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  1. On Android the notification bar pops up across the screen when you load if you have a notification, but it appears that the icon for notifications is not available on the mobile site. If you switch to the desktop site (assuming that option is available on iPhone) the notification icon is there.
  2. The new look is awesome! On Chrome mobile on Android, I can't find the account section for sign in, PM, etc. It is there on the desktop site, but not mobile. Is anyone else missing this?
  3. And then leaving their (mostly) empty Windjammer takeout plates in the elevator, from which I'm almost positive they impeded egress by pushing on the instant the door opened (as was noted earlier by @FManke )
  4. I observed the same disconnect between the dates and the cruise length a couple of months ago. It would correct itself, and then revert. It was all for nought though, everything has been lifted and shifted so I can no longer check the app.
  5. I saw the same thing today for our February booking. We are Star Class for that sailing ... would that mean we could drink twice as much?
  6. I agree, as long as there is no penalty for opting out in the face of evolving requirements.
  7. Thank you! I WISH I lived in Florida (Still in NY ) and I would be ready go right away. I talked with a casino rep this weekend, and I was told everyone is holding off on the comp bookings to see when sailings resume. The floodgates will open soon.
  8. I think February 2021 is going to be OK. I have a sailing then, and I refuse to be anything but optimistic!
  9. I had this happen a couple of years ago after I was researching on the RCL site. The person who called me said she was a personal RCL vacation representative and offered to assist with reservations. I assume it was triggered by my RCL site activity.
  10. Seems like that should be assessed as a double minor
  11. I agree 100%. I always call CR to interact with RCL and have always been impressed with the support. Perhaps my sample set is not large enough but, I frequently call the Club Royale Status number but find that I am connected to the same reps that I talk to calling the main CR number.
  12. I will take this as a positive! Certainly a step in the right direction. Many more steps to go ... but we need to start somewhere.
  13. When I saw this picture ... i could only think of the Carnival Glory and Legend circa December 2019
  14. and potentially quicker. I had to Lift and Shift a reservation and cancelled the cruise planner items first. The confirmations arrived immediately via email and the credit was posted to my visa within a week, which is on our with timing when things are normal.
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