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  1. If you did not book a specialty restaurant (in advance), can you on a whim go by and kindly ask "Is there a table available?". An example... Giovanni's? Chop's? Or, is that just not done?
  2. I really enjoyed reading your trip report. Wonderful! O-m-gosh... truffle grilled cheese. I'm soooo there! :)
  3. On the Oasis Class ships... I would like to inquire: For the "free" dining spots available to cruisers, what is your experience with them being popular/crowded? As I ask this, I'm wanting to know are there certain ones that LONG LINES? DIFFICULT TO FIND A SEAT? Was there a situation (or several situations) on your cruise in which you wanted to eat at a place, but just gave up? Thank you for the feedback.
  4. How would I feel about it. Will LET ME TELL YOU how I would feel. I would offer an abundance of encouragement. You have paid a lot of dough for the cruise. If you wanted to spend 9 hours each day at the pool, then do so. If you want multiple plates of a certain dish, or a wide variety of different entrees... you should certainly go for it. A vacation is a time to indulge & overindulge. I tip my hat to you. In fact, if your table at the MDR has an extra seat -- may I have it? General Lee Speaking .. I mean, generally speaking, I will often skip lunch. So, having more than "usual" makes sense to me at supper time. Listen, if you use a napkin, you're okay in my book.
  5. REALLY great video. At 5:27 ... I saw that risotto dish. Looks very good!
  6. Twangster... I finally got around (although, I am still new here ... by just 30 days) to reading the trip report. Wow. It was amazing. The time you put in for the photographs is beyond anything a person could ever ask for. Awesome. I especially like the pictures of the trees with the eagles in them. I found them! Thank you again.
  7. Myself... if I'm drinking... It's often going to be a blended drink (or something mixed, etc). Personally, I like a drink for the FLAVOR of mixed fruit juices. Not so much for the REASON of becoming drunk. If I have one (or two) ... I'm fine. If I have a third, I start to feel a bit of a buzz. Just depends on how fast they're being served. And, how much booze is in there. If I have a 4th/5th... then I know I'm basically on the border of becoming vulnerable. It's a valid point. Being able to walk, being able to hold (and, remembering to hold) the railing of a stairwell. Remembering what my room number is. Bumping into people. Etc. The slurred speech. I guess we've all been there. Okay, i'll be quiet.
  8. I'm certainly no expert... but, it is a good question. I think a revealing "sign" would be when the person is becoming AN EXPERT on any/all subjects. Their voice is getting louder and louder. Or, maybe, he (or she) has decided that any person within nine feet "deserves" a hug. And, they're hell bent on furnishing "that hug". (smiling here) Anyhow... I have to agree with Mr. Candyman... using a level of discretion is probably helpful. Like I said, it's not my place to choose what action they "should take". But, how about these suggestions: ----> Staff offering them a water. Staff suggesting "It's a long cruise, we all want to pace ourselves my friend". ----> Uniformed security staff stepping in. Sorry, like I said... not my place to "say". But, just my two cents.
  9. Skid.. hello there! Thank you very much for the ideas. :) Appreciate it. I can see where an OCEAN balcony would be amazing.
  10. I have to say, that sounds pretty fantastic. I'm a fan of hash browns. And, baked potatoes. Oh, and French fries. Garlic fries too. Mashed is very acceptable in my book as well. Ahhh. :) I've seen on some rooms (cabins?) (suites?) etc... have a larger balcony -- sq. footage I mean. It looks like all of them have at least a single chair and a table, too?
  11. Okay... I will have a look at it. Thank you!!
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