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  1. I called Club Royale last week and part of the conversation was about the accumulated comps in the queue which could likely expire before we could use them. While they could not tell me any particulars, they did say that an additional extension to the March 31, 2022 date is being considered.
  2. I feel the same way ... but I don't plan to cancel and lose money. After consultation with RCCL, they intend to offer FULL refunds (including FCC) for those that don't agree with their restrictions. In my case, I will lend them the final payment amount for a few weeks in order to recover all of my funds. I would rather cruise, but I suspect they don't want my business currently ...
  3. I have learned over time that there is always more to the story. Newspaper articles today claim the passenger in question had and recovered from COVID19. Statistically, that would make her much less likely to test positive than a fully vaccinated person. Since that claim could easily be verified, is there a greater propensity for a false positive with onboard testing? While her approach isn't impressing most observers, one must wonder if she has a bit of a point in her argument, and is there a possibility of this happening more often?
  4. I'm excited to see they have extended the double points. Now, if they would just extend the Casino benefits that have been stacking up since last March ...
  5. My sample set is small, and therefore not likely to be considered statistically significant, but so far I see 0%.
  6. Unless I missed something, it appears that you just checked all the same boxes.
  7. Hey! I resemble that remark!
  8. Perhaps I wasn't clear (Sometimes I'm not), I wasn't calling for an unvaccinated cruise ... just one in which it wasn't a factor. Pre-March 13, 2020 rules, no segregation, no testing, no paranoia ... just a cruise. A sailing that nobody was worried about being near "Those people", just a cruise.
  9. I would add a 3rd ship to the poll ... completely free from vaccine consideration ... I would be onboard without reservation. To quote Billy Joel: "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun"
  10. As it has been noted, there are options for OBC or a discount with NEXT Cruise. The option I prefer is the OBC. That credit, unlike OBC that is part of a promotion is not subject to change if you re-price your cruise at a later date. Also, you have the option to rebook your cruise without a change fee for 30 (60?) Days once you make the reservation.
  11. You are correct they have information for other ports, but only the Miami rules accommodate unvaccinated adult passengers at this time.
  12. I agree that it is encouraging that RCCL is taking this approach. Unfortunately, the scope, at this time is quite narrow: Miami, Freedom of the Seas, July. Outside of those criteria we still have no real answers.
  13. I would agree completely if we truly knew what the rules and options were. At this juncture, we only know what the rules are for today, and the rules change frequently and are open ended. What may be more of a concern for many, the restrictions have been suggested and not stated: ambiguous at best. Until we know whether 40% of us will ultimately be excluded from cruising, I believe it will be a ongoing discussion.
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