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  1. I booked a next cruise with the 200 deposit while on my last cruise this gives me the flexibility to look at a few options. I have a cruise picked out but I'm not sold on my room. If i book a lower class room now and decide to change my mind and go with a suite again will I automatically get the higher level on board credit or am i stuck with the lower credit?
  2. I am in royals demographic as someone who is going to purchase extra things lol. I will say I would have had a great time doing all the free stuff though. While i dont mind crowds all the time it's great to have a private area to retreat to.
  3. Not that i remember. Pretty sure the beach beds were a bit off to the side
  4. Thanks for all the great info in the posts. I'm definitely leaning toward Anthem and Oasis. The dates arent lining up as well as Freedom though. We still have a little bit of time to book though. For the cost I might be able to fit in 2 or 3 if I go with smaller ships and knock down the room class. Hmmm... yeah I'm not decided at all lol..
  5. We had a birthday and an anniversary on harmony. Mdr sang birthday and an anniversary song (they were identical with a word changed out). Room stewarts gave us a tiwel cake and decorated the room with a package one of our traveling mates bought. Tell everyone everything lol
  6. Glad its not just me then. Works on my phone but I dont like using it for looking for cruises.
  7. When trying to log into royals website i get the following error: We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later. I can log in on my phone but on my PC I get that message. Been like that for days. Tried clearing my cookies (mmm cookies). That didn't help. Any ideas?
  8. I wish i was still on vacation....... Damn it didn't work! I am 100% having the back to reality blues. This was my first Royal Caribbean cruise but it won't be my last. I'm already planning my next cruise! While looking through pictures there were a couple things i didn't post that i wanted to mention. At port arrival a glitch in the system allowed the in-laws into the suite area even though they were not staying in a suite. We were able to have them stow away at the port and at the suite lounge until they got their physical sea passes. The app had them as sea or sky class even though they weren't. I am proud to say my 8 year old daughter ate steak EVERY night of the cruise! No matter where we were that was what she wanted. The only time she was disappointed with the steak was at the windjammer. Her favorite was from Coastal Kitchen. I thought the beach club had the edge though. This was the first time i have ever really traveled with a group, I value family time vacations because i can be pretty busy and stressed out with work. It is really important to me to create lasting memories on trips, and i enjoy getting my wife and child to myself. Traveling with a group was a lot different and i think i made some mistakes. I thought staying in a suite would give us more time together, but juggling time with our travel mates and living the "suite life" was pretty difficult. Some of what i see as value in suite amenities was lost because no one else could use it and we were supposed to be all together. We didn't even eat dinner at CK until night 4 and as soon as i tasted my food i wished we could have eaten there more. Little things like not sitting together at shows because i had to utilize the suite seating sections might have caused some tensions with my group. I am very used to a higher end experience when vacationing but i may have to really look at things differently if we are traveling with a group again in the future. Speaking of the higher end experience. Everything that was included with the suite perks were amazing. The concierge staff, Mohamed and Jeremias were amazing. They were extremely attentive and put in extra effort multiple times throughout the trip. All of the staff knew us by name and it always felt very inviting. I really liked both of the main suite lounge bartenders as well, Marlin was the man! I made sure to give them all extra praise in the survey. Even though i had a great time at the overwater cabana, I probably wouldn't get one again. There weren't a ton of offerings in the beach club for my daughter aside from swimming, and the weather wasn't the best for that. I felt she probably would have had a better time on the rest of Coco Cay. Sure we could have done some of that as well but then it would have taken time away from the cabana, which i wanted to experience. She'll be 10 by our next major cruise so maybe a waterpark cabana is in our future! Drink package and drinking: I'm torn on this one. I don't drink a lot normally, only on the weekend while socializing or special occasions. I drank a lot on the cruise, but i never over did it. Staying in a suite on an oasis class ship i probably would have been fine without the drink package and just having beer and wine 11-11 in the suite lounge. The drink package did let me try a bunch of drinks i have never tried. Pretty sure there wasn't a single thing that i didnt like. I want to thank this board for suggesting the Kraken Lava Flow. One of my favorite drinks on the cruise! I was also pretty happy that i could order 2 drinks i wasn't expecting to be available. Port wine was available in the suite lounge, i did some research prior to cruising and didn't think I could get it. I tried a few other bars but came up short. The other drink was a Sake and Sake Bomb, it was not on the menu. I always order a Sake bomb and a bottle of Sake when i go to hibachi. They wouldn't let us use the chop sticks to balance the glass of sake though. Something about safety. It was still pretty damn tasty though! Don't i look classy slamming the drink in my tie? lol... 20200129_194541.mp4 The survey has been completed, the bags are unpacked, and i'm depressed it's all over. 😥 Thanks for reading everyone! Doing this blog was a lot of fun! I will be doing one again on my next cruise.
  9. Yeah i wasn't worried about getting sick on the ship at all. I have a doomsday prepping friend that was sending out a ton of group messages when i was sailing. Stocking up on water and food, i sent him a picture of me downing a drink to show him how worried i was. He sent me a message this morning saying he was locking himself in his house since i was on a royal ship that was near Anthem. I work in a medical office. If I'm getting sick it's there. I has been a pretty crazy flu season though. Most important rule, wash your hands!
  10. I was on Harmony and we were docked next to Anthem on the 30th in San Juan. 😯 😷 There were a lot of people sick on Harmony when we left on the 26th too. At one of the ice shows there was a whole group of sick people right behind me hacking everywhere. Washy washy
  11. Wow great photos! Totally jealous... I'm going to need to invest in an actual camera so I can kick it up a notch for my next live blog!
  12. I was just in an overwater this past saturday. The price I locked in months ago was $1,499. I was looking every day for decreases. Only thing I saw were increases. Right before my sailing the final price was at $1,649.
  13. Subjective. The views are different. One will see overwater cabanas to the side the other will see a cove like spot. One was 2 rows deep (breezy) other was 3 rows deep. Regular chill island ones are probably quieter because the breezy bay ones are close to the pool. Both would be great.
  14. Yeah you are totally going to like it. The ones i took pictures of were at "Breezy Bay - Chill Island" I didn't snap a pic of the regular chill island one. Main difference between the 2 areas is the view (breezy bay will see the overwater cabanas, other one was like a cove) and Breezy Bay beds are 2 rows deep, pretty sure regular chill island are 3 rows deep. I'm sure that's subject to change. Not sure if you can pick between the 2 areas or not, but they would both be great.
  15. I've only been on 2 cruises. One was the Disney Dream the other was Harmony of the Seas. Royal is more my speed. I really liked the size and features of the ship. I have not been of fan of any of the ports in the Caribbean and Bahamas outside of the private owned islands, castaway cay / coco cay. I would probably enjoy the Canadian ports more but honestly I'm more interested in the ship. I could see my daughter not enjoying the Canadian ports at all. The amp up on freedom looks nice but not sure I'd get much use out of that new pool deck in october by Canada lol. I'll have to double check the itenteraries again to see if there is something else in summertime. Or suck it up and go south again
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