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  1. I am very interested. Where did you see these itineraries? I looked on the RC website and only saw the standard 7 day cruises for as far out as the "Find a Cruise" page gors.
  2. I would do a 10 or 11 day on Liberty out of Galveston in a heartbeat.
  3. I just read the article by Matt about RC considering limiting capacity on their ships, at least initially. I hope they do this but I hope it is done fairly. I was initially booked on Allure OTS when it was going to sail out of Galveston. I L&Sed my cruise to Symphony OTS out of Miami for the same price (except for minor port fees). I booked my cruise as soon as Allure was announced and got a really good price. When I moved to Symphony I did a mock booking and the price was $3000 more than what I am paying, for the same cabin. I sure hope that RC doesn't decide to limit occupancy by cancelling my cruise and keeping the higher profit bookings intact. I am probably just being paranoid but that is the first thing that came to mind. After all, they have to get their lost revenue back somehow. Steven
  4. That is why I signed up immediately when I heard Allure OTS was coming to Galveston. Sigh.
  5. I live near Austin, TX so cruising out of Galveston is great for me. The only real problem I see is geographical. The number of interesting ports within sailing range is very limited. Right now RC does itinerary A (Cozumel, George Town, Jamaica), then itinerary B (Cozumel, Puerta Costa Maya, Roatan), then A, then B, ... Some variety would be nice. But unless they have a Star Trek transporter, I don't see it happening.
  6. They apparently have special considerations for Allure since it is not my fault that they can't cruise out of Galveston. Talk to your TA. Mine told me that she spent a lot of time on the phone to get this done.
  7. I was booked on Allure for late Feb 2022. I L&Sed to Symphony OTS out of Miami for Mar 2022. It cost me $60 more (plus flight and hotel). I got the very same cabin on Symphony. Steven
  8. I am looking a the Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program, for potentially booking a cruise in Jan 2021. In the description it says: Trip Cancellation*: up to 100% back if you cancel your cruise for one of the program’s specific reasons yet it doesn't specify the specific reasons. Can someone point me to the list of reasons? Thanks Steven
  9. I don't need to worry about height, just width and weight. 🙂 All of y'all have convinced me to do it. Mar 2022 on Symphony OTS.
  10. Whenever I try any of the waterslides on cruise ships I stop partway down. I have to push myself along until I can get moving again. It's embarrassing and I always lose the waterslide races. The Ultimate Abyss looks like it is so steep that I won't get stuck. Is that true? Steven
  11. Thanks, everyone. I am going to take everyone's advice and keep an eye on the prices and hope they drop low enough to be worthwhile to me. I can always cancel and re-buy if the prices drop.
  12. Currently, my cruise is so far out nothing is on the cruise planner. About when should I start to see thing appearing on the CP?
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