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  1. If anyone has time can they please run down to the casino and take a picture of the QR code sheet that has the free cruise offerings on it? This is the sheet that tells you how many points you need per a offer.
  2. What games did you see that you would say were low volatility for the original version of Double Dimond from my understand is one of the best games to build your bankroll due to it being low volatility?
  3. Gambling is not an issue for us. As for Double Diamond was it the original version or a different variant that they have? Hoping that you remember.
  4. I wanted to see if there are any slots players out here that have recently been on Wonder? With the price of cruising going up my wife and I decided to try our luck at the casino to see if we can get some comps. We are looking for low volatility slot machines such as Red Hot Triple 7's, Triple Jackpot, Double Diamond, or any other one that is low volatility.
  5. This will be my first time on this sailing but any bar is my favorite bar until I run out of free drink vouchers.
  6. Wow, this is interesting for normally 30 days out there are a ton of messages flying around. I guess not many folks are on this sailing. My wife and I will be on it and we are really forward to it as we do any sailing. We are going to try something new this time around. With Royal raising their prices around ever turn we are going to give the casino a shot in hopes of getting getting a feel for how it could be if we started gambling. I know that Casino Royal points reset at the end of March but we are hoping that maybe we will have a good run and be able to achieve Prime status before we leave since the status level would carry over. Always like to have a pipe dream
  7. Looking to play some craps on an up coming cruise in March and was wondering what the table minimum was on Wonder?
  8. After further thinking about this topic I am going to let this one die.
  9. This appears to be going in a direction that I did not intend initially so I have change the title to a ballpark figure. Hopefully the title change helps clear up things up. Also I am just looking for what was being spent on the cruise only not including extras such as hotel, travel, drinks, etc as I mentioned in my initial posting. It appears from what I have read most people are just simply willing to spend the additional money to continue on their current sailings per a year bases.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. This is what I am basically looking for in that you did increase your budget to continue sailing at the same current pace.
  11. I agree but to get a better understanding in my opinion it had to be asked. I figured that I would not get many answers for it is a personal decision as to what one feels comfortable spending. Was hoping for some ballpark figures.
  12. Thanks so much for posting this for I have always wished I had known the prices of the cruise planner for some of my sailings prior to booking.
  13. My wife and I love cruising and have been doing it now for about 5 years. Over that time frame we have determined that we enjoy 6+ days of sailing per a cruise for anything shorter than that we just do not seem to unwind before the cruise is over. We have also determined that the JR. suite rooms fit us best for we like the extra space and having a full size shower but normally we end up getting a balcony. The wife is not a fan of a port hole nor the interior cabins for she tends to get a little claustrophobic in those rooms so at a minimum we have to get a balcony. The wife and I sat down to figure out what we are spending on our cruises for we like doing about 3 a year. Over the course of the past 2 years we have been able to get 3 sailings in totaling 14+ days for each year around the cost of $6000. That price is just the cruise fees and not any extras such as drink packages. That is simply the cruise, taxes, gratuity, and other fees that Royal charges. We normally end up getting balcony rooms with the occasional JR suite thrown in when we can get a good price but we basically still stay around the $6000 yearly budget. We are now of course thinking about our 2025 schedule since Royal is about to release some of the sailings in a few weeks. Looking for current prices we are afraid that our $6000 budget is no longer going to be able to cover 3 sailings a year as it has in the past but instead will only cover 2 unless we up our cruise budget. With all that being said what is everyone's yearly budget for their 2025 sailings? Are you upping your budget to continue on your past path or are you cutting back? Again my question is about just the cruise fair and not the add-ons included in your budget.
  14. This is part 2 for my wife and I. We are also on the sailing right before this so this will be or first back to back sailing and first time on Allure.
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