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  1. Hello. Does anyone have any details at all they can share about RC group travel? I was disappointed their office was closed. Anyone know if there is a "special" group rate or discount? Any info you have, I would appreciate. Thanks.
  2. @foxrunner I booked the park but I am really hoping to see another $25 sticker price ?
  3. Hi. I'm booked for a 5 night Western Caribbean sailing on Independence of the Seas in October 2020. Thrill Water Park tickets have been steady at 79.99 for kids and adults. I did a 3 night Bahamas sail in February and I saw the tickets go down to $25. From experience, has the rate gone down at all for October sailing for Thrill Water Park? Thanks
  4. Thanks for this tip. Too early arrival wasn't super necessary on my Feb sailing on Navigator for the shows. So I would have assumed the 15 minute was good enough. Thanks for informing me of the contrary lol. You did your blog on one of the message boards, correct? I read some of it. I will revisit. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm sailing Independence of the Seas for the first time. Staying in a Junior Suite with hubby and a 7 year old. Other companions are staying in a Balcony room. I may or may not take advantage of the Adventure Ocean. Please share any tips, tricks, advice, must do's, must don'ts or commentary regarding Independence of the Seas. I greatly appreciate it :-)!
  6. Hi! I sail October 17th. to CoCo Cay and Falmouth Jamaica. I was wondering will it still be really hot (I'm hoping so). I just sailed to Bahamas Feb. 7 and it was chilly, not hot enough for me personally to have water fun. Feb mid 70s temps were not as hot as I was hoping. I will also be traveling with a parent who gets cold easily. Google searches have produced mixed responses. Is October mid 70s temps hot? From your experience, will it hot enough to take advantage of water activity in October? Thanks.
  7. Thanks everyone for responding. I am booked for October 2020. Whoop Whoop!
  8. @DanielB I booked an October 2020 sailing to Bahamas and Jamaica. From your experience, is it good and hot during this time. My last sailing Feb 7-10 was not hot enough for me water fun. I was walking around in a light sweater, and pants. I'm hoping October is much hotter.
  9. @SpeedNoodles We did Navigator of Seas Feb 7-10 and that Coco Cay day was extremely windy. We did not exit the boat. This February sailing was not warm enough for me. Therefore I understand completely what you are conveying. Thanks.
  10. I learned that if you miss that 50% off sale in day 1...thats the beat deal gone bye bye.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm on my final night of a 3 night Bahamas Navigator of the Seas adventure. I want to purchase some fine jewelry and there is a 60% sale for 1hr only at 6pm. Does anyone know if it will be discounted more after 6pm?
  12. The Miami Port info would have been great lolol to provide. Thanks everyone for responding. Because I'm a newbie I stayed put this time.
  13. Good morning! I sail today. Whoop Whoop! Can I leave the ship after I board? would like to get a couple of last minute items. Are there stores in walking distance from the port?
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