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  1. Love all the "cheers" photos, @coneyraven!!!!
  2. I think I read that he has a home in Miami. Wonder how he is holding up, spending so much time on land. Another observation: With how DANGEROUS ive been reading cruise ships inherently are, its amazing he survived living on a ship for so long. Maybe someone should look into that conspiracy.....🙄
  3. Fisherman mustve been from New England.
  4. ....its not far from how I wouldve spent my Saturday night, anyway. I am a firm believer in making your own fun. Rum sure does help.
  5. Just thought Id share a bit of fun we had, Saturday. Since out sailing was canceled, and social distancing has taken over, we made our own fun this weekend. When we should have been sailing out of Tampa Bay, and under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, we were having our own Sail Away Party on our patio with everyone that should have been on Rhapsody with us......via Zoom chat. Everyone put on their "Cruise wear", we all grilled cheeseburgers, steak, shrimp, and veggies, drank, listened to Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, and other cruise music, and chatted for 3 hours! It was surprisingly fun. Sure, it wasnt where we should have been, but hey, gotta roll with the punches!!!
  6. According to my account, I sail in 3 days! I better get packed!
  7. Over priced, big bottle of water....after a night of drinking ....definitely cruise-like. 🤣
  8. Good grief. Sign me up. I'm a man of indulgence, when the situation calls for it. THIS calls for it. Bravo!!!
  9. Yup....looks like a good place to make some bad decisions.
  10. my cruise in 8 days is showing....soooooo..........lol
  11. @Ogilthorpe and @dodgestang obviously need help with their surplus...hoarding t.p. is one thing, but I draw the line at booze!
  12. Found out today my kids will be home through April.... Acting accordingly.
  13. " Currently sitting at my kitchen table "working from home", as my 8 year old paints and my 4 year throws legos across the room. Its 56 and rainy/cloudy outside. My cruise, in 10 days, has been canceled. My Carolina Panthers are releasing the best QB they ever had, today. NONE of this is anything like being sick, or losing a loved one....so I do have some perspective.....but DAMN! All that said..... this is currently playing on my TV...... after work ill put on some swimming trunks, make myself another Mai Tai, and turn the heat up to 85.
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