the vacation is a go, or the fiasco from last year with the Princess ship. When I tell them about all the changes aimed toward safe sailing, they listen....and still say they aren't interested. Me on the other hand? We already have our tests in hand, ready for the beginning of December. lol
  12. As do I. I never toggle wifi calling off, and there is no charge for it. That way, when I need it at home, it's always available.
  13. Same with iPhones. I’ve had several calls come thru before, and texted with no issue.
  14. PG Cruiser, glad you got yours to work! The only other thing I found was to do the following, if that doesn’t work for you, Pooch: Reset Network Settings You can also try resetting the network settings if your iPhone not receiving texts for Android. Generally, faulty network settings can cause this error and you may need to reset it to default to solve the error. You can reset the network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Enter your passcode and the network settings will be reset to default.
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