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  1. The last year and a half have been hard on TAs. Just think about how many vacations have been canceled. I won't expect much in the way of OBC type perks for a while.
  2. I hope she gets some sort of amping. I am scheduled to be on her in November.
  3. I would guess that it is because if the person has no health insurance then CVS will bill the US government.
  4. Are there cheap places in Mahahual to just grab a beach chair and enjoy the beach? I am hoping for something where I can just walk up and get a lounger, without having to make reservations. I don't care about all inclusive drinks and food, just a place to park my carcass.
  5. I thought the same thing when I saw the price.
  6. I thought Captain MacDonald just manually signaled by hanging his arm out the window.
  7. In Juneau book Coastal Helicopter to fly you out to the glacier. Fantastic. It's expensive. but worth it. If you book directly through Coastal instead of RC you can save a lot of money.
  8. Please report back to us when you return about Maya Chan. I am considering visiting there in November.
  9. I am thinking about rescheduling my Adventure OTS cruise until next year. The prices are very attractive and would allow me to move up to a grand suite or even an owner's suite. When I look at the deck plan I see that all of these premium suites are on deck 10, right below the pool deck. Choosing one of these suites goes against all of the rules I have been taught about cabin location. Surely all of these high prices cabins are not in terrible locations. Should I pick one of these suites? I have never been in a suite before and don't know if this is a good move.
  10. This is a question to fellow board member that have cruised since the restart. Since the recent change in CDC recommendations of who should avoid cruising I have been thinking. Many of the categories of people in the list of people "At Increased Risk for Severe Illness" are the stereotypical cruisers. We know that cruising has restarted, with temporary changes such as reduced capacity, with only a few outbreaks on RC ships. What are the demographics, with respect to the CDC's list, of the people currently on ships, enjoying themselves and not wholesale contracting the disease?
  11. How much is charged for fins only on Cococay?
  12. According to my calculations that leaves enough people in the US who should cruise almost fill up a bass boat. But it had better be a small one.
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