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  1. For a regular cabana that price is a pretty steep. I paid only like 100 more than that and was in the overwater cabana. That said, i really liked the beach club area and the food was great. God willing I'll be back there in September. I will not be doing beach club this time. I just didnt get to see a lot of the other areas as there was no real reason to leave my cabana.
  2. I was able to book a second cruise this year for super cheap. It actually needs a sale for this to a be a good thing. Time will tell. I got a pretty good essential worker bonus so thats good I guess. Aside from those not much else.
  3. It's mostly all inclusive. Captain Jacks (Wings and fires), beach club and the big water park are the only things not included outside of excursion activities / items (things like water skis, cabanas, & day beds, etc) There are a few snack shacks around the island to grab a bite at and the main dining venue that are included. Both have a pretty good selection depending on what you are looking for (the chicken sandwich at the snack shack is as good as people make it out to be, try it!). Drink package works the same as it does on the ship. Plenty of loungers around the island both by the pool and the beach that are free. Kids water attractions included, of beach type games and events are around too. I can't wait to go back and explore more than just the beach club!
  4. Big reason I have been hesitant booking on the smaller ships. I have oasis this year and anthem next year. Not sure I'm going to want to go a class below anthem at this point... but those itineraries do look nice
  5. I'd love to say I'd come up with a great question but I'd likely go full caveman and just say "Need vacation. When cruise?"
  6. Sorry about your cruise! August first is good news though! Gives me more hope for my September booking.
  7. Yeah in confident it could be done with out much hassle it just wouldnt be enough and i want to focus on the cruise. I'm pretty sad i havent been to disney in like 4 years. There was a point were we were going at least once a month (before we even had kids lol). Then we moved to jersey and we going once a year for a while... then we started cruising. I have magic kingdom down to a science. I draw up map routes based off of fast pass times I can do the entire park before 2pm as long as you are there for the rope drop and that's with stops for food and characters. A lot has changed and there is a ton of other new stuff happening so i can't want to get back. Now I need a good 5 days at a resort (poly please!) to fully enjoy myself there. 3-4 park days a resort day and some time at disney springs. Still havent seen the avatar or star wars areas. We are going to need to go in the next year or 2 because a lot of the "magic" is going to fade when our daughter hits teen years. I know she'd still have fun, its just not the same as they get older. I mean look at this... Sword in the Stone. I have been to Disney HUNDREDS of times. This is something i will never forget... Watching the act, I getting called up, the sword doesn't budge... Oh i tried... I was gonna break that damn latch holding it in for all i cared. Then my daughter gets called up. I about shat myself. The look on her face and how she felt after pulling it out was just pure magic... i cant describe the feeling any other way. I view my vacations as a time to build unforgettable memories for my daughter. Disney did a great job of that but cruising seems to be a good transition into less kiddie trips. Hard to give up that stage... but its coming whether i like it or not.
  8. I loath seafood. So I typically avoid places that have names with anything sea related as the entire place usually smells of fish. There was a place in Coco Beach that I was going to try earlier this year but I inlaws brought me a sandwich from one of my favorite places in the Tampa area so we skipped it. I'll probably try and get us to go there this time. The Florida plans are still up in the air. Not sure if we are just hitting the beach or driving up to the space center just yet. Its probably going to depend how much is open. I'm a huge Disney fan but we already decided we were not going there, just not enough time at the port for us. We like to have a full week when we go to Disney. I do miss the days of having annual passes and just going for a couple hours whenever we wanted.
  9. Yeah day 1 one I will play by ear. I do plan on trying the filet at both ck and chops. I'm a bigger fan of ribeyes luckily my daughter loves steak so I'll have her get the filet at chops and ill get a ribeye and just try hers. Everyone says the filet is better at ck, so I have to try both to compare for myself!
  10. I'm sure they can vary just like royals. Guessing peak times they are higher. I was there in April a couple years back. I really enjoyed it too.
  11. The lunch menu at portside seems to be lacking some key items i like for BBQ. It is an option though, I'd probably side with Chops or picking around the suite lounge offerings. Boy Star Class magic really doesn't have any powers on Coco Cay huh? CJ not being included seems silly. It's wings and fries.🤷‍♀️. Snack shack it is then! Thanks for the info!
  12. I stayed in a cabana at Disney's Castaway Cay for $550. I thought the pricing was in line with RCCL's "standard" cabana, and the cabana seemed way nicer at castaway... Well, standard cabana vs standard cabana. The over water cabana at Coco Cay was way better but for triple the price and it being over water it should have been.
  13. With all this dieting all i can think about is food. I know i'll have a genie and they can do all of the meal planning but i'm a bit of a plan freak. I have the entire cruise mapped out for where / when i want to eat already. We enjoy going to the venues so i doubt there will be much in room dining except for breakfast. We'll play that by ear once we see how much room there is for dining in the suite. Food plan - Day 1 - Leaving Jersey Lunch - Special Star Class lunch? Chops? Dinner - CK Filet night? Will move if its a different night Day 2 Sea Day - Breakfast - CK Lunch - Playmakers Dinner - Giovanni's Day 3 - Port Canaveral Breakfast - In room Lunch - With inlaws somewhere in FL. Cuban sandwich??? For those that read my last blog i like me a cuban sandwich. lol Dinner - Izumi Hibachi Day 4 - Coco Cay Breakfast - Johnny Rockets Lunch - Snack shack Chicken Sandwich. Maybe Captain Jacks for some wings. Is that included with star class? Dinner - Chops Day 5 - Nassau Breakfast - In room or CK Lunch - Something at Atlantis - Maybe Playmakers Dinner - 150 Central Park. This is the only one i'm not sure of. The menu doesn't seem great to the 3 of us. Might skip this one and just go to CK. Day 6 - Sea day Breakfast - CK Lunch - Johnny Rockets Dinner - Port Side BBQ (maybe in room) Day 7 😞 Breakfast in room Lets see how well i stick to this in a couple months. Great now i'm hungry.
  14. I'm already booked in September and have no plans on changing it unless they cancel it. If i could go earlier i would. As for the discussion of masks. I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker at all but i wouldn't be happy if they were required everywhere. It just doesnt work. Dining? Pool / spa? Open air decks? Kids club? I think a compromise would be requiring them when attending shows where its much closer quarters for long periods of time. If there is any mask requirement good luck enforcing it, half the people that are wearing them now aren't wearing them properly which defeats a lot of the purpose. Temp checks are fine. If they have some sort of rapid testing i'd be fine with getting that done too (multiple times if needed). Spacing chairs out a bit inside and out would help too. Little things like that would at least provide some peace of mind. I'd feel comfortable without any of that too. I'm around this virus a lot, and the first month or so was without the "proper" ppe. Proper hygiene and common sense go a long way (yeah i know more is needed but my point remains). Unfortunately both of those seem to be hard to come by when you are dealing with the masses. There will always be a risk. Edit: Didn't realize i already posted in this thread. I need a vacation lol... Oh well, the first post wasn't this detailed.
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