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  1. On all all cruises we've always used US dollars and have never experienced any issues. My fellow cruisers responses here are spot on.
  2. We tip $20 on the first day too. Smiles are a great way to start the cruise!
  3. It’s one of our favorites too!!!
  4. We've used them in the past and enjoyed a great time! Whenever we return we intend to rent from them again. See their reviews on TripAdvisor. The roads are safe and as others have said, they partner with some of the local businesses. A nice way to do a self guided tour.
  5. For St Maarten, you might try Bernard’s Tours (3rd party). They have great reviews on TripAdvisor! We enjoyed a very nice island tour with them and wouldn’t hesitate to do again.
  6. We use lanyards on board. Off the ship I use my “Tiki” themed Ridge wallet.
  7. Bk to Bk cruises on May 8th & May 14th, 2022 on the Explorer. Can't wait!
  8. I've been able to use the military discount on a few cruises. I’ve never been asked for my DD-214 though. I do carry my retired veterans card though. Thank you, to all who have served!
  9. Went there on the Allure. It was an enjoyable experience. As others have stated, lots of meat!
  10. Yes, we've done this in order to take a bottle of water or two on excursions.
  11. Amen! Put me on any one of them and I'm happy!
  12. Thank you for posting the review, and best wishes for your next cruise in seven weeks!
  13. We also toured with Bernard's Tours and highly recommend them. We stopped at Orient Beach for a couple hours while on the tour. You'll get to see a lot of both sides (French & Dutch) of the island. Please see their TripAdvisor reviews.
  14. We did book excursion this with RC in 2016, it was $72 a person. We thought it was well worth it. The helmet dive is on our bucket list ?!
  15. Another plug in for the Stingray Swim & Snorkel excursion! We had a great time on it!
  16. Our next cruise is in May 2022. We booked flights about a week ago. Glad to hear you're all set as well! I'll bet you feel better knowing they're booked ?!
  17. I never forget that its a blessing to be able to be on a cruise! I don't take them for granted.
  18. First time we purchase at 10 (2008) and sold for 90 (2015). Second time purchased at 33 (2020). Have been able to use shareholders discount 8 times and are currently scheduled to for the next 2 cruises. No worries here.
  19. Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Miami Brickell Downtown. Highly recommend! See TripAdvisor reviews.
  20. The first leg is a 6 night cruise to CoCo Cay, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Labadee. The second leg is the 8 night cruise to the ABC islands.
  21. COSOL Tours in St Lucia (twice)! Bonaire Cruisers golf cart tour (self guided) on Bonaire.
  22. We’ve used Allianz a couple times for travel. We also, haven’t had to actually utilize them for any issues.
  23. We’ve visited both. No issue reserving online for either site. Do recommend making your reservation in advance. No doubt, you’ll have a great time at either place.
  24. In the 4 times we've been there, twice we were at Barefoot beach (cabanas), once we parasailed and once just walked around. A nice place just to relax and enjoy/see something different.
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