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  1. What is the earliest time. I have 12:30 but per the concierges email, I can go up to an hour early.
  2. Where were you flying out of? Was your test at CVS?
  3. If they dont come in tommorrow, Call 1-866-389-2727 Press the buttons like it is not for covid and when it asks why you are calling say internet/it issue and they will connect you with a rep that can send them to you. Download an app called Faxburner and that will give you a temp fax number for them to come to your phone
  4. Did you get the email to register for the portal? Is the third a minor? I had an issue because they added a new portal for me and the results wouldnt show. I had to call and they faxed them to me on an app on my phone since I could not access them.
  5. Good Luck! Mine are all still pending. For the Royal Loft, Owners Loft and Grand Loft. We are in a 2 bedroom grand suite. Not holding out much hope.
  6. Anyone do any Royal Ups and heard anything. Mine still showing pending.
  7. I tried [email protected] and it came back.. Weird as I am sailing on Saturday and normally hear from the concierge by now... Maybe my STAR bid go accepted! Hopefully thinking.
  8. What is the 2 letter code for Odyssey. I am trying to email the concierge. Thanks
  9. Going to Costco later.... Sailing next week.....
  10. Just off allure. Now I am ready to compare and contrast the cruises. So excited to be on a brand new ship. We honeymooned in 1993 on the Monarch of the Seas 13th voyage. This will have that record beat. I am up for a meet up on the ship.
  11. Hello, My husband and I just booked. We have one booked for Feb 2022 on this ship, but our Anthem Wine cruise to Spain and Portugal has been changed to British Isles in October. We did not want to be on a possible cold wet UK cruise so we cancelled as they were not offering lift or shift and hopped on board this one for September. So excited!
  12. Does the amount of Costco Cash card go down if you use a cancelled cruise fcc?
  13. On the royal caribbean app. if you scroll down and click What ships do we support and then click Anthem and you will see the new sailings with the old sailings.
  14. Yes I am on Anthem Oct 2nd. on the RC App, they have new dates and itineraries. Espresso shows closed and no wait list allowed. I think this cruise is not going to happen this year. ALso all non UK have to test after 2 days which may not work for those coming in from other countries close to the cruise date.
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