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  1. and now stating the cameras’ presence was not disclosed to them at boarding is that their new defense? "No fair! Nobody told us we were going to be caught in a lie"?
  2. There were reports of RCI having itineraries with multiple stops at Cococay. I wonder if they are planning an itinerary modification. Or ... it could be the IT interns again. Either way I'm going to check for an $18 drink package right now! 😮😁
  3. Prediction: not long after the trial concludes, this will be on Dateline.
  4. Note that if you used any onboard credit for your original purchase, it will be available immediately to reuse for your repurchase.
  5. Perhaps I am taking too much of an old school approach, but I have always gotten good results calling them.
  6. Yes, full bar service is available at your table in the dining rooms and the Deluxe Beverage package applies.
  7. We are on the 8th and the 15th. A B2B2B seems like a great idea! Don't wait too long to book. The 15th is filling up fast (not that I obsessively check frequently to see what may be available.. 😮🤣)
  8. I wonder if on the days that have multiple ships scheduled, RCI is planning to have some of those docked for their new evening/night schedule.
  9. I like to keep them in my golf bag, they make much more interesting ball markers than boring old quarters 😁
  10. Could there be a change coming for the definition of Sea Class?
  11. The points run on a calendar, April 1 to March 31. Points earned during that time apply to status for the next year. Club Royale explained it to me that status or awards earned during that time would be sent to you after April 1. You can call them and they can tell you what your points total and what your award potential are. I don't know if it is this way on all ships, but on the Symphony in October 2019 the dealers were updating the points at the tables. It may be more accurate that way.
  12. I have been told "no" also except for the one occasion in feb 2019. We weren't aware that it existed until the concierge told us about it. The stand where there were checking in had a "suites" sign on it also. Perhaps it was a temporary program due to construction at the time, or a test as they considered a suites only area on Cococay.
  13. I was there in Feb 2019 and there was a suites area. There were cabanas (not sure if they were exclusive), there was a dedicated buffet and bar and beach area. To gain access, you needed to check in with the concierge at the entrance and receive a wrist band. It was our first time there, but I believe it was in the area that is now Chill Island.
  14. That happened to us last cruise. Bags made it to PHL from MIA, we received the message that our bags were loaded on our connection. We arrived in Ithaca, along with a message that our bags didn't 😖. The only consolation was that it was much better than on the way to the ship. I hope they are able to resolve this quickly for you
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