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  1. REALLY great video. At 5:27 ... I saw that risotto dish. Looks very good!
  2. Twangster... I finally got around (although, I am still new here ... by just 30 days) to reading the trip report. Wow. It was amazing. The time you put in for the photographs is beyond anything a person could ever ask for. Awesome. I especially like the pictures of the trees with the eagles in them. I found them! Thank you again.
  3. Myself... if I'm drinking... It's often going to be a blended drink (or something mixed, etc). Personally, I like a drink for the FLAVOR of mixed fruit juices. Not so much for the REASON of becoming drunk. If I have one (or two) ... I'm fine. If I have a third, I start to feel a bit of a buzz. Just depends on how fast they're being served. And, how much booze is in there. If I have a 4th/5th... then I know I'm basically on the border of becoming vulnerable. It's a valid point. Being able to walk, being able to hold (and, remembering to hold) the railing of a stairwell. Remembering what my room number is. Bumping into people. Etc. The slurred speech. I guess we've all been there. Okay, i'll be quiet.
  4. I'm certainly no expert... but, it is a good question. I think a revealing "sign" would be when the person is becoming AN EXPERT on any/all subjects. Their voice is getting louder and louder. Or, maybe, he (or she) has decided that any person within nine feet "deserves" a hug. And, they're hell bent on furnishing "that hug". (smiling here) Anyhow... I have to agree with Mr. Candyman... using a level of discretion is probably helpful. Like I said, it's not my place to choose what action they "should take". But, how about these suggestions: ----> Staff offering them a water. Staff suggesting "It's a long cruise, we all want to pace ourselves my friend". ----> Uniformed security staff stepping in. Sorry, like I said... not my place to "say". But, just my two cents.
  5. Skid.. hello there! Thank you very much for the ideas. :) Appreciate it. I can see where an OCEAN balcony would be amazing.
  6. I have to say, that sounds pretty fantastic. I'm a fan of hash browns. And, baked potatoes. Oh, and French fries. Garlic fries too. Mashed is very acceptable in my book as well. Ahhh. :) I've seen on some rooms (cabins?) (suites?) etc... have a larger balcony -- sq. footage I mean. It looks like all of them have at least a single chair and a table, too?
  7. Okay... I will have a look at it. Thank you!!
  8. If I do cruise... I'm thinking that a balcony (ocean view) room would be incredible. Then, there is the cost. I, also, think at the same time "what if there are a LARGE NUMBER of areas" that I can have some peace & quiet aboard the ship's public areas? If so, would saving $600 make sense. I guess I'm running many things through my mind. By the way, I absolutely appreciate the response! Also, you said you were on the 8th floor -- and, could hear the ocean. Is it less possible on the 10th? 11th? 12th?
  9. I love the idea of hearing the ocean!
  10. When you are on a cruise... do you, generally WANT? ENJOY? APPRECIATE? KEEP AN EYE/EAR OUT FOR? a part of the ship that is quiet? I preface this question, with my interest (and, eventually sailing on) an "oasis-class" ship. Again, I'm fairly new to the boards - and, yet to do take my first cruise. I have seen many online videos (youtube, etc) that will show a great deal of areas on the ship that have areas that seem loud. Example, the pool area(s) seem to have music, often, being played. The area / esplanade with the various shops/restaurants. Please understand -- I do not want to seem like a person who is wanting a "library"... but, at the same time does "constant" hip-hop music sort of put a damper on your enjoyment? Like I said, I do not have first-hand experience aboard a ship --and-- a posted video online may not give a true example of how things really are. And, so I post my question. Here, in Las Vegas (sorry to off topic), a large number of the resorts have music (the sort that includes elevated BASS) at the pool areas. Sigh. It does not make me angry, I can usually tune it out. But, what about the rest of you? Does it cause irritation -- that is, if it really is a constant thing? Or, am I watching too many videos? Lastly, are there some gems? Some hideaways? Places you like to go to that sort of escape the crowds? What about lounging on the deck (etc) & just watching the ocean? It, mostly, sounds like these ships are "near capacity" when they sail... and 2,000 people will obviously be here/there/everywhere. :) Thank you again, I'm enjoying these message boards!
  11. Hi everyone. Again, I'm really enjoying the message boards. Here is an additional question. And, if I'm asking too many questions, let me know. When it comes time to order a DRINK.... I am referring to being "in" a bar, "at" a bar, "adjacent" to a bar (and so forth). If I would like a drink, is it likely that there is a waiter/waitress that roams the area and takes my drink order? And, brings my drink to WHERE I AM SITTING? Does my question make sense? Say, if I am in a pub / lounge / etc... and (l will preface this by saying I'm not familiar with all of the various ones that exist), and I am not sitting AT THE BAR, but I am sitting at a table, is it up to me to get up and go to the bar to put in my drink order to the bartender, watch/wait him to make it, and take it back to my table? Also, if that (the need for me to place my drink order via face-to-face with the bartender) is the usual thing that is done --- is there often a CROWD of people hugged up to the bar? I know that can be an awkward thing (at a typical bar on land). I appreciate feedback that you kind folks can give. Thank you! P.S. -- taking the question just a step further, if I am on a deck hundreds of lounge chairs, are there roaming waitresses there also!?
  12. I think it's nice that the ship will play NFL games -- that way, you can keep "in touch" with your team. In our city (forgive me for going a bit off-topic), most restaurants, bars, pubs, taverns, even a sports book, will show multiple games. But, some will mute the sound of the televisions. Or, if it's a case of multiple games being shown - only have the sound up on THE BIG SCREEN. Not a big deal, but yeah. Let's see... 10 -- 20 -- 19 ... Philadelphia @ Dallas ... I say PHIL 13 DAL 27 .... m a y b e
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