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  1. Congrats!! And, thanks for the wonderful post of your vacation.... the pictures were wonderful. :)
  2. Nachos... are always RIGHTEOUS in my book. Lobster too. Can't wait for the final pictures. Way to go!!
  3. Very interesting blog... and, so many fantastic pictures! Thank you.
  4. Glad that you're feeling better! Look forward to the pictures. :)
  5. Hello all. Although I'm still a ways off from booking my first cruise... I (continue) to enjoy these message boards & you very kind folks. Here is a quick question regarding the beverage packages... This is assuming the following parameters: ---> Sail out of Miami, and return to Miami ---> 7-night cruise to the Caribbean ---> Aboard an OASIS "class" ship Let's assume it is the DELUXE DRINK PACKAGE. The one that is $63 - $70 per day. And, please let me know if my question is too wordy (or sounds strange, lol). From what I read, a cruise out of this port will leave at 2:00pm usually. From what I read, disembarkation must be done by 10:am usually. OKAY, so a cruise such as "this" will be EIGHT chargeable days for the drink package. Correct? Or, am I way off? I ask this, please, to get your feedback... if it is "so", then there are (basically) limited hours that you're physically aboard the ship to do the booze drinking on Day 1 and Day 8. ..... Also, can a person buy the drink package for less than eight days. I'm guessing no, but just wondering. THANK YOU! Matthew in LV/NV.
  6. Interesting topic. Now, what about garlic fries? I just HAVE to ask!
  7. ::: Following your LIVE BLOG!! :::: It sounds like you're off to a pretty good start. Way to go! By the way, great idea for bringing an extra (empty) suitcase. Love the last photo of the ocean from the Balcony! I'm sure it feels warmer than 12 degrees in Minn., lol.
  8. 8 pages!? Bahahaha! I am guessing the pages were two-sided as well.
  9. If you did not book a specialty restaurant (in advance), can you on a whim go by and kindly ask "Is there a table available?". An example... Giovanni's? Chop's? Or, is that just not done?
  10. I really enjoyed reading your trip report. Wonderful! O-m-gosh... truffle grilled cheese. I'm soooo there! :)
  11. On the Oasis Class ships... I would like to inquire: For the "free" dining spots available to cruisers, what is your experience with them being popular/crowded? As I ask this, I'm wanting to know are there certain ones that LONG LINES? DIFFICULT TO FIND A SEAT? Was there a situation (or several situations) on your cruise in which you wanted to eat at a place, but just gave up? Thank you for the feedback.
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