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  1. We only ate at Blu, as we were in Aquaclass. The next time we sail Celebrity, we're going to get a regular cabin so we can experience the MDR and the specialty restaurants. Honestly, I think the value is the same as you'd get on any cruise specialty restaurant. Is the price worth it for Jamie's or Giovanni's to you? Then I'd say yes. If you think those are not worth the money, then I'd say no.
  2. We started out with 32, and are down to 28. Trying to limit our consumption to 2 bottles a week. 😄 Our rack holds 48, plus we have a smaller rack that can hold up to 12. We used to have all full at all times, as we loved visiting wineries and going to wine events, often coming home with 6-12 bottles in our travels. When you know they can't ship to your state, and you won't be in the area again and you really like the wine, well...you gotta buy while you can. Over time, the wine started to bother our acid reflux, so we limited our events and wine. Now we are slowly trying to finish up out stash, some bottles date back to 2012. Most are still tasty though! Others, we kinda wonder what we were thinking...
  3. Add me to that list. I booked a couple other cruises during that billing cycle, and added another room to a third, so I had four deposits on the one credit card. I really would like my $500 back from the one I canceled! LOL In the grand scheme of things $500 isn't a lot, but when I sat there YOLO booking, choosing cruises that had good fares but I wasn't sure about the dates, I should've thought about what would be happening and reined myself in. I also wasn't planning on adding a second room to an August sailing but that came up unexpectedly. So add all that up and I needed to dip into my savings to pay that bill in full. Totally my fault, but I wasn't expecting it to take so long and thought I could cancel before my billing cycle ended. I do have to make sure I remember to get the two I'm keeping transferred to the TA before my 60 days is up. I didn't want to bother them as they were nuts with all the cancellations.
  4. The OP isn't in the US, so it's hard to know exactly how the EU bookings are being handled. I know there is different policies with bookings and such, maybe one of our European members can answer.
  5. As to the fresh water mentioned earlier, all the ships will have to move around. They can't sit still for very long. They need to move around or something starts to deteriorate. So they will be able to continue to make water. I looked quickly for Paul Crow's post in the Insider group as to the hows and whys, but I couldn't grab it fast. If I find it later I'll come back and copy and paste what he said.
  6. Knowing they are all so busy, I've been putting down some deposits on sailings for 2021, then when we decide which we're going to keep I'll transfer them. But tonight, as I prepare to sit on hold to start canceling the ones we have already decided against...I am sure missing those travel agents who would've done that for me!! I wish we could cancel online...
  7. $79 for me in February 2021.
  8. Curious who did this "research" LOL I guess it depends on how religious you are to believe that kind of "research"? I'll stick with the pretty statues, viewing angels through an artist's eye. I am way older than you must think I am. 😄
  9. To not be left out...pretty obvious. 😄 @Fuzzywuzzy I used to hang out on the CB roughly 40 years ago too! My handle there was AngelFace. Someone my first day gave it to me. The first person I talked to asked me my handle, I told him I didn't have one yet. He said I had the voice of an angel, so I probably had the face of one too. So AngelFace I became!
  10. @luvkoalas welcome to the boards! I'd suggest you edit your title so it shows what you are asking about, instead of putting your screen name there. Luv Koalas made me think you were asking about an Australian cruise excursion, LOL. Try "Bermuda Parasailing". Unfortunately I can't help with your question, but wanted to help you get some answers. Good luck!
  11. Matt answered that question in the comments here: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/02/10/8-things-you-should-know-about-the-coco-beach-club-you-go
  12. I usually go here to check: http://crew-center.com/stay-touch They do sometime have inaccurate info, I don't think they go back and update when individual sailings change, even if it's in advance. For example, a lot of Oasis sailings were affected by the Allure propulsion problems, but they never made the changes, even though we knew months in advance. Looked out of curiosity, and they don't even have my Empress sailing this August listed at all. We're docking in Hamilton & St. Georges in Bermuda. No mention.
  13. She underwent refurb in 2018. We were on her in May of that year and had a great time!
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