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  1. Paul Crow is on that sailing too - he said there was a misprint in the Cruise Compass.
  2. I've been told many times that when flying to cruise, always cross-pack clothes in case one suitcase doesn't make it. I've never done it, but reading this I think we maybe should start.
  3. @Jedi Jason maybe you can help her out?
  4. @tiffrobyn Jason just got off another Celebrity ship, but was in Concierge class. He posted some info here.
  5. You'd need to take two trains to get there, or a rideshare/car service.
  6. Random upgrades like that are very rare. Did they apply for the upgrade through Royal Up? It's a big jump to just be given for no reason.
  7. There are a couple crazy Insiders on your ship, keep your eyes out for them!
  8. Oh we can do that easily. There was just so many other things we wanted to drink, and with the 3.5 hours of free Diamond drinks each evening...our evening wine got left in the room in favor of lemon drop martinis and whiskey. LOL We weren't interested in the wine in the mornings/early afternoon. That's fruity frozen drink time!
  9. We use Way.com to park at an airport hotel, then Uber/Lyft to the port.
  10. There is a RCPeriscoper on your sailing, His name is Mark. He scoped some of the NYC3 show - agree with your assessment. LOL
  11. We were there in 2018 and took a ship excursion to Ffryes Beach. Very nice, clean, good food. Would do again.
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