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  1. I learned that if you miss that 50% off sale in day 1...thats the beat deal gone bye bye.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm on my final night of a 3 night Bahamas Navigator of the Seas adventure. I want to purchase some fine jewelry and there is a 60% sale for 1hr only at 6pm. Does anyone know if it will be discounted more after 6pm?
  3. The Miami Port info would have been great lolol to provide. Thanks everyone for responding. Because I'm a newbie I stayed put this time.
  4. Good morning! I sail today. Whoop Whoop! Can I leave the ship after I board? would like to get a couple of last minute items. Are there stores in walking distance from the port?
  5. While in airplane mode, I can still use the RC internet to use all other apps and services like google maps, facebook, youtube etc?
  6. I read this as well and thought it was cool. Thanks so much for your feedback. I will definitely utilize airplane mode.
  7. Hi everyone! I sail in 3 days and I am actually getting a little nervous now :-). I have purchased the RC internet Surf and Stream package. I am considering adding Verizon Wireless' international travel package for $10/per day. Can I make phone calls, text etc on the ship? Or will my service be dead? I wonder if I need both services and if Verizon's package would be enough instead of RC internet package. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi; What are your opinions about October sailings to the Bahamas considering it's peak hurricane season? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone! I sail next week: 3 night Bahamas on Navigator of Seas. Cruise Compass from Dec 6 2016 reflects Day 2 as the "Wear Your Best" Night. On the days when it mentions you can wear "Laid Back Lounging" attire, like JEANS, is this acceptable in the main dining room? Jeans and gym/running shoes? Is The Dress code tip for the day specifically talking about the Main Dining Room attire? Do specialty restaurants have separate dress code requirements? I know this has been addressed on the many you tube videos I have watched but I cant remember which ones have the answer. Thanks
  10. With the soda package, do we have to carry our cup around to get drinks in the MDR or specialty restaurants?
  11. I purchased a soda package. Will I have to pay for water? Where can we get water for free on board?
  12. Hi. I was told by a Customer Service Rep that it did not. I am sailing on Navigator of the Seas for 3 nights. Hmmm maybe I should call and inquire again.
  13. Hi everyone I also made the lowest bid on a sailing in 2 weeks. Im currently in a Junior Suite with a bid for a Grand Suite and Owner's Suite. I am concerned because I would need to purchase an internet package if Im granted the upgrade (I currently have the Key which has internet package and the Key would be refunded if I am given the upgrade). Will I be able to purchase the Internet Package if they notify me so close to sail date, like night before? I would hate to have to pay the higher onboard price for the internet package. How late can purchases be made in the cruise planner before sailing?
  14. @Brobbins246 Thanks. I read about this somewhere too.
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