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  1. Hi, was it easy to get to this place? I haven’t found the exact location on the map.
  2. Very nice initiative. We found a couple last time and my kids enjoyed it.
  3. You can always take multiples tests until one is negative. Not that I would ever do this or recommend it to anyone.
  4. One of the first things I do is to grab a paper copy of the cruise compass to see what else is there that the app is not showing
  5. I agree. My family participated in an Adventure Ocean's game that required to take selfies around different places on the ship. We had fun, were exhausted after, and won a minuscule tiny octopus key chain. One for the whole family.
  6. I do not know how good competitors are in comparison to RC on this matter but I would like the RC pricing system to be simplified. At times is impossible to know what you will end paying for a room due to multiple variants such as number of passengers, discounts, promotions, etc.
  7. I would like to know if the internet is reliable enough to work during sea days between PR and Europe. Thanks
  8. Is the booster required for all European cruises or only the ones departing from Italy?
  9. Wow. I really did not remember that at all. Only good memories!
  10. tender in Grand Cayman? I did not remember that
  11. Ok. If the cruise is not going to Bermuda after the Bahamas then no need to do anything else.
  12. This changed as of March 7th 2022. Now all passengers need to request a travel application, meet some testing and vaccination requirements and pay a fee days before embarkation.
  13. I like to think you are lucky. Not that many cruisers get to go there. Bonaire is beautiful and a unique place. Very different from most of the Caribbean islands. They preserve nature. Very little construction outside the port. They have thousands of flamingos, salt mines with pink waters, great beaches. Less than 300 feet to the left of the pier there is a place to take the submarine tour to watch the coral for a really cheap price. There are all kind of tours being offered to go around the island by the pier if you feel comfortable with third party excursions. Have a great time.
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