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  1. I signed up. I've been around covid this entire time. I've been tested a couple dozen times. So being subject to testing isn't an issue for me. I am extremely interested in participating in some of the drills. I want to see how they manage some of there bigger issues. I have a ton of procedures in place for my business but it could be extremely helpful to see it from a different perspective. Maybe i could learn something. I would have no anxiety being on the first cruise out even if they weren't doing a volunteer cruise. If my Sept sailing would have been a
  2. I got me a genie already. It's my wife. *cheesy comment* because with her all of my dreams came true... *realistic comment* She definitely has to use some kind of magic to put up with my crap.
  3. Yeah at my heaviest I was about 300, I got all the way back to 190 a couple years ago. I have been hovering between 220 and 230. I feel the best with myself under 210. I was 214 when I gave up 2 weeks ago. I'm 220 again. Dieting is super hard when there is a ton of stress. Work is tough, virus screwing up everything, a line to my septic collapsed and flooded my basement (this started my diet failing, just fully fixed today)... I just wanted a break! I was just joking about the Häagen-Dazs diet, I haven't been that horrible...I'll get back on track soon. Goin
  4. Well i already had another cruise scheduled In Oct 2021. I am unwilling to take more time off work within 2 months of an already scheduled absence. It would just create too much work and headaches. As far as I can tell the L&S for this cruise would have to fall between Aug and Oct of 2021. If I could move this to sometime between March - and June 2021 it would work. That is my hail mary move. If the TA can work some magic great. Pretty sure I'm just going to take the refund.
  5. Well I tried to stay positive but Corona has taken this cruise. I am extremely disappointed because i really needed this trip. I am trying a hail mary with the travel agent to lit and shift outside of the normal dates but i doubt that will happen. Once this refund is processed I will just spend it on a vacation that isn't a cruise. Diet update: I changed from a strict low carb diet to the Haagen Dazs about 2 weeks ago and hid the scale in the basement. I have been too ashamed to post. lol
  6. Here were a couple water falls in Walpack Township. Had to go out just before a big storm to get pics of them frozen. Can't find the pics Buttermilk falls and Silver Spray falls.I took a couple summers ago.
  7. Only the fall pic is from the same area I posted before. The others are from other trails around here... except the snow one. That was in my back yard.
  8. Tips to go faster in a waterslide: Try to have as little of your body actually touching the slide as possible. Cross your ankles, cross your arms, lift your butt completely off the slide with all your weight on the heels of your feet and your shoulders. Try to keep your legs, butt, back and head off the slide as much as possible. The less body touching the slide the faster you go. That's how you get 3 plus spins around the toilet bowl... i mean champagne bowl... on the Supercell slide. EDIT: Since this is a topic about the Abyss. I want to add to NOT do thi
  9. I got another great pic last night of the skyline. I went on a fathers day ride on the quads with the guys.
  10. Would suck if they did but ill wait for the official announcement. Some other vacation source will be glad to take my money im sure.
  11. Just shy of my 9/20/20. If oasis still sails I'll be the first on her once things resume. Not going to cancel or shift. I'll test out new procedures for everyone.
  12. So looks like up to 9/15/20 is being canceled. Still going to ride it out. I mean i got 5 whole days past the new cancel date. If she still sails that means I would be on the first on Oasis out of NJ once things resume. I have no issues being the test subject for new policies. Not looking great but worst case they cancel and I refund and do something else. I have some ideas but I'd rather be cruising. *Rubs lamp* Come on Genie give me some magic.
  13. While I'm not one to grab a pitchfork and make a ton of noise... I did send a message in the contact us section of their site. I asked for updates and threw in a couple lines about things opening up etc. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/contact-us
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