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  1. I second the travel agent comment above. While some agencies do charge fees for things like changes (like Costco Travel for example) a good TA does not. They will be able to see cabins that you cannot from the regular booking website, plus have access to other cabins that you can only reserve by calling Royal (which the TA will do). They can also help with answering questions about entry visas and if they don't know will get the answer for you. Some agencies will also price check your reservation and secure you lower prices (which in turn lowers their commission but they do it anyway) so you pay the lowest price. If you book yourself, you have to do that check every single time on your own, and call Royal for a re-price yourself. The good TA will sit on hold for you, once again for no charge.
  2. We were assigned tag #1 and were the third group to leave the ship. Self assist first, then the pinnacles/suite guests second. You are given a sticker to put on your jacket. Exit the ship when your number is called (our designated waiting area was in our cabin), gather your bags from the giant terminal, go through customs and walk your bags to the bus area. We saw a few people holding excursion signs, and you can always ask one of them for help.
  3. We had that same problem today. Three of us standing together. The app worked on two of our phones, and not on mine. My husband was able to do his and mine from his phone.
  4. We're doing that a week from tomorrow, getting off Radiance in Vancouver, taking an all day ship excursion that brings us to the airport. We have an evening flight, so also not concerned about getting there too late. I'll try to remember to come back and let you know how it went. If I forget, ping me and I'll get the notification.
  5. Icy Straight is supposed to be the best port for whale watching. There is also a huge zipline there, the largest on the continent or something like that. Skagway's most popular is the White Pass Railroad, but they aren't crossing into Canada in 2022, so the offerings are limited.
  6. We're scheduled to dock at that same Juneau dock area, when we are there on Radiance in a couple weeks. Only two ships in port that day, us and Ovation that comes later. Not sure why we are stuck so far out when there are a lot of empty berths, plus with gas prices running the shuttle buses must be expensive. I saw elsewhere online that there was a charge for those buses, if you didn't want to walk. I know you didn't get off, but did you hear from any of the other passengers that there was a fee?
  7. We're in the same position. We have to test before a flight out of Vancouver this month. The day before is a sea day, so I expect Voom to not cooperate. We have an evening flight, and have scheduled an excursion that brings us to the airport. Since we need to test before we leave the ship, we are going to do it in our cabin once we have cell data before we leave. Requires getting up all the earlier, but it may be our only choice.
  8. When our kids were under 21, the graphics on their seapass cards were different than ours, signifying that they were under 21 to anyone who just glanced at it.
  9. We end in Vancouver on May 20...hoping the same thing!
  10. We'll be on Beyond for her first North American sailing. Can't wait! October cannot get here fast enough...
  11. Thanks for once again bringing us along with you!! Our first Alaska sailing is next week and I'm just starting to get myself organized. I reviewed all your past blogs for Alaska, of course!
  12. Welcome to the message boards! Power strips are not allowed on cruise ships and will be confiscated when you arrive, so stick with a multi-port charger. What's great about those is that you plug in the USBs into one block, so it's less blocks to lug and everyone's will work with it, no matter what cell phone brand. But to answer your actual question, I don't have a preferred brand. The one we have is a couple years old, but if you do a quick search on Amazon you can go through the reviews to see what meets your needs. You can get one per cabin, and based on how many people are in each cabin get the number of ports required. Depending on which ship you are on, there may already be USB ports in the cabin. If it's Radiance...most likely not.
  13. No - besides the garage, there is an outdoor lot that used to be the only parking before the garage. There is also Celebrity ships that sail from the same port, and the parking is enough to accommodate passengers from the Summit (smaller ship) along with Anthem (larger ship). So until Celebrity sends Summit back next late spring, there is extra parking.
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