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  1. Anyone taking bets on @Matt being on the first sailing?
  2. Allure of the Seas, from Ft. Lauderdale, April 10, 2022......fingers and toes crossed for the next year. This is the 3rd booking.....
  3. My wife speaks Spanish as her 1st language, and I tell ya.....the sayings that I learn are always entertaining, never ending, and spot on....lol
  4. Statistics? How many cruises go, unchanged and safely, during Hurricane season vs. how many get changed and/or canceled.
  5. UPDATE: My awesome TA, Kelley, with MEI is looking into it. She suspects they did an internal audit and found the taxes and port fees werent calculated correctly, and corrected it. We shall see!
  6. I got three emails overnight saying my FCCs from my April canceled cruise have been refunded? Anyone else get anything similar? I never requested anything or made any moves with them.
  7. Well, I'm fine with FCC. Im not hung up on getting my money back. So I'll make final payment. Understand others wanting money back...it's all personal preference.
  8. Im in similar situation. Sailing March 07 out of Canaveral. Im going to make Royal cancel on me. If they cancel, they give me 125% FCC or my money back. Im in a pretty good situation, I think. There is still a chance, based on what becomes known about what the cruise will look like once they announce everything, that we cancel ourselves...but we have until 48 hours before it sails to make that call. I prefer to wait and see how it shakes out. That being said, I dont think it will sail, as is. I think that cruises scheduled for the first half of 2021 will nearly ALL be altered in some wa
  9. Wow.....guess I shouldve put a trigger warning on there? Just thought it was fascinating and people might be interested to know that its being looked at and talked about....as it relates to flying to cruises.
  10. Interesting... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/10/15/coronavirus-study-finds-jetliners-safer-than-operating-rooms/3665469001/
  11. Im no anti-mask guy....but I have my limits, and i think its probably having to wear one while hanging out on the pool deck. Like others have said, I get it....they cant risk an outbreak, but man...pretty hard to relax with constant reminders not to.
  12. HONESTLY, not trying to be negative....just trying to be realistic, keep myself grounded, and following the bread crumbs to get some sort of an idea of what could possibly happen. If youre looking at where we are now, when cruising may start, and what they have told us will happen when it does...it leads ME to think theyre going to scrap or alter the existing schedule for a while. Theyve said it will be a slow process, not all ships will sail, and those that do will be on "short" sailings. Who defines what short is? 10 day sailings, I think are definitely out. Is 7 short? not when compared to
  13. Let me be clear....I DO think there will be cruising in 2020. But I think the schedule will be blown up, and remade for the foreseeable future. Anything on the schedule for the next 6 months to a year is likely to be written in pencil....hope I'm wrong.
  14. This.... I see a lot of people talking about their November cruises, December cruises...etc....and I feel like im Negative Nick over here thinking no way anything on the old schedule remains. I feel like the changes will extend deep into 2021 schedule wise.
  15. Wondering: Its known that once cruising resumes, it will be a trimmed list of ships going, on shorter itineraries. Right? I have heard this said over, and over. So, this has me thinking....Im booked for a 7 day on Harmony the 2nd week of March. WILL IT CRUISE? Im beginning to lean toward no. Especially now that we know the CDC doesnt think we should sail till Feb at the earliest? White House has set a rolling evaluation starting Nov. 1st? Obviously nobody knows what this looks like, exactly. But am I off to think that "at first" probably doesnt mean just the first month or so? Goodness, al
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