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  1. I was wondering if this was their way to utilize their existing system to keep a record in place to link and track FCCs, OBCs and Cruise Planner Credits associated with cancelled cruises.
  2. In many ways, I would welcome "Social Distancing" (Odd term, should be considered an oxymoron ... but I digress ....) in some venues that are currently a bit crowded. Others are already set up that way, or mostly set up that way. Coastal kitchen on Oasis class, 270 tables on Quantum class, Specialty restaurants all are close to having 6 ft separation already. In the MDR, it would be a welcome change on those that are packed a bit too tight currently. Theatre seating could be a challenge, but it would be nice to have some elbow room!
  3. This seems to have elements similar to RCL replacing the Allure with the Liberty in Galveston.
  4. It seems that there is a time honored tradition of people being negative about things they don't understand or, potentially, know anything about. I'm not sure what drives it, but the negative reactions come from a truly diverse crowd. Mention a cruise, and, unless a fellow cruiser is involved, the response is immediate: "Floating Pastry Dish .. " 🤔😖 (Yes, I know the actual term, but I refuse to write it 🤣... and 'Pastry' remains best autocorrect yet on this board) Like so many things, I think it is a case of legend always seems to take precedence over fact.
  5. If I join the Tropical Party ... will I need to break my affiliation with the Continuous Party? 🤔😮😉🍸
  6. If they were to push it a bit on the way back and reach 76.4699 kts ...would temporal displacement occur? 😮😁 ...and if it did would that mean an extra free sea day? 😁😁
  7. I've not booked the waterpark or overwater yet, we usually go to Chill Island. There is transportation that runs around the island that is hop on hop off that would take you between the two. $1049 for overwater is the lowest I've seen price wise, i.would be tempted to book for that price. For comparison, we paid $899 for a standard club cabana for feb 2021 and that was a good deal
  8. While all of the dining venues are excellent, for us, the first time in a suite on a quantum class ship gave us full Coastal Kitchen access and it was the impetus to keep us in that class or above on all future cruises. It has the ambiance of a specialty restaurant coupled with a menu that changes throughout the week ... and I suspect many here would agree: Filet night is a can't miss!
  9. Mine are gone again also, and the dates are wrong again for me. Perhaps they are testing in Production again 🤣
  10. That would seal the deal for me ... not a matter of if ... but how many 😁😁😁😁 That was the first thing I looked for, but eventhough our 2 were father and son, enough time had passed that we couldn't find a relative.
  11. No need to be sorry! I can only speak for myself, but it was a welcome redirection! In case there is a vote later, I am all in favor of renaming the thread 😁🤣
  12. I am very sorry to hear the sad news. We have had an unfortunate dog year also, we lost 2 boys shortly before this all started and are on the list for 2 pups. Whatever your decide about the puppy, I always take the approach that you can't have too many dogs! 😄🐶😁
  13. I found that the App and the Desktop cruise planner updated today and all of the information, dates, itinerary etc are correct now for my 10/18/20 Oasis sailing. You may find that others have been updated also.
  14. And be sure to only keep expired items in the fridge! 🤣🤣 We are in a county that has had almost 0 effect. 12000 tests, 113 positive, no new cases in 2 months, and 3 deaths, early on and none of them were locals. I wish we had a cruise port nearby ... perhaps we could host an Oasis class for a few months while everything else gets sorted out!
  15. That may have been the case for some, but others it was a case of guilty until proven innocent, and with some leverage they settled. Overall, it was what I expect from NY. I just hope I'm smart enough to get out before I'm the last person with a job ....paying everyone else's Bills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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