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  1. We have a lot that opened today, but they put a pause on indoor dining because of the rise in cases down south. Celebrity has no remaining sailings out of Bayonne for 2020.
  2. I'm not sure I'd trust a TA that I find on YouTube. But that's just me. I'm not a fan of giving just anyone my credit card information, date of birth, etc...
  3. Pretty sure it's been on every ship I've sailed on. I can't think of one that it has not.
  4. Those ships did return crew to Southampton, so it makes sense they'd hang out there, instead of coming all the way back across the Atlantic. Empress isn't due to show up in Miami until late October, so my "guess" is that she'll stay there to bring fresh crew back to the Caribbean once sailing resumes. Royal is planning on putting some ships into a cold storage type of thing, and I expect it would take time to make those arrangements, so that would happen in Europe, I'd expect. All guesses but makes sense to me.
  5. On Oasis last December they charged the upcharge to our group.
  6. I say Oasis over Allure. We sailed on the AMPD Oasis last December and it is amazing. The 20s will love Playmakers & Music Hall, Aqua 80 is the best show out there right now. Plus, Perfect Day CocoCay. As for the other ports, we have our favorites which may not be yours, of course. We happen to love Cozumel, which is another check mark in the Oasis box.
  7. Lately I've been seeing an added $10 upcharge if you do Hibachi with any of the dining plans. I was looking at the options for my December cruise and every single one said $10 upcharge.
  8. Gotcha. Thanks! Thought maybe my status had been elevated to "see all" 😄
  9. I can still see two posts with dates? Including the original one.
  10. Ugh. I'm pretty sure my Empress sailing in August will be canceled, as it's the only one on the schedule between now and late October when she is due in Miami. We've been wondering why they didn't just cancel it with all the other cancellations for Canadian sailings - this was the only one to Bermuda on Empress's schedule past August 1. All the rest were to Canada. Now you have me thinking they may send another ship in her place, which means we will not be docking in Hamilton and St. Georges but back over at the Royal Dockyard. The whole appeal of this sailing (besides all the friends on it) was to dock where no other ship can. We docked in those two small ports in 1997 on Song of America. Sighhhhh...
  11. $50 can be the drink package for one day - so yes, re-price! The MEI agents totally get that! 😄
  12. I cancelled a cruise planner purchase on May 13, nothing yet. I canceled a sailing in February, took until mid-May for that refund.
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