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  1. Im fortunate enough to be in half a days driving distance to most ports in Florida. I have only ever flown for one cruise...driven for all others. I most definitely prefer driving. I like the control (albeit somewhat imagined) I have over the situation. I plan to drive in March. BUT.....I would absolutely fly (of course the day before, @Matt ), if someone paid for my tickets! Ha!
  2. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23570-tui-reports-negative-covid-19-tests-as-mein-schiff-6-sits-in-piraeus.html According to this, after two more tests, all 12 are testing negative. What a mess....
  3. Probably the least anxiety inducing change ive encountered this year....kudos
  4. Im starting to feel a little better after todays Richard Fain video, and @Matt's recent posts....things ARE looking up. I wont REALLY feel better until there is an announced plan, though.....and Go Heels. I wasnt Tarheel born, but I was Tarheel raised, and ive been to too many basketball, football, and baseball games in Chapel Hill to count.
  5. Not gonna lie, with everything going on in the world...social media....and the seemingly no end in sight bad news in the cruising world....my outlook on cruising, and especially my March Harmony sailing has been nothing more than MEH. I feel like its increasingly doubtful we will sail, and if we do, the itinerary will be nothing like the cruise booked (which may or may not be fine.) I need some good cruise news, some good signs, some glimmer of hope....What do yall have for me?
  6. I like the idea of a 70s party....but if its not like Dazed and Confused, im going to be disappointed.
  7. Ill take a test to get on board...sure..... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/10/royal-caribbean-cruises-likely-have-covid-19-testing-upon-return/3302471001/ But what happens when people get false negatives??????
  8. Id keep and eye on Chris Wong's channel on You Tube. I imagine the employees wont be allowed to announce anything, though....but staffing the ships for sure, will be a good sign. First and foremost, the CDC has to lift the no sail order. At this point, I sincerely doubt my March sailing on Harmony will go.....or at least it wont be what it is now. Less days, different ports, and such.
  9. If its that long till cruising is back.....cruise lines and cruise lovers are doomed. Jeff Bezos and the likes will be gobbling up the lines. We will be sailing on Royal Amazon Cruise Lines...... ......except "Every destination, Aruba to Zimbabwe" As long as they have an unlimited drinks package.....im down.
  10. thats the most amazing thing ive ever seen......thats either very high praise for an old bay storage key chain, or and indictment on what ive seen in life...you decide.
  11. Well, yeah.....thats where all the people are.
  12. Well, depends on where you are. Our numbers are mostly coming from Charleston, Greenville-Spartanburg, and Myrtle Beach (in that order). Where i live (just across the border south of Charlotte, NC)....not so bad. Y'all c'mon down!!!! In January you can have days where its either 65 and sunny, or 32 and freezing rain. Roll the dice! lol
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