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  1. Anyone else out there willing to join me in considering the term "new normal" to be profanity?
  2. They did, however, get coverage on most media platforms based on the volunteer rumor. If that was intentional, it was BRILLIANT!
  3. That is a very good question. If recent surveys are accurate, that could potentially turn away or alienate 47% of their customers. I believe they will continue to follow government policy rather than dictate their own.
  4. I keep reference pricing recorded for other room levels to use as a reference in case my category sells out. If I see a notable drop in something close, I call and ask. I have found that they will adjust rooms in sold out categories based on their updated pricing.
  5. RCL stock up ~30% today so far on that news
  6. We start the day with a cocktail at lunch (or two ...) including specialty coffees at dessert. I didn't mention breakfast since it has been many years since we have been up for breakfast on a cruise!We take full advantage throughout the day with drinks at various venues and plenty of seltzer to go. More cocktails and wine at dinner and drinks at the clubs and the casino until the early morning, often with a nightcap at casino bar at closing.
  7. I have experienced the same flexibility when interacting with RCL for lift and shift. Neither Itinerary nor number of days seem to be a limitation. For recent move, I was offered a 9 day Southern Caribbean to replace an 8 day Bahamas and Cococay.
  8. My October 17, 2021 Oasis is $46 for the DBP today, UDP is $179. My Feb 27, 2022 Anthem doesn't have those packages available yet, but the Cabanas at CocoCay are some of the best I've seen recently. Coco Beach club floating for $1049, Chill Island $549, South Beach $399
  9. I found no mystery OBCs, but each of my bookings already had OBCs in place. I wonder if that made a difference.
  10. Feb 6, 2021 Anthem lifted and shifted to 2/27/2022 Anthem. Kept Star Class but lost an itinerary day ...
  11. With the uncertainty that surrounds everything currently, that was the option we chose in order to avoid logistics issues. We are fortunate to be less than 5 hours from Cape Liberty. Not an ideal drive, but OK. Until more restrictions are lifted, our next cruises are out of Bayonne. With that said, once everything is back in business, 2021 could be a big cruise year for us!
  12. Are you suggesting that meme would be better aligned with the Corny Jokes thread?
  13. On Android the notification bar pops up across the screen when you load if you have a notification, but it appears that the icon for notifications is not available on the mobile site. If you switch to the desktop site (assuming that option is available on iPhone) the notification icon is there.
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