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  1. I don't understand why, if the cost increase is more than $100pp for refundable, it is considered worthwhile. What am I missing? If I spend $200 to possibly save $100, how is that worthwhile?
  2. Interesting question. I'm guessing that they can keep the ship from returning to a US port.
  3. I find it amazing that there would be another guy named Twangster out there. Go figure.
  4. My wife and I like a little snorkeling, especially when we go to places like Cococay. We are trying to learn to travel light. What suggestions do y'all have for relatively small, packable travel fins? Using borrowed stuff, especially with the virus, is pretty nasty and I would like to bring my own. Steven
  5. Which ships have the Peek-a-Boo bridge? I enjoyed it on the Mariner.
  6. There is a valid alternative to having more power outlets in the cabin. Rather than powering your phone/tablet directly form the outlet using a wall wart use a battery power bank. These are portable rechargeable batteries that have USB outputs. They are fairly cheap on Amazon and the higher capacity ones can power a phone for several recharges. It can not only play all night but charge your phone at the same time. I just place my power bank and phone on the table next to the bed. Just an thought.
  7. Go to a turtle farm. Too many old, huge, majestic turtles swimming in a small swimming pool.
  8. Watch out for that complimentary food. Last time I was at Cococay the hamburgers told me "Eat all you want, you look skinny. I won't make you fat". Their compliments were all lies.
  9. Is this 2021 turning to 2020 and saying "Here, hold my beer"?
  10. My daughter, a physician, got her first dose a few days ago. At this point I plan on taking the vaccine when I can, hopefully early summer. I am hoping that if people start growing a second head or a third eye that we will know by then.
  11. There will always be anti-vaxxers. All eyes are on the vaccine now so anti-vaxxers are in the spotlight. No one is mentioning the majority of the people who will get the vaccine when it is available to tham.
  12. In today's email informing us that Empress and Majesty OTS will be sold, Michael Bayley said that "The news hits close to home for me as well as I was part of the crew on Nordic Empress (as Empress was formerly called) and Majesty of the Seas when we introduced her to the world". What position did he hold as a crew member of the Empress and Majesty? Did he rise from cabin steward to CEO? Steven
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