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  1. Okay I've been working on Norway for an hour. This is so frustrating yet addicting at the same time.
  2. We're going to give it a try on Oasis next month. Not sure about it, as BBQ is not all created equal, depending on where you are from. Not that we are experts on all things BBQ...but we know what we like. 😄
  3. We were on Adventure in May 2018 and there was nothing specific for 18-20 year olds. That can obviously change based on the Activity Manager and Cruise Director changes. On other ships I have seen activities, but it's more of a meet at this place and time to hang out but there is no crew member that facilitates any interaction. It's up to them to recognize others of their age and engage in conversation. Mine are 20 & 22 now, and when they sail with us they prefer doing the adult activities. They hang out everywhere we do, just the younger doesn't drink. I feel for the kids coming from places that allow drinking at 18+. It's really not fair that they have to stop on board. But don't forget in every port they will be legal - so drink as much as they want off ship. LOL
  4. I don't remember internet service ever being free, to be honest. Royal has a service called Voom, that you need to purchase. There are two options, Surf and Surf & Stream. Prices vary based on ship and sailing. If you log into your cruise planner you can see what is available for your Rhapsody sailing.
  5. I do it whenever I feel like it, there truly is no rush.
  6. It's open for some of the December sailings, we're on December 8th. Ours came live a few at a time, so be patient! They will be up soon.
  7. Boy that trip went fast! Safe travels home, and thanks for another amazing live blog!
  8. Wow, that's kinda fun!! I may have to give it a try this weekend. If I find any I'll post the codes for you. 😄
  9. All across the fleet, Celebrity is non-smoking in the casino. 😄
  10. I usually bring $20-30 in singles, depending on length of cruise, and figure one $5 for each time I plan on using a porter and have an excursion (times 2 of us). Then I add about $40 in tens, depending on how many excursions or taxis we need to take. Rest is in $20s. I do not tip a $1 with every single drink. Many times I'm walking up to the bar, asking for a beer, and walking away. I have my singles for the bars I hang out at all the time, to reward the bartenders that actually make me mixed drinks or something that requires more than handing me a can. LOL
  11. Maybe someone who's done an Australian itinerary can help. @Pippa_OceanTime? I had to look up the port, I've never heard of it.
  12. Your personal cup will not work with the Freestyle beverage machines. You didn't mention which ship you are on, but if it's one with the machines then the chip in the cup activates the machine. You'd have to use that cup to dispense the liquid, them pout it in your own cup.
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