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  1. We also have a balcony booked for AK for $1860 this year. We sailed our last time there in a JS. I can’t justify the $5300 for the JS this time, but we personally have other factors to consider. We are taking my aunt and sister, and are def spending the difference in prices on private tours instead. If you aren’t returning, you may want the JS. If you plan to return, slumming in the balcony should be fine. At least my husband considers it slumming. That said, the pricing is normal for AK. When Covid first hit in 2020, we were booked in a JS for $5100, and they were in an inside virtual balcony for $2800. Today, after cancellations 2 years in a row, and grabbing every discounted price for both cabins, we are in balconies for $1860 (Diamond discount) and $2050. If the JS drops below $4000, we MIGHT reconsider.
  2. The utter ridiculousness of governments in their handling of Covid (nearly 2 years in) makes me think of that funny (but profane) movie Idiocracy. It was hysterical….and yet, with bureaucratic nonsense like this, I have to wonder just how long it will take society to reach Idiocracy. It doesn’t seem like such a big stretch any more.
  3. You are nicer than I am, obviously. The only emoji that was even remotely applicable was the laughing one.
  4. We are on this cruise too! But we have 3 before it.
  5. I think the cruise ships are the last bastion of control the CDC has left. So they cling to that control because when this is all over, their moment in the spotlight, their fierce grip, is gone. Too bad they don’t understand that for many of us, we hear circus music in our heads when they come out with their latest statements on cruise ships…and nothing about other close contact activities. The CDC, and the WHO, have no idea how much damage they have done to their reputations during COVID.
  6. Probably didn’t have time to set up after that mess. Hope you enjoyed the time you had!
  7. I guess it comes down to having to have flexibility if choosing to cruise during a pandemic.
  8. I think there will be some cancellations, and maybe mid-January, more cabins could be available. If you can wait till then, possibly you can get what you want. I hope you get it worked out, whichever cruise line you guys sail with.
  9. We were on Oasis a couple weeks ago. We had two in our cabin, several left midweek, and after packing, hubby dropped his on the floor. Steward was happy to give him a couple more.
  10. Planner purchases are typically cancelled when ships change. We were hoping that would transition, but apparently the software won’t allow it, or it is too cumbersome to do so. I have to rebook mine as well, so will watch for a good sale. There are a lot of balcony cabins. If you booked thru a TA, they should be able to get you all together again. If not, a call to customer service will rectify that. I think you can get the cabin situation remedied pretty easily. I suggest calling early in the day, if you need to call. The lines aren’t as tied up then.
  11. Yes, I also read that the captain announced onboard that a couple crew members tested positive during routine testing. Some shows were cancelled out of an abundance of caution. At least, that is a report from someone onboard. Could be related.
  12. And this page gives you all your options. Click on the one you want, and it takes you thru the info for each, including boarding day testing at the port: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/pre-cruise-testing
  13. If you are looking to BUY the tests, this is the link. Go to the page and follow the steps there to order: https://store.optum.com/royal-caribbean/ If you are looking for the acceptable test list, this page gives you the acceptable tests: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  14. Be sure to check your pricing as well, after being transferred. Ours is different. Bumped up about $500, but will wait till after 1/14 to contact them about it. I'd rather see if they correct the pricing before reaching out to Crown & Anchor.
  15. After traveling around the Caribbean a bit on the Royal Caribbean website, we have landed in our cabin on Wonder. Lo and behold, it was the one mentioned! Yay!!
  16. I can confirm cruise planner purchases will be refunded. I got multiple emails for each one overnight.
  17. And it was the busiest place on the ship when we sailed, even the last night. I figure it’s because of the ‘I’m smoking and can’t wear my mask while I smoke’ ploy. Similar to the ‘I have this drink to my mouth constantly while I’m moving from venue to venue’ ploy. Gosh I would hate to have to enforce any masking rules, but the ‘no smoking’ rule? You couldn’t pay me enough to do THAT job. I would have to drink on the job to get thru the day.
  18. I thought the same thing. OP, welcome to Royal Caribbean Blog. If you return, I’m sorry you are disappointed. Sailing during a pandemic means we have to be flexible. There are smoking areas on the ship.
  19. And who frankly get their kicks out of their 15 seconds of fame by being named on a news site. Seriously, we all know the risks when we choose to sail.
  20. LOL on the forgetting to put it on. I was in the Suite Lounge having dinner when I remembered my 'bracelet' wasn't on my wrist, I had left it in the cabin. DH just laughed, but I wasn't comfortable until I had it. And there were a number of times we almost made it to the lounge door to go to the restroom, when we had to turn around for our masks. So I get it. Replying to add, we had the same with the elevators too. There were a few times even that we had to tell people it was okay to get on with us. They hesitated, I guess waiting for us to bark at them for trying, but there still would have been only 6 in the elevator. And there were a couple times where by the time we got to our floor that the elevator felt like the old days, with humanity packed in like sardines.
  21. I only laugh because I am up at dawn and don’t want to go to a show that late either. Hubby would rather relax on our balcony, or enjoy a drink in the lounge to wind down. Now if we could wear our jammies there and the humor was a bit less adult….
  22. And some of those that populate for Dec 2023 are wrong. You can get to a few by choosing ships. But if Wonder is taking over the cruises from Harmony, they currently have the weeks backwards on the 2 that populate in a search.
  23. Yeah, a couple on our Oasis cruise, who are not prudish, said the sexual jokes made them blush. One of the comedians covered all types of sexual acts. We opted for the family show.
  24. It is odd how this changes from cruise to cruise. I didn’t see anyone flaunting the masking rules on our cruise. I’m sure some did, but I didn’t encounter them. And I wasn’t watching out for them either. I have better things to do with my time. Of course, when we got to the vaccinated venues, everyone was quick to de-mask. (Or is that disem-mask? ) I know that having to remind people to mask gets old. And they shouldn’t have to, if you signed up to cruise during this time. The cruise lines have to abide by CDC guidelines, so have to police this. And there will always be those who have to be told, as if they are still stuck in a 3rd grade mentality.
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