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  1. Re-created the 150 Central Park Garden Martinis ... to perfection tonight! 😁🍸
  2. I have limited insight currently, but it appears that the prices are adjusting, in some cases, back to normal ranges ... my October 2020 Allure is showing $60 at 20% off and the February 2021 Anthem is showing$77 at full retail. Clearly it is time to book additional cruises!!
  3. I have not seen this. From my experience. Air2Sea reservations are a part of the cruise reservation package and are paid along with the final payment. Like the cruise fare, while guaranteed, can be price adjusted until final payment if they become more favorable.
  4. I still much prefer "Floating Pastry Dish" Thank you @Zambia-Zaire and @SpeedNoodles One of my favorite autocorrects ever!
  5. A man goes to a psychiatrist and tells the doc he is having a dilemma...some times he thinks he's a teepee ...other times he thinks he's a wigwam. The shrink says, "I think I see your problem, you're two tents"
  6. They probably need the final figures from accounting on how many $18 BDPs they refunded ... then the prices will drop! 😉🍸
  7. I embrace their opinions, less competition for my preferred sailings and stateroom selections 😁😁🛳⚓🛳⚓⛴🤣🤣
  8. Q: every fall (for those of us in the north) the geese fly south for the winter. For a few weeks, you can look to the sky and see large formations of geese flying in a giant "V". One curious aspect of the formation is that it is not balanced, one leg of the "V" is always longer. After years of research, they now know why. What do you think causes the phenomenon? A: More geese on that side! 🤣🤣
  9. I plan to strive valiantly to improve those numbers! It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! 😁🤣
  10. Did they assign you a good room at least? 😳😮😟
  11. It is a complex, but mutually beneficial relationship. Headquarters in the US, thousands of employees, hotel, airline, restaurant impacts along with ports, dock workers, local suppliers etc, balanced against foreign registration, regulations, taxes, etc. Perhaps all of this will give all involved an opportunity to upgrade those relationships and we may even see some US registered ships when this is over.
  12. I saw that story and believe it is highly misleading. Without knowing all the details, it appears that the nurses booked with a charter company that sponsored group cruises. It also seems that the charter company chose to cancel and the results are per the charter companies rules not RCCL. Noting that the FCC is good until 2023 indicates an arrangement different from customers booked with Royal. Sensationalist media using the Royal Caribbean name as an easy target currently.
  13. On a related topic: I talked with the rewards department today and learned that if you had RCCL Visa rewards applied as OBC, they are holding those and you can move the OBC to your replacement cruise. Call the rewards department (888-305-4626) and provide both your cancelled reservation number and your new one, and they will make the transfer. They told me this also applies to NextCruise OBC if you had it on the cancelled sailing.
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