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  1. This brings up another point. Now that it is electronic, can you do it say right when you get onboard, or not long after, just to get it out of the way?
  2. Thanks for the help. Michelle already responded, and is working on this. Thanks !!
  3. I am trying to Book a cruise for May 2021, I emailed MEI, from a form on their website, but still haven't heard anything. Any suggestions ?
  4. Thanks for the Great Thanks for the Great suggestion @Biff215
  5. I usually have Tradition dining, and don't have a problem. I usually get first seating, however Next week I will be on Serenade ,and I have 8:00pm seating. This is just too late for me. I am going to talk ,and try to have this changed to first seating once onboard, if possible. If I absolutely have to i will eat the buffet every night. Also, I remember from previous cruises that someone is stationed outside the MDR, for changes, questions, etc but can anyone tell me the times this takes place? .
  6. I'm very sorry you had to endure this rude behavior. The ineptness of the GS really doesn't help. I'm not sure if this is an option , but another thing RCCL could do, since they know the cabin number is see if they cause further problems on future cruises. If this behavior continues then possibly ban them? I'm not suggesting to immediately ban guests either, but when a guest causes problems a message needs to be sent. They obviously didn't take any of the " warnings" seriously.
  7. Welcome! I just got off Navigator, and I really enjoyed that ship as well as all Royal ships !
  8. I have never had any problems on with any mattress on any Royal ship. !
  9. I recently asked my TA this for my upcoming 10 day cruise in Jan. The coffee card is for that particular sailing, and not transferable.
  10. I am going on a 10 day on Serenade in Jan 2020, and Jan 2021 an 11 day on Vision. I think this will be cruising in Jan/ Feb
  11. Nov 15 , Navigator 3 days then Jan 31, 2020 10 days on Serenade !
  12. I deal with MEI, and they usually have a number in their emails to call. Also, when they are outon vacation , etc I am sent an email explaining this. Hopefully you have this issue resolved.
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