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  1. I learn something every day! Going to try this on our cruise in April. Thank you both!
  2. We made a reservation at the Home2Suites Downtown, near the cruise port. They offer a free complimentary shuttle. Though it is a short walking distance, we’ll be packing for B2B, 4 & 14 night cruises. We’ll have a lot of luggage .
  3. DW signed us up for a “cabin craw”, (on a website she frequently visits), should be fun !
  4. Its got to feel great knowing you have some excursions lined up! We visited Puerto Vallarta last January and booked a private tour of the city. We're contemplating doing that again. As of today we don't have any excursions anywhere else, we're still researching options. 210 days away !
  5. Hello! We're Terry & Evette. We booked this cruise today. It will be a B2B cruise for us as we'll be staying on board after this one, for the 14 night Panama Canal cruise. Looking forward to meeting/cruising with everyone!
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