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  1. Does the cwc apply to the newly released sailings?
  2. You also get free internet in the Crown Loft versus the Junior Suite.
  3. Do you have to carry your phone with you at all times?
  4. I remember getting a flyer for it. With a large group it was not bad but I can’t remember the price. You did get some appetizers with it as well.
  5. Just booked a couple of October 2022 sailings. Are they still eligible for the 48 hour cancellation under the cruise with confidence?
  6. Am i missing something. I thought the new deployments were already available to book, but I am not seeing them. Do they show up in the Ta website?
  7. Oh no. I will check mine. We are may31st. It’s my sisters first time to Alaska with her family and I would hate for us to miss a port. looks like the May one is gone as well. However using my phone I do see excursions for Juneau. did your ta say why it was removed?
  8. Can they not give you a room close to the gs ? Here’s a thought. Since they claim 5 can fit then I would keep it and upon boarding take the roll away bed and set it up in the concierge lounge. Lol. I was in a tennis cruise in independence. We had 8 women in both of the 2 bedroom grand suites on deck 6. There was another group of 8 women in one 2 bedroom grand suite. Apparently they were not happy having to sleep in a pull out and they ended up moving 2 of the women into a separate room. This happened after they boarded. So that could be an option as well. I think they may have more flexi
  9. If you do order from the MDR, make sure you order ahead of time and set up a delivery time. e.g Order right at 5pm and have it delivered at 7. If you wait to order when you want it, it can take sometimes over an hour to get delivered.
  10. Yes to standing orders. The Drink of the Day may be not as easy. We did have Starbucks delivered every morning on Harmony but were not allowed on Oasis, There are always a sushi and canape in the cabin. Sometimes they show up, but you never know when. We had standing orders everyday and ended up wasting a lot. I would give the genie a heads up the morning or evening before versus standing based on your acitivites for the day. I would have every thing go through the genie. They know the order takers and can stress the importance rather than ordering yourself and waiting a
  11. Thanks. We are in the quantum of the seas to Alaska and there are no more grand lofts available so maybe they won’t reprice.
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