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  1. Yes, they took it to look at it and then handed it back, not that they held it from me. Sorry I should've been more clear on that portion ! My apologies
  2. Thank you! That explains why they took my passport- for verification. I was told by someone at guest services that a passport was preferred- didn't even think about my DL and she didn't mention anything about an alternative since I had my passport with me!!
  3. What I am saying is that I had to have my passport with me, this is what I was told when I was boarding the ship in the bahamas- they took our SeaPass and our passport, and then gave it back to us. I can't speak for anyone else's experience, but this is what they did for us. @twangster has this ever happened to you?
  4. I've needed two adapters in the last two years. The one I bought from walmart was a like a 4 in 1 cube that had US, Europe, and all of the other adapters in it that packed together in a travel cube. The one I ordered from amazon was less expensive, but only came with the europe adapater. Hope this helps
  5. On our last cruise, we could not leave or board the ship without our passports when we docked in the Bahamas...with the travel restrictions in place right now I wouldn't be surprised if they tightened up on those requirements
  6. I'm in the Easley area and yes the county is on a delay! Makes me miss cruising a little more...
  7. My first cruise was on Navigator for 3 nights to the Bahamas a while back. I think that an Amped ship of this size offering 3-4 nights is a great business model, because guests get their feet wet and if they really enjoy it, they'll book again with RC. I like to view 3-4 nights on these mid-sized RC ships as sampler cruises for first timers- nice, updated ship, good port at CocoCay, and not too big that you miss out on too much. RC was very smart to plan it this way, since I was a newbie on NAV and then booked another two cruises for the following year! 😄
  8. I book anywhere between a year and a half to a year out, basically as early as possible (if there is a sale going on). As for flights, I'm very fortunate that most of the ports are within driving distance for me, but the one time I flew to Miami I booked my flight I believe four or five months out, just to give us some extra time to plan everything out.
  9. @WAAAYTOOO I have never been on a cruise where RC has cancelled a stop- what happens during these cruises? Is any portion refunded? I have a stop in CM upcoming....very curious
  10. I wasn't even aware that they weren't selling them anymore since I don't book excursions for cococay. But, from a business standpoint it makes sense. As @WAAAYTOOO said, it must have been difficult to manage half-day pass holders and full- day passholders
  11. Definitely tell your TA it's your honeymoon. I'm going on my honeymoon on Harmony Dec 13th with the Western Itinerary, and to be perfectly honest we only booked one or two nights of specialty dining. The main dining room has great service and food, and it's included so we plan on eating there most of the time like we have previously.
  12. Customer service issues are why I ALWAYS book online or with my TA. Much better customer service and I can play around with the options on my own. I'm a visual person, so I like to see what the website can offer me before calling for details. Definitely use a TA! Cruise Planner is extremely important when purchasing the add-ons, I usually use this before I call because some of the customer service reps are very busy and feel pressured to get done as fast as possible so they can take another call.
  13. Oasis and CocoCay! Wait until the fall to do the Canada/New England cruise- much better views and colors, not to mention autumn activities. Adventure is a good size for first time cruisers, but Oasis is practically a beast compared to it. There's a lot more do on Oasis Class ships on cruising days as well. But, because you're a first time cruiser, this ultimately depends on you and what your family is looking for. Traveling with kids/teens I'd say Oasis is better, but if it's just you and your SO either would be comfortable. Pros/Cons Oasis Class: Pros- larger, more to do, tropical cruises are always a blast (cococay is great for relaxing), more options for food/activities/pools Cons- Larger ship=more people at destinations, can sometimes get noisy. Because of it's size it can be harder to navigate and more time consuming to go from one area of the ship to other Pros/Cons for Voyager Class: Pros- Can get to smaller ports because of size, easier to Navigate since everything is closer together, a less crowded cruise=less people at destinations. Cons- some people don't like the smaller/older ships (I think AoS is a great size though), not as much to do on cruising days and less options for food (specialty, not MTD)
  14. If I remember correctly, they made some sort of announcement and started to clear out the park. Half day passes are still treated as half day even if they sell out. I went with the rest of the crowd leaving so I wasn't inside long enough for one of the lifeguards to usher us out. But I think it was a decent amount of time without kids- we had done everything we wanted, including all of the water slides, at the 2.5 hour mark, so I still felt like I got my money's worth.
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