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  1. @JennyJenny found it and tagged you.
  2. @JennyJenny found it easier than I thought! Some other great ideas here too.
  3. Best bet is to get something magnetic or buy magnet tape to attach other decorations. Do NOT use the gel type window stickers, they stain the doors. One of our members makes custom magnets. @CruisingKat(Kathy) she can make personalized magnets for each door. I posted pictures here once of some of my recent doors, let me see if I can find the thread and I'll tag you. It was a while ago, so may not be easy to find. We usually use the custom magnet, then ship themed cut outs and decor from Amazon.
  4. One of my TAs also said yes, when I asked her a couple weeks ago.
  5. Well...official policy is that the 11 yr old cannot join the 12-17s. Depending on the number of kids on that sailing, you may or may not be able to get around that. Part of the problem is that the teen area is a separate location from the Adventure Ocean, so it's not like they can enter with the 9-11s and walk over to the 12+ room in the same space. My kids are now 20 & 22 and they've been in this situation many times as one ages out over the other. We've been cruising with them since they were 2 & 4, and they've cruised three different cruise lines. One of the good things is that many of the teen activities are out and about on the ship, not necessarily in The Living Room (or whatever they call it on Harmony) so maybe she can tag along on those activities. They are thing like basketball games, mini golf, karaoke, card games. To be honest - having grown kids now and having gone through the entire kid program process - I would not want my 11.5 yr old daughter hanging out with 17 yr olds. And those 17yr olds do not want an 11.5 yr old hanging out with them. They separate 12-14 and 15-17 for most activities, but not all. Depends on the population sailing that particular week. The 17 yr olds are all about dating, college, driving and in many cases drinking. Cousins are one thing, but these other kids are strangers and will behave much differently than the 16 yr old in your family behaves with their own family.
  6. Even though we cruise a lot, I'm old school and do the fold thing. I'm not a fan of stuff that one day I'll have to add to landfills. Make sure you don't attach them until after your flight, though. I know someone who attached them, thinking all ready to go, and they all got ripped off by the airlines and then they had to wait for the porters to write them up when dropping off at the port. We fold them at home, then after removing the airline tags ask at the hotel front desk for their stapler to attach the cruise tags. Sometimes we'll cover with packing tape, but then that loses the biodegradability of the luggage tag, so we try not to.
  7. Tell your waiter what you are looking for, and he/she will make suggestions. Unfortunately cruise foods are well known for being salty, as are most restaurant foods. I have noticed it getting better the last few years.
  8. Congrats on Diamond! Welcome to the cook club, LOL. Don't get used to the full + half bath in the junior suite. Not all JS's are alike, depending on the ship. My huge walk-in closet on Adventure was totally MIA on Grandeur. Never had one with the 1.5 baths!!
  9. Yeah that would've been a big NO from me as well. If the other family had a suite and a bunch of kids were staying I MAY have considered it only AFTER meeting the other parents. But very few cabins have room for more to sleep, and if there was already the two teens and the parents in the cabin...yeah, not happening here. Those parents would not want to be kept up all night - it's not like they're going into a basement to play video games. No need to sleep in the same space. My boys too have really good judgement too but it's pretty much a hard NO on this whole situation.
  10. Not sure what you are talking about - we sailed Grandeur in April. If you look up at the Cruise Compass section, you'll see my compasses posted. If you can tell me which activity you are referring to, I'd be happy to help. If you're asking about the Champagne Meet & Greet for the art auction...you just show up for that. Be prepared for them to hit the sell hard for that free glass of champagne.
  11. First thing to know is that Bermuda isn't in the Caribbean. It's in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the Carolinas. You have a long way to go before you get to the Caribbean. So it may not be available there either. Another important thing to know is that not all alcohol purchased in Bermuda is duty-free. We were there in May, arriving Saturday and departing Sunday. Our ship was not eligible to purchase duty-free because of our overnight into Sunday. But if it's something your co-worker wants and this is the only way he can get it, them I'm sure he won't mind paying more. The black rum we wanted was actually more buying it in Bermuda than buying at home, because we were not eligible for duty-free. We did not see an alcohol store, only the Bermuda rum shack at the wharf. The other option was a pub that sells it's own beer, in addition to other libations. But we also didn't look for one in the port building as it wouldn't have been duty-free.
  12. If your daughter is athletic, she must be used to dressing nice for certain events. I have boys, so not sure about the girls, but boys here have to wear ties to school on game days, dress for athletic dinners and such. She doesn't wear jean shorts in those situations, does she? Also, dress nice for dinner doesn't have to mean dresses. She too can wear khakis and a polo shirt just like your son. Maybe that will make her feel better. These clothes are only worn for a couple hours to eat, then can be removed in favor of what makes her feel more comfortable. Another option - send them to the WJ for dinner, and you and your spouse enjoy a nicely quiet leisurely meal together. I bet you don't get a lot of those these days! My kids are now 20 & 22, but we've been cruising with them since they were 2 & 4, pre cell-phone days. We've always used white boards to communicate, once they got old enough to sign themselves in and out of the kids programs.
  13. I was on Grandeur in April - my cruise compasses are posted in that section here. You can take a look at what was open when.
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