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  1. One of the potential issues that I have not seen addressed is whether the vaccinated population and the Cruise taking demographic overlap enough to fill ships if they are permitted to sail. Overall statistics show about 30% of the US is vaccinated, and demand for the vaccine is plummeting. It may not be the case everywhere, but locally, vaccine sites are now walk-in for all, but there are virtually no takers. If that becomes a steady state, then the Cruise industry will only be able to accept reservations from a small percentage of the population if a vaccine requirement is in place.
  2. I'm sure this will be analyzed and debated. An observation: when in Port, there are local laws that apply. The casino is closed, and sales tax is charged on drinks in some (if not all ) states for example. This could prove interesting.
  3. At no point did the CDC claim to have used logic or reason when issuing their statement.
  4. The CDC has just announced that they will releasing guidelines for restricting the availability and use of towels on Cruise Ships.
  5. I may have a solution: I believe I have found an artists rendition suitable for all audiences
  6. Casino Chips: at least one to bring home to add to the collection.
  7. What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an iPad? A Pineapple!
  8. Two antennas got married - the wedding was lousy but the reception was outstanding.
  9. I will treat cruises the same as other places or businesses that require masks: I will avoid them until this passes.
  10. On an elevator on the Anthem we stopped to take on additional riders. We stood aside slightly as an individual entered pushing a traditional style baby carriage. As they came in next to me I looked in carriage to see not a baby but a dog.
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