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  1. If I recall, the contract between RC and Galveston say that the terminal will be complete somewhere around Sept 2022 but it could be as late as mid 2023. Does RC have any history of sailing from a terminal that is mostly complete, but not fully? I am booked for Feb 2023 and I am talking a lot of my friends and relatives into joining us on the cruise. I am going to have a lot of egg on my face if the terminal completion slips and Allure OTS isn't in Galveston at that time. So, all of you great cruisers with crystal balls, what do you think?
  2. I recommend staying in the Clear Lake, TX area. It is home of the Johnson Space Center. It is south of Houston but north of Galveston. It is a fairly short drive to the cruise port. On cruise days, many hotels in Galveston require a two day stay. None of the hotels that I have used pre-Covid in Clear Lake required a minimum stay. I also feel like I got a better hotel for a better price in Clear Lake. I splurged and stayed at the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake. It is a short (~30 minute) drive to the cruise terminal. For parking, I had very good luck with Port Parking (https://www.
  3. I wasn't very clear with my original question. I don't remember the specifics but I was wanting something that a cabin steward would normally provide. Maybe a corkscrew, maybe glasses for the wine bottle I carried on, maybe something else.
  4. Cabin stewards are hard working people. I make sure that I pay my "optional" gratuity and always give another $60-$100 at the end of the cruise. There are times when I need something late at night. Maybe it's just a couple of wine glasses at 11pm. I know they have worked to clean my cabin in the morning and again in the evening. I am assuming that the steward is in bed at that time or getting a little "me time". If I call on the cabin phone to request these, they aren't going to roust my steward out of bed, are they? Surely they have on-call stewards for these types of things. In th
  5. Make your own. My main wallpaper is my wife and I standing on a glacier, from our last Alaskan cruise. Every time I take the time to close all of my various computer windows I get a warm feeling (ironic since I am standing on hundreds of feet of ice) and remember the last cruise we took. If you need specifics on how to use your own photo for wallpaper, Google is your friend.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will brush up on my Mexican Spanish and hope for the best. I didn't learn "Mas cerveza por favor" in high school but I will add it to my vocabulary.
  7. Looking forward to our next cruise, out of Miami.
  8. If I understand it properly, RoyalUp does not allow any choice of specific cabins. Are there any bad locations for suites? Ones to avoid?
  9. Way back in prehistoric times I took high school Spanish. Of course, being in Texas, I learned the Mexican dialect of the language. In about a year I will be on a TA from Rome to FLL with a few stops in Spain. Will the 20 or so phrases that I remember of my high school Spanish suffice in Spain or will they just shake their heads at me?
  10. How long are the typical contracts for cruise directors?
  11. San Juan excursions appear for my Mar 2022 cruise on Symphony out of Miami. I think you just need to give it a little more time.
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