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  1. I agree - tough to see any cruising happening this year given the acrimony etc over cruises generally. I am on Ovation on Oct 26th, and mentally we have already given this away. Cheers
  2. Hi @Kathleen Dean - check out the @twangster review from late last year.... Always great reading!
  3. That one.... As to buying them in the App, I generally found them available at 10am AEST so about 3pm PST Cheers
  4. I recently redeemed 2 X $100 OBC's against the same reservation. From 2 seperate MyVegas account's as I maintain account for both she and I for just such a purpose. No issues or questions... Just applied both credits.
  5. Thanks for the info on the Diamond and above happy hour. I am curious about the 3 drinks that you get from other bars. Is this in addition to the happy hour in the lounge, or as a replacement? Can you for example drink during the happy hour in the lounge, and then move to another bar where you can continue to drink using the 3 additional drinks? Cheers
  6. @Charles From Sydney You really need to buy from thje Cruise Planner before boarding - prices can be significantly higher onboard. Also - today RC seem to be having a sales on booze and internet. The Deluxe berverage package is $72pd on my cruise ($48 USD) and that is mucxh cheaper than you will see onboard!!! Prices onboard for (alcoholic) drinks ranged from $8USD for a beer, to $12-14USD for wine or a cocktail - convert those to Aussie prices ($12-$21) and you can see that the package can be amazing value... Cheers
  7. Now this is a live blog that I am looking forward too! We are on roughly the same cruise in October - similar ports - with the addition of Auckland and an extra day cruising between Dundin and Wellington - also the ports for us are in reverse order - so the Sounds are first not last. I am a Sydney local and going on a Voyager 3 night 'trip to nowhere' (also called a booze cruise) departing on the 31st Jan and returning on the 3rd Feb - just in time to visit a pub in the Rocks area (right next to the Cruise terminal) to watch the SuperBowl on Monday morning - great minds think alike!
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