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  1. Can you actually smile in this photo or do you have to make sure you have no expression for this one as well? (Or is that just a Canadian passport thing?)
  2. Love the pictures of the Aqua show, and the view from your room is amazing. Quick question...The front few rows of the theater seem very empty compared to the rest of the venue which seems quite full. Are they reserved seats? Bad seats? Splash zone? Just wondering if there is a drawback (or limitation) to sitting that close.
  3. Indeed, thanks so much for taking the time to keep us entertained. It's been a really fun read. And since Royal deducted the $88K tip, I think we know where the budget for the next cruise is coming from. Royal Suite anyone?
  4. There's a 50,000 coin 7-day Caribbean cruise up there now. Of course you'll have to leave on Monday. They've got a few others a little further out, but they are a little more expensive (125,000 - 250,000)
  5. I wonder if there's a direct correlation between the tasty drinks and the incorrect trivia answers...I suggest more research to confirm. Although you already got more musician instruments right than I would have. Eric Clapton and Louis Armstrong probably would have been it for me.
  6. Thank you so much for the review of the Dinner Theater. I always struggle deciding on activities where a large part of the cost is tied up in the alcohol as we don't drink, but the food looks marvelous and the show sounds fun. A little extra for entertainment with dinner never seems like a bad idea. Did you figure out who done it though?
  7. I assume that you are sleeping on the couch, because your daughter is definitely wondering why you are taking pictures in HER room.
  8. I'm just basing my speculation off the app overlap for Quantum that Twangster posted about. And maybe a little wishful thinking. Five day runs out of Los Angeles to Catalina and Ensenada over Spring Break at a REALLY good price might work into my plans very well.
  9. Thanks so much for doing this live blog. It's always so much fun following along with fun and colorful families. Looking forward to January 2021 (or before if you go into "genie" withdrawal before that cruise comes around).
  10. Millennium makes sense (although that is a really good price), but if they're going to bring Quantum back to Los Angeles in March that would be a tough ship to fill on that short notice. Or is Quantum doing first responder cruises as well?
  11. Voyager would be next year I think. It looks like they're thinking about getting Quantum out of Asia for this March. Don't blame them, but wouldn't it be hard to fill sailings this close in?
  12. Love following along with everything you write and every picture you take. Thanks so much for taking the time to post everything here....and please don't keep us waiting too long for your next voyage.
  13. Not gonna lie...a little disappointed that the sushi making class is at a table. I had visions of myself standing behind a sushi bar, rolling things and shouting out random Japanese phrases (mostly Styx lyrics from the early 80's). On the other hand, the hats completely save everything. LOVE that look. Also, how many people do they take in the escape room at a time?
  14. Looking forward to hearing about the Mystery Dinner. This is something we've been considering for an upcoming cruise, but wasn't too sure what to expect. Safe travels!
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