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  1. I will have to say that it was pretty seamless and quick to change. After seeing notification in a fb group, I went online and used the form. I was concerned that the GL would go pretty quickly or I would not get the same rooms I painstakingly researched. Both rooms showed available and within 8 hours the switch showed in my Royal Account. This date works better for us as my daughter could not have come this year due to grad school commitments. I am glad they allowed the l/s but I think going forward any lift and shifts will have to be done within the week and not the 4 week timeframe.
  2. The most important benefit is getting walked of at the end of the cruise to baggage claim and then they open up the que to go right to customs at some ports..
  3. I got the vaccine yesterday and my husband is getting it Friday. We have decided to go to a bucket list place. Bora Bora and stay at the Four Seasons over water cabana.
  4. Yes you get priority on the wall climbs, and we got priority on the dry slide. Teh carousel doesn;t really have a line, but if it does you can proballly show your card.
  5. To check prices quickly but not book I use cruise.com. It has a very easy search engine and they have an app for the phone. they incorporate senior, resident and military as well.
  6. Does the cwc apply to the newly released sailings?
  7. You also get free internet in the Crown Loft versus the Junior Suite.
  8. Do you have to carry your phone with you at all times?
  9. I remember getting a flyer for it. With a large group it was not bad but I can’t remember the price. You did get some appetizers with it as well.
  10. Just booked a couple of October 2022 sailings. Are they still eligible for the 48 hour cancellation under the cruise with confidence?
  11. Am i missing something. I thought the new deployments were already available to book, but I am not seeing them. Do they show up in the Ta website?
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