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  1. Having come off a four night cruise on Mariner OTS in November, I was surprised by the two formal nights on Liberty OTS out of Galveston. On Mariner, it was "dress your best" in the MDR. On Liberty, it a full blown formal night. For men, sport coats up to tuxedos were worn by probably 75% of the men. I looked like a bum wearing slacks and a polo shirt. Oh well, live and learn.
  2. Consider going from November to May. That way you avoid the hurricane season. While a hurricane will probably not cause you cruise to be cancelled, it could cause it to be diverted to different ports. If you wait until May (which I am doing) you also have the best chance of having ports that were damaged last hurricane season to be repaired and ready for tourists.
  3. Next week my DW and I are taking the Dolphin Push, Pull and Swim excursion in George Town, Grand Cayman. Should we wear or swim suits there or do they have facilities to change from street clothes? TIA Steven
  4. I am getting on Liberty OTS in a few days. When we are in Cozumel we are taking the RC tour to Tulum. Is bottled water available on the bus trip? If so, is it free or is it an extra fee? TIA Steven
  5. Thanks @SpeedNoodles, that's exactly what I have done. Amazon to the rescue.
  6. Just think about how it will be in 30 years when people comment about taking small, cozy ships like Oasis of the Seas.
  7. Maybe you were looking for the shows on May 32 and 33. 🙂
  8. Are there any restrictions with bring back vanilla to the ship?
  9. Hi all, I am going to George Town, in the Cayman Islands in a few weeks. I have the Dolphin Push, Pull, and Swim excursion booked. Are there any restrictions on sun screen for this excursion? I don't want to hurt the environment and certainly not the dolphins, but all I have is regular sunscreen. Thanks Steven
  10. That flat iron looks like a weapon to me. 🙂
  11. I think we need to be careful with our nomenclature. In the very recent past, a flat iron was used for ironing clothes. It had nothing to do with hair (unless you put you head on an ironing board). The famous "flatiron building" in New York was named such because it resembled the shape of a flat iron.
  12. My DW and I went to Miami in November. Like you, we had a hard time finding things that appealed to us. You would think that Miami would have a lot do, after all it is MIAMI!. Unless you like laying on the beach with all of the other 20 something bodybuilders (which we didn't), we didn't find a whole lot to do. We finally settled on a segway tour (nothing says tourist like a segway tour, right?) and visiting the Vizcaya Museum. But neither of these is fun, or even possible, with a three year old. Steven
  13. Now the question for me is how do you tip the waiter and assistant waiter? I use the envelope provided in my cabin for my cabin steward, but how do you give the waiter/assistant their money. Just cash in the hand, leave it on the table as you leave after the last meal, get another envelope from GS?
  14. Yesterday I was looking at the cruise planner for my May 5 cruise. My booked excursions would show up one minute but when I exited the shore excursions section for that port and reentered, it would disappear. It did this repeatedly. It was very nerve-wracking to cancel an excursion, not knowing whether it would appear for me to rebook at a lower price. I eventually got my three excursions rebooked and saved about 25%
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