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  1. I'm on a Jan 2020 Harmony sailing in a Crown Loft Suite (Sky Class). I've read multiple topics and sites listing the perks but it seems there are either hidden perks or outdated information on 3rd party sites. Here is the FAQ from Royals site: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program Even this has some inconsistencies, like complementary pressing for first formal night is listed twice... What I'm looking for is room service. On a lot of the older topics and sites it says that room service is received with no additional charge for suite guests and MDR menu is included. On the official FAQ it all it lists is that "Main Dining Menu Available for In Suite Dining (During Operating Hours) " Has anyone sailed recently, like the last 6 months or so, and ordered room service? Were you charged? Does it matter if it's MDR or just the room service menu? I am trying to coordinate a anniversary party in our room with some of our non suite friends. Mainly looking for some appetizers to go with some special bottles of wine I'm giving to a couple people to bring on board. Are there any other "hidden perks" that aren't listed in the FAQ?
  2. 7 day Harmony Jan 2020 sailing has been at $65 with a few dips to $61. Saw it drop to $57 yesterday so i went ahead and grabbed it. I'll keep an eye on the black friday numbers too.
  3. Harmony of the Seas Jan 2020 sailing for our 10th anniversary. Our actual anniversary falls the day we are in St. Maarten. We aren't looking to break the bank anymore than we did on Loft Suite and overwater cabana purchase, we just need a space that has a great view or back drop. We arent looking to do anything crazy, we just want to say a few words and be with our family and friends. I haven't been on this ship. So far my ideas are: In our loft suite. We could order in some food and even have a little reception. We could emerge from the second floor, glide down the stairs, and the balcony could make for a ready nice space. Try to get a few extra people up on the suite deck. A cliff or beach in St Maarten Overwater Cabana - Problem is i have more people than would be allowed. I could get them to the beach club passes and so something there. Main issue is this isn't my actual anniversary date. Any other thoughts of places on the ship?
  4. Looking like i will have to have the discussion to see who's not going to be in the cabana with us. Even if it's just the 5 of us that would be there all day the price is justified to me... would have been nice to share the price with a couple other people though!
  5. I figured this was going to be the answer but thought it was worth the ask if anyone had any personal experiences. I would like to clarify I am in a crown loft suite so only sky class no access to a genie. I was talking out the suite level concierge, not the magic a genie can produce.
  6. I booked one of the overwater cabanas at Cococay for my Jan 2020 cruise. My problem is that i have 11 people total I am traveling with and the cabana capacity seems to be at 8. 5 of us have no real plans of leaving the beach club area. A family of 3 traveling with me is planning on spending time at the water park so they wont be around for a chunk of the day. I'm sure the other family of 3 will want to do some exploring on their own at some point as well. First question - Will I be able to swap cabana bands between those 2 families? Like have one of them stay with us in the beach club in the morning then have them give their bands to the other family for the afternoon? Second question - My 10th anniversary is happening on this cruise. We are looking for a spot to do vow renewals. Do you think there would be any leeway in letting all 11 come up for a ceremony at the cabana? Staying in a loft suite with concierge access if that matters at all. I think it would be worth me asking concierge at least... but has anyone had any success in this type of situation?
  7. As i added it the site asked how many guests i put in 3, it asked for the names from my reservations i added them and the price int he cart was 4500. So i canceled it and put just my name in. Boom 1499. The site is definitely bugged.
  8. Got my overwater booked for Harmony Jan 2020 @ $1499!! Price in cart is hopefully bugged. Description says price if for each floating cabana not per person but when i added multiple guests the price went up $1499 for each extra person. Backed out and just booked it for me alone to lock it in. I will call to add in the guests.
  9. Just booked an overwater for Jan 2020 cruise. So excited, we are cabana people and see a ton of value in having our own space. Price seems bugged. It says price is per floating cabana @ 1499 for me but when i added in guests it was trying to charge 1499 per person. I booked it for just me to lock it in and im going to call to add in the other guests. Question - Do kids count to the total guests? We have 8 adults and 3 kids (all 3 are 8 ) so either i'm excluding a family or the kids can watch us from the beach lol. Possible one of the families that is joining us may not want to split the cost.
  10. I am making a photo scavenger hunt for our Jan 2020 Harmony 7 day cruise. I think i have a pretty good start list but I'm looking for more unique things to put on it. Teams will be be based off our staterooms, 4 teams 2-3 adults per team. Each team will buy something onboard for the prize pool. Disclaimer: This list is pretty mild but their are some risque items at the end ( I am actually looking for more of those ideas 😈) It is not meant to offend anyone and they can not be rude when taking pictures. A rule will be to not take pictures directly of people unless you ask... it can also be someone posing for a normal picture with them in the background. Here's my list so far: A performer in a full costume with a mask on Someone on your team sleeping in the middle of the day 3 different food menus Each letter of your last name from the signs around the ship Someone Ice Skating – 2 extra points if it’s someone on your team The Captain - 3 extra points if someone on your team is in the picture Cruise Director - 3 extra points if someone on your team is in the picture Someone wiping out on the Flowrider - 3 extra points if the person is on your team One of your teammates exiting the Abyss Someone on the Zipline – 3 extra points if it’s someone on your team Someone on your team climbing the rockwall Something with the name of the ship on it A picture of our ship and another docked from the shore A parade A dolphin Life Preserver Find the grass area for service animals Bartender mixing a drink A Conga Line Two people with matching shirts Someone else taking a photo Someone playing a piano A Statue A picture of the room numbers for all of these rooms – 8729 -3180 -10500 -14330 Each member of your team with a different drink (group or solo pics. No same drinks in any picture. No Beer) A Gnome Someone eating a cookie Ice Cream Cone A member of your team in a pool - Another Cruise Ship The fortune teller A Chef Bird on the ship (not flying) Someone on your team playing minigolf One of your team using exercise equipment Park Bench A Long Line A dog on the ship Casino chip Someone not in your group making out A team member on the carousel A Green Chair A team member winning on a slot machine A model of the cruise ship Palm Tree Someone from your team in the ocean A Sea Shell A Decorated Stateroom Door A plastic fish The Wake of the Ship Towel Animal A Sunrise or sunset Ship Flag Animal shape made from ice or food Purple flower Someone in extremely non formal cloths in the middle of formal dressed people on a formal night Big mustache Someone with big hair A stranger carrying more than one drink with their hands (2 points for each drink past 2) A guy wearing a banana hammock Anyone in a t-back bathing suit A plumbers crack An overly “busty” women (no team members: p) A super hairy guy with no shirt on Someone sunbathing with their top untied or off Someone with a bad sunburn Someone on your team noticeably drunk (+2 bonus for video) Someone dancing inappropriately (+2 bonus for video) One of the 2 single people cruising with us flirting with a man
  11. The pricing for the cabanas on my Jan 2020 sailing are going nuts on my planner. I was thinking about purchasing one then canceling once the overwater ones finally show up. Chill Islands are currently priced at $1,200!!! That's just insane, especially after seeing what you get in the pictures. I know pricing can fluctuate but the pricing sheet i saw had overwaters listed for only slightly more than that! On my Disney cruise the cabana was one of the highlights of the entire trip. It seems you don't get as much space or privacy, at least on the normal cabanas. It seems like a night and day difference. Anyone had both a Disney and Coco cabanas that would like to state their comparison of the 2? I guess it's overwater or bust for me. Hopefully they don't show up at 3k or something...
  12. I get 20 vacation 5 sick and 7 holiday. Realistically i can only actually be away for about 5-10 days a year, as i am always on call. So I'll make 1 or 2 week long trips per year and use the other time "when i can" locally. Plenty to do locally so i don't mind much. I can't be away during any holiday just in case I get called in, which does not happen often on holidays. Most of my call just requires me to be available by phone to handle issues but it's just easier if I'm around.
  13. You can get them at any drug store, big box store or grocery store. Pretty much anywhere that has a supplement isle. If all else fails there is the almighty power of amazon. It's in no way a proven hangover cure. Pretty sure most of the medical info on it actually claims it won't help with alcohol. But how activated charcoal works is it absorbs toxins preventing them from entering the bloodstream. Hospitals use a stronger / different type of charcoal for ODs and some poison cases. The way i see it is that if it could help at all, why not? It's like 4-10 bucks for a bottle. Pair it will a nicely chilled bottle of water a couple times a night while drinking then cap it off with some Advil before bed. If anything remembering to drink some water while taking it could go along way towards staying hydrated which WILL help. If i can help it i just try to set limits on drinking if i know i have something super important the next day. We all know a party or a cruise ship really promotes responsible drinking...🥴
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