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  1. Thanks JL, so far My family of four and the other 10 people we went with are all doing great!
  2. Hope everyone is doing well and fully stocked on all things paper products and rice. I received this email this evening from R.C. Not worried at all since we are day 11 being back and thought it would be responsible to share. Not really worried since this is not a Princess cruise type of thing but was still a tad surprised but not really that surprised.
  3. It was so hard (yes see Boyz 2 Men) to say goodbye, to Symphony. I was up until about two am on my balcony as we were entering into The Port of Miami (included al pic of Miami in the distance) getting my last bit of enjoyment. His morning ate at Windjammer and we off the boat by 10. Late due to the fact the Passport /Facial Recognition machines were down and they had very few Passport officials manning the lines. All in all no issue since we had a flight from to Dallas and decided on a Taxi since we needed a van and Uber/Lyft were both $100+. The crew relayed they were going to CoCo Cay for a
  4. Additionally, my kids and I prepaid the arcade and I prepaid Thrill water park. We didn’t use the arcade and I didn’t end up going to Thrill WaterPark and they were very accommodating to refund all to my account. As with all things Royal Caribbean just have to ask and the worse they can say is no.
  5. At Guest services and as many of you know this sailing is the last for the next thirty days. They said the crew will remain onboard and the Symphony will actually set Sail tomorrow but they wouldn’t provide me with where they would go. But no one will go home and they would do a lot of training.
  6. Well.....it’s the last night blues but we making the most of it and continuing the fun. Amazing what a difference a week has made while gone but that hasn’t dampened an ounce of the fun. COCOCAY WAS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST AND YES I AM SHOUTING!! All 14 had the best time. We hung around Chill Island. Are multiple times at Snack Shack and yes the shack Crisp chicken sandwich is as advertised. From the cookies to the funnel cakes, I was impressed. The kids did Thrill Waterpark. I never made it over there since I was chilling on the beach (pun intended) and went to the big big big
  7. Once the bucket list items of the slides had been complete it was a pretty relaxed evening. It was day six so Lobster night and it was good. Afterwards we all went to FLIGHT. This show was very good and had visuals. I included some photos from FLIGHT. Then to the fourth floor to hear, jazz, the late night party and CAFE PROMENADE. The Chocolate chip cookies were selling out fast and tasted great. I did a long walk through Central Park. This to me is the crown jewel of the ship. There is nothing like it anywhere and so unique. Took the time to look at the signs with plants and what’s planted.
  8. Sometimes words are not needed! IMG_5454.MOV
  9. My kids are on Spring Break this week. Just received an email that their Spring Break has been “extended” another week. Not cancelling classes just extending Spring Bring. . We are going to live our best life and enjoying these last days of paradise before returning to the real world.
  10. The Captain said this cruise is at 90% capacity, HOWEVER, he said the cruise stating in a couple of days is only at 50%!
  11. This afternoon went down all three slides and enjoyed the day. I’m that guy that got stuck on the tidal bowl but I made it down face first. I can check off I did all three slides and did Ultimate Abyss. All things are now complete.
  12. So........ a thing called Corona but I digress... Chops Grille was absolutely Magnificent last night I asked for the chef to come and gave him our accolades. These were some greatly cooked steaks to perfection. This was said by everyone. Food was great! Afterwards I put the wife and kids to bed and went to Jazz on 4, party at Studio B, Karaoke at on air and Baleros and needed at the Casio I where I on $22 playing black jack. We all breakfast at Solarium Bistro and everyone loves. This is our spot for breakfast. Afterwards got our 2 for $20 t shirts and then booked our next cruise. A
  13. At.Thomas was good today. Got off the ship and took a Taxi to Meghan’s Bay Beach. Taxi was $10 a person one way. There were five ships in port today. Two including Symphony on one side and three other on the other side. The beach today was PACKED! They ran out of chairs and we got there around 10:30 am. If you are going to that beach I suggest getting there real early to ensure chairs, etc. if you want to rent those. The beach is absolutely beautiful and deserves the publicity it receives. It was $10 back to the port with a couple of picture stops and an hour stop shopping downtown. I was
  14. Thank you! A lot of the prevention has been prior to with the temp checks at Check in and the Passport checks from overly affected areas. On board it’s washing hands and hand sanitizer being emphasized all the time and everywhere. All the islands we have gone to so far have zero reports or Covad-19. All passengers appear to be doing their part to ensure they remain Vikings to and wash hands and use sanitizer.
  15. Wonderland! We went to Wonderland for dinner with the kids last night. It was interesting. I should have done a little more research into Wonderland. Let me first say it’s beautiful inside and a very unique experience. Experience being the key term. If you are going to Wonderland to be full from the food you may want to go to Windjammer afterwards. Very pretty looking food and presentation but we didn’t think the food was that great. I had the short rib which was amazing but half of the 14 in my group went to Playmakers for wings afterwards. Also the kids “Burger and Fries” are not your norma
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