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  1. It may be good for him, but it's not good for us. We live and breathe live blogs and photos by @twangster
  2. Grand Cayman is still on the itinerary for our Jan 8, 2022 Celebrity cruise...
  3. As many times as I've sailed out of Bayonne, I have no idea how long it takes to get to the bridge. But as stated above, there is no guarantee if the ship will sail up north a few minutes to give you a closer view of Lady Liberty. I wouldn't count on it; I think only 1 ship we were on actually did it, to be honest. All the other times they did not. But you definitely want to be up top to sail under the bridge; I'm disappointed we won't be on Oasis to see it. It was close on Quantum class - I can't imagine it looking any closer on Oasis class!
  4. Thank you! We're going next May, just starting to look at excursions.
  5. I'm late to this convo, but I wanted to comment on your time after getting off the cruise. If you are planning on Walt Disney World, you are going to need specific park reservations in advance. You can't just show up right now and get in, without a reservation. Disney has announced they plan on keeping this reservation system in place for a long time, to control crowds as they are not allowing in 100% capacity yet. Currently, they are also requiring masks indoors, and in indoor ride queues. Florida is still coming down from being the leader in delta variant covid cases, and depending on what is happening by January, you may or may not be wearing masks at Disney. Universal has a different set of rules, so make sure you research each one to see which fits your group best. Have fun!
  6. We're sailing out of Ft Lauderdale in January, so just starting to look at my options. Thanks @SPS for this graphic. I'm sure the requirements will change 10 times between now and then, but I'm in the "always prepared" category of cruiser so I need to have a spreadsheet of every possible option months in advance.
  7. @Plumlee2028was Celebrity offering any type of luggage valet service to the airport yet?
  8. @Whiskers try asking your question here
  9. We're looking for something similar. We have an evening flight and I don't want to lug my bags around all day. I wish you could check them at baggage claim at 9am but come back for a 7pm flight, LOL. Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place to go from ship to airport to beach in less than 30 minutes.
  10. I'm not on Adventure right now, but I'd suggest going into the roll call section of there boards and ask on the roll call for this week's sailing. The folks on board may see it quicker there.
  11. My TA places the hold, and gives me 6-7 days to put down a deposit.
  12. I have a hold on the Oct 31 Harmony - it is definitely bookable and it's already showing in my cruise planner.
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