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  1. Both the Harmony and the Symphony have a Hot Tub on the Suite Deck (Sometimes referred to as the Afterdeck) Neither the Allure nor the Oasis, even post-amplification have the Hot Tub. I have not seen an attendant on the suite deck on the Anthem either. There is a door to the stairs leading to the deck that may be closed and require a Sky or Star class sea pass card to open.
  2. Another possibility is, based on recent studies, they could have recovered previously from the virus as those individuals, vaccinated or not, can have positive test results. The testing is imperfect at best.
  3. I agree with your observations. Based on data published by the CDC, when looking at survivability/mortality rates by age group, all were consistent with the flu except for those over 70. In that age group, the flu was slightly more deadly.
  4. I recognize that this isn't answering your question, and it is not my intention to be a troll, but .... ... I find the concept of a Baconly room both intriguing and appetizing!
  5. From what I have read, European countries are already viewing vaccinated and 'recovered' individuals in the same category. Additionally, research results in the US that prove natural immunity and vaccine immunity to be the same are gaining traction. If all of this is taken into account, the Cruise lines should be able to sail at nearly 100% passenger immunity without additional costs, restrictions, lawsuits or needless political debate.
  6. There is a lot of room for speculation as to motives and protocols. Based on what is a rapidly changing set of rules in every state, it seems likely there will be fewer restrictions than what many assume. The fact that the Celebrity sailing this weekend could only attract a 25% capacity in the face of an overwhelming demand after a 15 month shutdown speaks volumes. I believe fewer restrictions will be in place in order to fill ships.
  7. I'll weigh in with a couple of my favorites: DBP - Deluxe Beverage Package UDP - Unlimited Dining Package
  8. Do you have link to reference the RCL refund options for those impacted by these rules changes? I haven't found any information beyond your post, and inquiries to Royal could provide no answers so far.
  9. The debate continues, and likely will for some time. There may or may not be rules that some customers will or will not be willing to accept. The question that I keep coming back to is: If the vaccine works, why are the vaccinated so worried about the unvaccinated?
  10. I believe that gives them too much credit. A chess match would suggest logic, intelligence and, perhaps, a hint of sofistication. All this would be better characterized as a game of chicken. (I would have said "P****ng Contest" but I respect and appreciate that @Matt wants us to maintain a certain level of decorum in our posts)
  11. Since approximately 1/3 of Americans are vaccinated, as this 2 tiered system of vaccination segregation evolves, will businesses want to risk turning away 2/3 of their potential customers? As it relates to cruises: approximately 30 million Americans cruised in 2019. A recent poll showed only 17% of those vaccinated in the US would be willing to cruise. Assuming that the 17% of the Approximately 1/3 who are vaccinated were all past cruisers, that would only be 20,000,000. Would the Cruise industry be willing to reduce its customer pool significantly by adopting such rules?
  12. One of the potential issues that I have not seen addressed is whether the vaccinated population and the Cruise taking demographic overlap enough to fill ships if they are permitted to sail. Overall statistics show about 30% of the US is vaccinated, and demand for the vaccine is plummeting. It may not be the case everywhere, but locally, vaccine sites are now walk-in for all, but there are virtually no takers. If that becomes a steady state, then the Cruise industry will only be able to accept reservations from a small percentage of the population if a vaccine requirement is in place.
  13. I'm sure this will be analyzed and debated. An observation: when in Port, there are local laws that apply. The casino is closed, and sales tax is charged on drinks in some (if not all ) states for example. This could prove interesting.
  14. At no point did the CDC claim to have used logic or reason when issuing their statement.
  15. The CDC has just announced that they will releasing guidelines for restricting the availability and use of towels on Cruise Ships.
  16. I may have a solution: I believe I have found an artists rendition suitable for all audiences
  17. Casino Chips: at least one to bring home to add to the collection.
  18. What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an iPad? A Pineapple!
  19. Two antennas got married - the wedding was lousy but the reception was outstanding.
  20. I will treat cruises the same as other places or businesses that require masks: I will avoid them until this passes.
  21. On an elevator on the Anthem we stopped to take on additional riders. We stood aside slightly as an individual entered pushing a traditional style baby carriage. As they came in next to me I looked in carriage to see not a baby but a dog.
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