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  1. From my experience, the timing can vary. The wow sale is just one of their promotions. They seem to cycle through a series... albeit randomly sometimes. My favorite is the double up promotion during the time of year that they are running the 60% off second guest. With that, you receive instant savings as well as an onboard credit. Also, be sure to explore other discounts: resident. Senior, etc. They don't promote those and when they apply those discounts can be relatively significant.
  2. In no particular order: 1. Sailing with a line other than RCL 2. NOT getting the beverage package 3. Waiting to get onboard before making shore excursion reservations 4. NOT checking my casino points and debarking a few points short of a free cruise 5. Not checking the school vacation calendar prior to booking 6. Waiting way too long to find this site 😁
  3. Recently I added a second week to a previously booked cruise to create a B2B. While my selected category was available, the same room was not. In direct contact with a RCL agent, they waitlisted me in both directions for the 2 cabins should one open up. With that said, I dont have a formal confirmation of that status, nor has either cabin become available. I guess the answer is maybe. It couldn't hurt to ask.
  4. My favorite is the Marriott Biscayne Bay. The bay view rooms face the cruise port, and they have a pre-package available that includes drinks (2), breakfast and a ride to the terminal on cruise day.
  5. Awesome blog!! Thank you! It was like being on a virtual cruise! 😁😁
  6. I have not seen the video, but I suspect that, from the earlier description, it might show him putting his head out of the window. Game. Set. Match.
  7. Awesome!! 😮🤗😁🍾🥳 Now I'm intrigued ... which game?
  8. And your automatic gratuities are included 😁😁
  9. Was: October 18, 2020 Allure Now: October 11, 2020 Allure ... added family members and moved to Star Class ... Reading posts here may be a good (?) Influence! 🤔😮😁 all other bookings remain the same .... for now 🤣
  10. I'm thinking that there may be more available tomorrow. Earlier, RCL had a signup for Black Friday notification. I've seen email from Celebrity and Azamara, nothing from Royal yet ... perhaps saving the best for last!
  11. From my experience, on board credit is refunded immediately and is available for re-use.
  12. We saw one earlier this year on the Anthem ... the dog was being wheeled around in a baby carriage 😳🐶
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