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  1. What is interesting is that I just checked my sailing on Oasis for Nov. 3 and there are no sails being advertised. The same thing is taking place on my Rhapsody sailing Dec.14. I'll have to try again later to see if the sale pops up.
  2. Yes, I am aware of the discount when booking on board but it has been so long I am sure I have forgotten how to book onboard.
  3. That is possible for this is my first 6 night cruise. We have always done 4 and 5 nights in the past. I was under the assumption that all deposits were $200.
  4. With all of the cancellations taking place and no one sailing I have not really been following along very closely to the latest RCL news. My wife and I were talking about how we do not have a cruise booked for late 2022 so I looked today and found a a cruise that we agreed on. I booked a balcony room for 6 nights on Explorer of the Seas out of Miami for October. I came to the part in which it told me the deposit amount and I was shocked to see that it was $500. When did the deposits go up from $200 to $500?
  5. I am right there with you. I have a sailing scheduled for the first part of April and it is starting to look doubtful now.
  6. Well this is not a good sign for when one of the major 3 starts to cancel the other 2 follow shortly after. I found the following notice from my TD Ameritrade application ThinkorSwim. This is why shares cruise shares are down today. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. said it is scrapping all voyages through Feb. 28 on its namesake unit and sailings on its Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises units through March 31, further prolonging its revenue drought during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the extension of the sailing hiatus, Norwegian will have not sailed for about a
  7. I believe that everyone is beyond ready to start cruising again.
  8. The CVS stores in my area are advertising that you can get your test results back in 2-3 days. I figure if I go and get tested exactly 5 days out I should be able to get the results back before I have to travel to the port. This does not leave me much wiggle room since I am sailing out on November 5 and 5 days prior to that date is a Friday. If the labs are not operating over the weekend then I would most likely not get my results back until the day we are scheduled to leave I will definitely be looking for a rapid test site and following along as to how Royal plans to handle the testing
  9. After reading the article that Matt posted my first thoughts were there is no way that cruising will return this year. Now that the government wants to get involved I am willing to bet that we will start to see the lines announce that all sailing this year are cancelled. Disney has already canceled their sailings until late December so the other major lines will now be shortly behind them in my opinion. -Eric
  10. lol....yup that was a typo. It has been fixed.
  11. I believe that sailings will start back up in November. They will be short 3 - 4 day sailings and the ships will be carrying a limited number of passengers . Pretty much just like MSC is doing it in Italy right now.
  12. From the recent news that is coming out I am starting to believe that cruising on a limited bases might actually start in November. What has started to move my thinking into the positive is the fact that the CDC just came out informing states to start making preparations for a COVID vaccine by early November. If they are publicly making this announcement I am thinking that they are going to let the no sail order expire the end of October.
  13. I just checked in for my Nov 4th cruise and the earliest I can board is 2:30 as well. I believe that 2:30 is the earliest anyone will be able to select since they have to a serious deep cleaning now of the rooms.
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