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  1. Yeah i understand why they do it in most cases but this one had tons of issues. I called customer service and emailed my rep multiple times with questions and kept getting assured there were no plans on canceling. It was worth the gamble otherwise i would have canceled but it still gets under my skin.
  2. And it's gone... The cruise was just officially canceled. So glad they waited 3 days after final payment was due to do it... ? This is the 3rd one canceled after final payment was due so not much of a surprise i guess. I have to plan my time too much to keep this stuff up. Cruising just doesn't seem like a safe enough bet for my time until all this stuff is in the rear view. So i'll probably be taking a break from the boards again. I'll be back when there is more confidence in the industry! Guess I'll focus on Land Cruising. (RVing has been my main covid vacationing) Mine is on the left.
  3. Once one hurdle is gone 3 more pop up unfortunately. NJ has been on the stricter side of things through this pandemic and while the update today didn't mention cruises it did not feel like a step in the direction of cruising coming back. We've been seeing an uptick at our offices with testing again, and it seems from the data released today we aren't the only ones. Maybe I'm just having a bad day or just have a case of the Mondays but I'm less optimistic than i was that there is even a chance now.
  4. It's Anthem's first cruise out of the port directly after getting back from a transatlantic. However, Oasis is scheduled to start sailing out of NJ in September.
  5. I had one back in Feb last year. There were spots i could touch the bottom and spots i couldn't. Even when i could touch the bottom it was not by much, I'm 5'11. Guessing levels would play a pretty big roll in that. The cabana location would probably play a roll in that too, some are closer to shore.
  6. They probably would, but I'd rather not chance breaking or chipping it lol. Well seeing how this is the first sailing listed after it's back in the states from a transatlantic sailing I don't think Anthem will be getting one, at least not from the USA... unless this gets canceled and this time period is used for a test cruise.
  7. Final payment is this week so why not start another blog? Hopefully this isn’t another live blog that ends in a cruise not happening… This 8 night Bahamas cruise on Anthem was booked during my last cruise Jan 2020. Sometime in the middle of covid the listing for the cruise was pulled from Royal's site (probably because it was 8 days) and has not reappeared yet. Is it a Halloween mystery? Will it sail? Soo spooky! Emailing back and forth with a rep from royal she claims there is no plans to cancel this sailing but the strangeness of this cruise just keeps coming. I have been stalking the site to see if the sailing gets listed again because I wanted look at pricing to upgrade into a suite or star class. So I asked the rep I was emailing with, she says no rooms are available and sates they are probably max capacity. Well, that doesn’t make sense because the cruise hasn’t been listed, the sailing that goes out right one this one gets back has plenty of open rooms in every category. If this cruise does go out, it may be a ghost ship (gasp). The itinerary: Leaves from Cape Liberty, 2 Sea Days, Port Canaveral, CocoCay, Nassau, and then 2 more sea days. This itinerary is nothing great, but it gives us a chance to spend a day with family in Florida and it gives us plenty of time on the ship (I prefer being on the ship over most ports anyways). This would be our first “holiday” cruise, being able to get in a costume sounds like a blast. I even bought a sweet cane / wand that would go very well with a Voodoo costume. I got Lucius Malfoys cane from Borgin and Burkes in Knocturn Alley at Universal Studios (Harry Potter stuff). It’s pretty heavy, looks a bit intimating and it wont fit in my luggage so i'd have to carry it on. I wonder if it would even be allowed on the ship. What do you guys think? Going to keep this short for now, don’t want to type up a crapload just to have it cancel again. This will be my first time on Anthem, so if it sails expect lots of pics and daily updates.
  8. I'm siding with this trip over the SC one for a few reasons. The time frame lines up pretty well with a time i can typically take off. Plus if my cruise this Halloween still sails the SC cruise next year would make my 3rd time to the same ports. How many times do you really want to go to Nassau? I probably wouldn't even get off the ship Most people love the tropics but i spent 30 years in Florida so it's not all that different. Iceland, Greenland and Norway though? These are places I've always wanted to go but thought I wouldn't ever make it to. We are going to discuss more this weekend and probably make a decision 1 way or another.
  9. I saw this the other day and i was floored by the itinerary. September seems like a perfect time to be in the area. I'll probably be on this cruise as well for my wife's birthday! Just need to work out a couple details before we book. Going to have to choose between this with the additional time off work, international flight and other additional expenses or a local Star class cruise i was already eye balling around the same time. That star class cruise was coming in cheaper than a balcony room on this but I'm interested in a grand suite so i can get those suite perks. The price is adding up... Seeing some conflicting info suite perks since the amp. Is there a definitive source for Voyager info? Guess there was only a few months of this ship even being around after it was amped before covid kicked in.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the blog! The scavenger hunt was one of those great ideas that we just didnt have time to do to it's fullest. Let's just say everyone won because i didn't make anyone else throw in for the Floating Cabana lol.
  11. Going to bump my old topic... why not? Not like anything new is happening... So here we are, a year later than this cruise. Right about now i would have been thinking about how great my 10 year anniversary was while wondering around an empty ship while everyone else is sleeping. (My 11th anniversary was great too but I'm not cruising ?) It's pretty crazy thinking back. I remember starting to hear about the virus and thinking it was not big deal. Even crazier we were docked next to Anthem at San Juan... That Anthem sailing was the exact sailing that got quarantined for possible exposure to the virus. Tomorrow i get my second dose of the Vaccine. Exactly 1 year away from having an chance exposure. I won't go into the chaos that it has been working in the medical field but it has been stressful to say the least. I do really hope that this year marks us making moves to get this virus behind us. 1 cruise canceled last year for my wife's 40th birthday (star class too /cry). Hopeful for my Halloween booking on Anthem this year! It's not showing as something you can book anymore though, so i'm sure that's not a good sign. Hope everyone is staying safe and sane! Hope i see everyone cruising soon!
  12. I signed up. I've been around covid this entire time. I've been tested a couple dozen times. So being subject to testing isn't an issue for me. I am extremely interested in participating in some of the drills. I want to see how they manage some of there bigger issues. I have a ton of procedures in place for my business but it could be extremely helpful to see it from a different perspective. Maybe i could learn something. I would have no anxiety being on the first cruise out even if they weren't doing a volunteer cruise. If my Sept sailing would have been a go I would have gone without a second thought. Sadly, I had just fallen in love with cruising, it would have been my "new" vacation trend. I had since moved on to a "covid resistant" form of vacationing that required a sizable investment so I probably wont be cruising much anymore (RVing if anyone was interested) . I need scheduled breaks from work to stay sane and I just wasn't going to get that with cruising for the time being.
  13. I got me a genie already. It's my wife. *cheesy comment* because with her all of my dreams came true... *realistic comment* She definitely has to use some kind of magic to put up with my crap.
  14. Yeah at my heaviest I was about 300, I got all the way back to 190 a couple years ago. I have been hovering between 220 and 230. I feel the best with myself under 210. I was 214 when I gave up 2 weeks ago. I'm 220 again. Dieting is super hard when there is a ton of stress. Work is tough, virus screwing up everything, a line to my septic collapsed and flooded my basement (this started my diet failing, just fully fixed today)... I just wanted a break! I was just joking about the Häagen-Dazs diet, I haven't been that horrible...I'll get back on track soon. Going to pretend to cruise in my bathtub now.
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