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  1. I'm booked for this cruise celebrating a friend's 60th birthday. We celebrated my girlfriend's 60th in March on Voyager of the Seas. I understand Serenade is a bit smaller. Doe anyone have experience with Serenade? What is the entertainment like? Bob
  2. I’m on voyager of the seas now (3/24/23). There are puzzles and many people use the library to my surprise. It’s a great place to chill. I didn’t not find many games.. no chess or monopoly if you like to play a game I suggest bringing your own.
  3. I’m on voyager of the seas now… the gym here does not offer smoothies.
  4. Here's a question adjacent to yours: Did you go to the library and do they have board game such as chess and manopoly?
  5. This may have been a dum question… I expanded the smoothie menu and it clearly says they are included in the DDP.
  6. Are smoothies included in the deluxe drink package?
  7. Is the excursion packed with people? I don't want to feel like part of the herd.
  8. I'm a sailor and would like to visit the Mt Gay rum distillery on Barbados. Can anyone comment on the excursion from RC? Can someone with who's been there recommend a private vendor to visit Mt Gay?
  9. I think lava flows are $14.. for this post let’s assume they are. Is there an extra cost for the floater? The deluxe drink package includes the lava flow, does it include the floater?
  10. St Thomas, St Croix, Barbados, St Kitts.. we have excursions for St Lucia and St Maartin. Thanks!
  11. Interesting... we are sailing on Voyager of the Seas in March '23 for a 7 day southern Caribbean cruise. We will be in a different port every day. Will the shops open in the evening?
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