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  1. I have been running MyVegas for a while now and have quite a few points. Looking at the cruise prizes, they kinda stink. A million points for a 3 night Mexico cruise? But they do have attractive offers for OBC. Can I use more than one OBC offer for a single cruise? Like maybe 4 or 5 to pay for some excursions?
  2. I think the primary difference is history. The old ones have the ship towed through the canal by the locomotives and it is just more reminiscent of the old days. As a history buff, and Pamana Canal newbie, old is good.
  3. I am considering booking the Radiance OTS October 2022 Panama Canal cruise. I cannot find anywhere on the RC site information about the transit. Does anyone know whether she uses the old or new locks?
  4. I just watched Matt's vlog about sailing on older ships. I have only sailed on voyager, freedom and oasis class ships. I know that these ships are amazingly stable because of the active stabilization, big wings that stick out underwater to counteract the rocking of the ship. Are the older ships, radiance and vision class, actively stabilized like the newer ships? If not, is there a problem with excessive rocking? I have been in fairly heavy seas (20 ft) in the newer ships with no nausea issues and I am wondering how much the older ships rock. TIA
  5. Be forewarned. We were in St Thomas last week. You have to wear a mask if you go indoors anywhere. Outside, no mask.
  6. I just sailed on Symphony OTS, my first Oasis class ship. It was amazing.
  7. Symphony on 3/5 - 3/12, 3500 pax
  8. I just got off Symphony OTS in Miami. They took the CVS proof with no problem.
  9. If I buy the refreshment package for my Symphony OTS cruise I get the following, "Premium coffees and teas". I don't drink coffee but what premium teas are available?
  10. If you look closely the "no reservations" shows are the ones with the **. Mostly the movies on deck
  11. I am flying from Austin to Miami in 6 days. I know I will need to wear a mask on board the plane. Are there any requirement for covid testing before the outbound and inbound flights?
  12. Are you saying that the Mar 5 Symphony OTS will not be going to Labadee?
  13. My first cruise was on Mariner. I really like the Royal Promenade and the way it opens up the center of the ship. I have cruised once on the Norwegian Joy and really missed that feature.
  14. Thanks, Smokey. How does "Passengers Who Are Fully Vaccinated" differ from "Passengers Up To Date with COVID-19 Vaccines"? Is being boostered in the second column??
  15. Masks are optional for fully vaxxed cruisers at all times onboard? None at shows, in promenade, activities, in hallways? That's great?
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