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  1. I thought the SAME THING. Looking slightly less than alluring (see what I did there). Im pretty sure she was due for Amplification when Covid hit. Suspect she will get a dry dock......hopefully before April.
  2. I partially agree....may very well be what they are doing.....but there is a big picture aspect to this. Precedent can be set for the limits to what the CDC can do with the cruise line industry (and others), and how they impose "guidance". Im hoping thats what we ultimately get from this.
  3. Since, it seems, RC will be requiring proof of vaccination in your documents, I guess that means no cruises out of Florida? Am I missing something?
  4. First time was September of 2002. It looked nothing like it does now, but I loved every second on that island. Not surprisingly, it was also the first COCO LOCO I ever drank....
  5. I find it no coincidence that National TA Day is also Cinco de Drinko.....er, Mayo. Cheers to the best TA there is @krhardy !!
  6. Had my 2nd Moderna poke yesterday. Woke up feeling like New Years morning, x 2. Fever, whole body aches, headache.....But, this grass isnt going to cut itself, and my wife won't quit calling me a baby....so time to pop some Advil and get moving...
  7. From a big picture, business stand point....I completely understand and agree with them. From a personal, parent of a 9 and 5 year old stand point.....Im not sailing without my kids. I sure hope they make considerations for parents with smaller and smaller windows of opportunity to use our FCC.
  8. Im going with the DBP and all adults in a cabin having to purchase. My wife simply cannot drink enough beverages in a day to make it worth it. If I want it, there is the option for her to get the lower package, but she doesnt drink soda....drinks one coffee per day.....and that package isnt worth it either.
  9. youre right....I had to look it up on the CDC website. Its based on an Influenza spread study in 2017.
  10. Anyone taking bets on @Matt being on the first sailing?
  11. Allure of the Seas, from Ft. Lauderdale, April 10, 2022......fingers and toes crossed for the next year. This is the 3rd booking.....
  12. My wife speaks Spanish as her 1st language, and I tell ya.....the sayings that I learn are always entertaining, never ending, and spot on....lol
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