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  1. Just looked on Rhapsody...nada. Appreciate the tip!!!
  2. Does the chat/text feature work on ALL ships? They added Rhapsody today, to the app, and Im sailing on her in April. Just wondering if I will be able to communicate via chat with my group?
  3. Congrats, and welcome to cruising! Youre going to love it!
  4. Bueller? Bueller? Nobody has been to Little French Key? The place looks pretty amazing....check it out if youre curious! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g292019-d2285434-Reviews-Little_French_Key-Roatan_Bay_Islands.html
  5. I floated this as a theory, and was told "i doubt that". I absolutely think they monitor sales of EVERYTHING during each sailing. Its smart business!!!
  6. I have ordered multiple entrees on every cruise ive ever been on. Nobody, except my wife (always looking out for me, against my will), has ever flinched. Its perfectly acceptable.
  7. Ive been to Tabyana Beach (which is really West Bay Beach) and its very nice. There are a few other resorts you can get a day pass for, there. Look up Mayan Princess, or Infinity Bay. Ive been looking into Little French Key, for our upcoming cruise, and it looks fantastic with (overall) great reviews.
  8. Anyone with experience here, theyre willing to share? Looks great...has both positive and negative reviews. Just curious, as im exploring possibilities with my kids in mind.
  9. Not specific to RCCL, but I found this to be an interesting article, anyway. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/01/21/cruise-ship-environmental-impacts-how-industry-going-green/2844697001/ Im all for doing my part to have as little environmental impact as I can, but I also enjoy cruising, and the ability to see the environment that cruising provides. Regardless of your viewpoints on the environment, global warming, etc...I think we can all agree anything any industry does to pollute less, and keep our environment beautiful, is the right thing to do.
  10. I will dress up, on "wear your best" or "formal" or anything else they call it....night. Why? Because I enjoy a reason to get all spiffy, use what I learned in junior cotillion as a middle schooler (since i rarely ever do...), see my beautiful bride in a nice dress (shes usually in scrubs) and enjoy the night.... Do I care what anyone else does? No....no I do not. Same as me not caring what you do with the rest of your cruise... Happy Cruising, everyone!
  11. I pray for that man, and his family. Pointing a finger is natural, and not surprising, as its nearly impossible to come to terms with admitting fault in such a tragedy. Unfortunately, the legal system is tasked with pointing the finger in the appropriate direction....and im not envious of anyone that has to participate. I feel for RCCL and the people that work for them, that are tasked with fighting it. THERE IS NO GOOD THAT COMES FROM ANY OF THIS, unless it prevents such a tragedy from happening to anyone else in the future.
  12. Youll probably want to call them. I believe you can cancel and repurchase online, but not 100% sure about that.
  13. ....and those nights @WAAAYTOOO also won a fortune playing slots in the casino.
  14. Touche.......living the dream.......
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