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  1. This reminds me of the best advice I ever received, and my wife and I try to live by: Own memories, not things. Spend your money on experiences, and not material objects.
  2. Just saw Matts post about how to to get the Military discount, and I felt inspired to post here. To all of the VETERANS on these boards, THANK YOU for your service, and your sacrifice. I hope your Veterans Day is full of boat drinks, either while on board, or planning your next cruise. CHEERS!
  3. LEARN/KNOW WHAT TYPE OF CRUISER YOU ARE. Knowing what you like to do on a cruise dictates EVERYTHING! Are you an active, out and about person, or a room dweller? Are you in it for the ports, or are you in it for the ship? Are you a foody, or are you fine with just the MDR and Windjammer? Knowing what you like impacts everything from your room selection, to your excursions, to your daily planning.....I know its sounds like a broad "tip or trick" but its the single most important thing to know. Other than that, I make sure to wear my trunks on embarkation, and carry a backpack with sunscreen, and other essentials. I dont want to be dependent upon my luggage and room getting ready. I want to enjoy my day on the ship.
  4. Southern Caribbean? I imagine weather will be NO issue for you. Warm enough to be on the beach, FOR SURE. Ive cruised in January, and still snorkeled in the Bahamas, which is way farther North than the Southern Caribbean.
  5. Never been to the class, but I have been to a sushi making "party" and my wife and I loved it. Id pay 35 on a cruise to be taught by professionals to do it again. You roll, you eat, you roll, you eat.....sign me up!
  6. Have to check it out! Seen the signs, but never been there. Best starting point for a "vacation" for me, driving in, has been to come in on Ashley River Rd. and hit the plantations. Some beautiful properties and grounds, with some sad and rich history. Charleston, overall, just oozes history....which is a large part of its appeal, for me. I would think, if stopping on a cruise, there would be excursions?
  7. Literally, every photo I see on the Post & Courier's website, when it floods, is of someone IN the flooded streets. YUCK. Ive never been there while theyve been flooded, so thank you for this info. I have kids, who love nothing more than playing in puddles.....RAIN puddles. Ill be down there for a wedding, staying over at Patriots Point, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Then, back down for camping on the Yorktown with my boys Scout pack on Dec. 7th. Looking forward to that one! Charleston really is a great town. Thanks for sharing it with us. @WAAAYTOOO Rock Hill....I tell ya.....were going to be a tourism hot spot before long....people curious from the RC Blog, alone! 🤣 Not sure I can provide as much amazing info about Rock Hill as @wstephensi and others have about Charleston....
  8. So you're telling me: they thought digging a "deep hole" would displace enough water....OCEAN WATER? lol As far as the New Orleans comparison, we've seen that doesn't always work, though it's probably the most effective method. Probably even more effective than N'awlins since Chucktown isn't BELOW sea level (I think)?
  9. Something ive discussed with a friend of mine from the low country : The flooding in Charleston when heavy rains come.....more frequent than it used to be, or more media coverage than there used to be?
  10. This is the kind of content Im here for..... appreciate it.
  11. Oh, to be on Island Time...... 🌴😎
  12. I suspect it will. I was mistaken about the number....not 2, currently at 18 scheduled. This is the itinerary that the stop is on, so I cant imagine they will change it just because of the ship changing. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/itinerary/8-night-southeast-coast-perfect-day-from-baltimore-on-grandeur/GR08BWI-3213887477?sail-date=2021-04-15&currency=USD
  13. Somewhat related, somewhat not. When I booked my upcoming cruise, It gave the regular option of "We pick" or "You pick". I selected "You pick" but it took me to the "We pick" each time.....after talking with RC, they said the ""You pick" option was sold out. This is one of the frustration points that using a TA can help with, ive learned. I generally like booking things myself, but after running into issues and having to call RC myself a couple times, I transferred my booking to a TA, and will ALWAYS book with a TA in the future. They can better navigate all of that, and it would save me from the hassle. I tell you, after listening to @Matt sing the praises of using a TA, and based on my interactions with them....I am sold.
  14. Yeah, there are currently two more sailings on Grandeur with stops in Charleston.....but I cant locate anymore. Charleston is my favorite city, and my wife and I got married there. Its a FANTASTIC place, full of culture, scenery, and FOOD. What it DOES lack, as you noted, is parking. They would have to build a pretty sizable parking structure, which im not sure a large parking structure is even possible in downtown due to zoning, and desires of property owners. Charleston is a small, big town. There are a lot of obstacles in place, regarding expanding and growing the cruise terminal. It may just have to remain a dream.....
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