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  1. @Matt is on her right now, along with about 80 of our nearest & dearest friends for a wedding.
  2. Our first cruise was on Majesty of the Seas in 1992...she was brandy-new and the supership of the time. We loved everything about that trip, including our trek up Dunn River Falls. Could've done without all locals selling us drugs at every turn in Jamaica though...LOL We haven't been back to Ocho Rios since.
  3. LaGuardia is the farthest airport you could've chosen. The cost in getting all the way there (plus the time it will take) may not make it cheaper than flying through Newark. Depending on the day of the week you are disembarking, you'll need to factor in rush hour as well.
  4. We're taking out first trip on Celebrity in October, on the Summit. Unfortunately most of us here are Royal cruisers, so you may not find the answer. I'm sorry. There are a few that sail both lines, hopefully someone will be able to help.
  5. I grabbed it too. It may go down a bit for Black Friday but if not I'm set to show you all the 50th birthday/Pinnacle party shenanigans! 😄
  6. I'm looking at my December Oasis, and one device is $13.19 (40%) per day...but a two-device plan is $26.87 (35%). So a two-device is more than 2 one-device plans! Seriously? LOL
  7. Go for it! I've got a "cruise bucket list" and on it is sailing on every class (which we've done with the exception of Empress, which we will be on in August 2021) - we've even sailed in a class that doesn't exist anymore! Another that we've done is sail from/to (some repos involved) every (current, but we did sail into one that RCCL no longer goes from/to) US embarkation port on the east coast. We may expand that to ALL east coast ports, as we're only missing Quebec City at the moment. Up next is hitting the south (Galveston, New Orleans) then the west coast. I'd like to sail on every ship in one class, which at the moment we have (Majesty, haha, as she is in a class of her own). Sailing on every ship is not on the list at the moment, but as we check off each item then we may need to add more.
  8. I hear ya! Now every time we go out to eat, our just turned 22 year old spend more time looking at the drink menu than the food part. We have another one that's 20, so it'll be four drinks soon!
  9. Absolutely appropriate!! Great photo!
  10. I wish I could take credit for it, but alas it wasn't me. I just shared it.
  11. Welcome to the boards. More people will come in and answer your question if you change the title of the post from your name to something specific about your topic, like "Drink prices on Empress"
  12. Guest Services will lend you a scissors if you need to cut something quick. We use them all the time to cut tags off of purchases.
  13. Silly question here, but do you actually have one of these bags? We're stopping in St. Martin in October and plan on bringing back some Guavaberry and I'm currently researching bags for the plane ride home. Since they are square bottles, I'm hesitant to buy "wine" bags as the bottles are not the same size.
  14. My carry on has mesh pockets on the outside for water bottles. My wine goes in those. LOL https://www.ebags.com/product/delsey/quilted-rolling-overnighter/256557?productid=10281761
  15. Right there, you are confirming my opinion of why we are always using a travel agent. They take care of all of this, for free. No stress at all for me.
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