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  1. I deal with MEI, and they usually have a number in their emails to call. Also, when they are outon vacation , etc I am sent an email explaining this. Hopefully you have this issue resolved.
  2. I had a quick question on Navigator. Can anyone tell me if the Aft Interior rooms on Deck 10 have any issues? I'm specifically looking at 1347. I am looking at a sailing in November Thanks in Advance !
  3. Welcome Suzi! so where are you headed for your next Cruise ?
  4. Than's a very good point Twangster ! I am on this late sailing, and I am looking ford to seeing the pretty sunset !
  5. @Cruisefunatic I'm not sure how you booked your upcoming cruises, but I would suggest MEI travel. @michelle I have dealt with several different TAs, and they have been the best. After you are booked, they continually watch the price, and if it drops you save, nothing to do. It's just something to consider. Hope this helps.
  6. I'm on Allure in just 24 days .. hope this is resolved soon.
  7. 2 for me Allure May 5th , and Vision 12 day Med cruise in 2020
  8. I no longer have the planner show up in my profile for my upcoming sailing. I have 44 days until my Sailing on Allure.
  9. Welcome Art, and Tine ! looking forward to getting to know you !
  10. I didn't realize that download option was there. Thanks Everyone !
  11. Awesome man I hope you enjoy. navigator just got a very nice upgrade. I haven't been on it, but it looks very nice !
  12. Welcome Justin! What ship are you going to be on ?
  13. Does Allure have different coffee Strengths for the Comp COffee? I believe I remember seeing Light, medium, and Dark Roast coffee on Serenade, and I was wondering if Allure was like that. I know Allure has StarBucks, but I was interested in the regular coffee, Although I do have a Non Alcoholic Beverage Package I realize that doesn't include StarBucks though. Thanks in Advance.
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