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  1. This is a little bit weird of an ask, but I was just wondering if anyone knew the names of a few of the cast members of Hairspray on Symphony? We went in August - September (sailing from Miami) and they were phenomenal. I want to look into them and they deserve all the recognition. Thanks!
  2. We just got an email yesterday that our Symphony cruise this Sunday would no longer be stopping in Falmouth and Nassau which instead, were replaced with Costa Maya and Cozumel. I haven’t really looked into these ports yet but how are they like? What do you recommend doing there?
  3. We will be on Symphony at the end of this month and I was just wondering how the main dining room works as of right now. I heard that reservations are recommended, but does anyone know how it would be if we did not have a reservation in place?
  4. I booked a late August cruise via Expedia (i know, bad choice!) a few months ago. My grandma has decided last minute that she does not want to cruise anymore (due to COVID and other means) and I was just wondering how the cancellation policies are with Royal. Even though I booked through Expedia, would Cruise with Confidence still apply? Also would it be a full refund or simply FCC? We are cruising on August 29. Thanks!
  5. Just out of curiosity, are there any ports/stops which you are not a very big fan of?
  6. Thank you all for your input! I have decided to stick with Symphony and we’re more excited than ever!
  7. My family and I are going on our first cruise in August (hopefully!) and we just purchased a 6 night trip on the Symphony of the Seas last week. I checked again for deals today and found the Allure of the Seas to be about a thousand dollars cheaper in total. I don’t know how the exchange process works through Expedia. Should I keep with my Symphony trip or look into the Allure one?
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