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  1. Yep, and I am one of them.... Perhaps we can shake hands onboard.
  2. MyVegas just opened up a couple of new rewards. Resort World in Bimini, and Couples resort in Jamaica, both have low and high reward point premiums. As a native of South Florida, I am very tempted to splurge and hit that 1 million point weekend with the wife. I remember going to Bimini as a child and it would be nice to return. (Oh, for those that watch "The Bachelor" that resort was featured this season. (or at least I was told that by my wife)
  3. Thank you, I appreciate the responses. We have a couple of sea days, do most people eat all 3 meals in the MDR? We plan on doing a bunch of relaxing (When I am not working. I am a Server Engineer, so, even when I am on vacation, I am not on vacation.)
  4. Good evening all, So after watching several YouTube videos, a question of menus was called to mind. Are the menus for each of the restaurants published daily or at the beginning of the cruise? And that brings up the method of publishing, When and how are they published? Thanks, Russ
  5. I usually farm all week and 500 spin (in the blind) on Saturday. Some weeks I am up, some weeks I am down I am usually between 75 and 85 million chips.
  6. Roger that. Every time you level on the FB app, it is a bunch of Loyalty. (I am level 1023 and receive 1000 LP every level)
  7. So, it sounds like you are playing only the Mobile (IOS or Android) they do not have farming hotels. The PC (Flash) Version does have the hotels that you must build before you can collect.
  8. Remember you have 2 different platforms to play. (The chips do not combine, but the Loyalty/Reward Points do)
  9. I have been "Playing" Daily for 4-5 years. I have never paid a dime. On weekdays, I spend 1 minute collecting from my strip in the morning and another minute in the evening. On Saturday, I start a 500 spin game before I run and shut it off when I return. The secret to my success has been consistency. That said, every year my wife and I have enjoyed free room in Las Vegas, and Biloxi, MS. I still had 1.7 Million Loyalty points before buying this cruise, I still have 922,000 points left. We will spend time in Las Vegas this year and enjoy rooms and shows for free.
  10. I appreciate everyone's input. I am not cheap, I am just trying to budget. (After all this is a free MyVegas Cruise) Thanks, Russ
  11. Good Morning all, I have seen several posts that contradict each other on gratuities and the Drink packages.\ Some state that the gratuities are included, some state not. The terms and conditions stated on my Beverage offer is: (I actually read this stuff)(And yes, I tried to get the answer before asking) Online Beverages reservations for your sailing will be available up until 22-Mar-2017 11:59 PM EDT. If you are within the cut-off time, you will need to make reservations onboard. * Prices are per person unless otherwise noted and shown in USD. All selections are subject to change. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to verify eligibility upon arrival to the activity. Prices subject to change without notice. Not all selections available on all sailings. Alternate selection of equal value may be substituted. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: *Prices subject to change without notice. Packages cannot be shared and are not transferable. Your check may reflect an additional tax for certain ports or itineraries. When ordering a beverage selection onboard, you must present your SeaPass card bearing the package sticker to your server. Upon arriving to the ship, please visit the Beverage display table at the ships Expo, check your Cruise Compass or ask your dining room waiter for more information. Beverage Packages must be pre-reserved a minimum of 2 days before your sail date. If you are within the cut off time, please visit a beverage table on the first day of your cruise to complete your purchase. Please note that orders cannot be modified once they have been purchased. To change an order, you will need to first cancel the existing order and then make a new purchase for your desired beverage package. Gratuity may be added to or included in the published price depending on itinerary. Selections are limited and subject to availability. Valid only for the voyage for which it was purchased and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional programs. No refunds for previous days will be issued. As of 0617 Central time on the 31st of January, 2017, what is the policy? Do I pay 18% on top of each drink or not? Thanks, Russ
  12. Good morning folks, So I have not been to Mexico in years (like 35 or so), does the exchange rate change (Most notably the recent drop) change the prices in Cozumel or Costa Maya, or are things priced in USD? We lived in Germany where we actively traded dollars for DMarks on a daily/weekly basis, but more recently we vacation in Aruba which is tied to the USD. Thanks, Russ
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