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  1. With Covid you can cancel at anytime with a positive test. If you did a PCR test, not an at home or rapid antigen, you can qualify for a letter of recovery. The information is on the website. If recently recovered from COVID-19, need to be vaccinated or take a test to sail? | Royal Caribbean Cruises. You can also do a Rapid at home proctored test. Any PCR test may show up positive. You can go to any proctor service using at home tests that qualify. We used Rapid Test.Rapid COVID-19 Tests Online at Home. Observed Tests for Cruises and Travel (rapidtestandtrace.com)
  2. What was the cost of the royal shuttle back to the airport please.
  3. There may have been a small fire in the engine room. There was a bravo code deck 30. We were delayed and hour or so but left. We did not get into see the glacier. The coast guard inspected the incident and approved us to sail
  4. We board on Monday, there are some rumors of Covid on board. Anything you see.
  5. I just saw a picture that had a Star Linje, Key Line and Suite/Pinnacle Line
  6. No, I have just looked into this. For a letter of recovery, It has to be 11 days and a positive PCR or NAAT test as well that was proctored. Although the cdc recognized rapid tests for travel back to the us with a letter of recovery. My daughter tested positive last Tuesday and hoping she will test negative for our June 6th test. I will say when testing for the cruise, make you do a rapid test and not a pcr or Naat which tends to pickup non active virus.
  7. Thank you ! Can you update on Tuesday on if they gave you a hard time boarding.
  8. CAn you tell me which telemed site you used? When is your cruise? We may need one for my daughter.
  9. I dont think pcr test is needed for proof for recovery, only the initial test needs to be a pcr. Then you can get a certificate of recovery from your physian which would negate the need for any test to board.
  10. Royal should be providing quarantine hotels until you can get back to Canada. I also thought I read, but may be mistaken, they will allow you to rent a car to drive home in lieu of quarentine.
  11. I would definitely speak to guest services and ask to speak to a supervisor to voice your complaints. I agree 1 genie for all rooms is not acceptable. Inhave sailed star class where a genie went down. The service was slightly degraded. I can’t imagine debarkation.
  12. Depending on the sale, the c/a discount may not be applicable and you get a better rate with the sale. You also must enter your c/a number on the website, just logging in doesn't do that.
  13. Yes children are allowed, with parents. 2. Depending on the ship 5-8 or 4:30 to 7:30 3. Beer wine and soda are served from 11-11 am on Oasis Class ships. Hard Liquor drinks with available for happy hour. They are also included in Coastal Kitchen during dinner. You may be able to get mimosas and bloody marys for breakfast but never tried. Depending on your drinking habits, if you drink alot during the day and evening then keep it, if you only have a few drinks other than beer and wine then cancel it.
  14. I guess they didn’t get the memo that this list is no longer used on most of the ships suite lounge. We have been on 6 ships since the restart with no list in view.
  15. I was quoted 1600.00Euro roundtrip or 12 passengers for 2 min vans form Venice to Ravena. It works out to 133.00 a person. www.trevisocarservice.com. I have not used these so cannot recommend, but it seems like a reasonable amount since the RCCL shuttle is 58 a person per way and we are on our own time frame.
  16. How are you getting to Ravenna from Venice. I though in the past royal didnfree shuttles. Now it looks like you have to pay
  17. I inquired about my record tomy county health department. They sent a print out and a new vaccination card. Only problem is it showed that Igot an additional dose.
  18. You can check in and just choose a boarding time on the app without putting info in and then have everyone go back and put their info in.
  19. If it causes you anxiety, you may want to wait until a little later to board, most lines will be non existent and you will breeze right through.
  20. insurance covers the cost, jsut say you were exposed to someone on the questionaire and not say it is for travel
  21. You can order MDR food to your stateroom during hours which include breakfast items that are not on the normal room service menu. I will order it ahead of time and askfor a specific delivery time. Waits can be up to an hour. Also free room service as well. The new menu they incorporated before covid is actually pretty good. Ask you room attendent for pool towels as you should not have to check them out. Free drinks in the lounge during happy hour. You can specifically ask for call brand and better wines. Jsut dont say vodka soda, say GreyGoose soda, otherwise they give you the cheapest available. The conceirge can help you with any guest services issues so you dont have to stand in line. There is reserved seating for shows up until 15 minutes before show time.
  22. Look at your local Walgreens. Select the red dot NAAT test. There may be availability in the morning.
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