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  1. We've never seen the sushi class discounted.
  2. My husband has done this class on four different ships and they have not allowed leftovers at any of them. Since the fish is mostly raw, it's for food safety reasons. But I have heard reports of some being allowed to take the cooked fish rolls out. All four allowed people to come and watch, and on Adventure specifically they suggested you have friends/family come at the end to help eat. We had three participating and two watching from afar (they we not allowed at the actual tables, but off to the side at the end of the table.) After they were done making the sushi, the two who watched joined the others at the table to help eat. On Adventure, it was the only time there was plenty of extra places for people, though. Harmony and Serenade did not have extra places set, and Grandeur had two extra spots at the end for walk-ins but that was it. Each ship made a different amount of food, and thus the prices were different. Serenade and Grandeur gave a drink with the meal (one was a small Japanese strawberry and the other was a mimosa.) After 4 classes, he has never had a repeat of the same exact experience. Each sushi master has conducted the class in their own way, some with more information/background than others. My suggestion is to wait to book on board, and when you book mention you'd like to come to help eat afterwards. See what they say.
  3. Meant to type gave, not give. Thanks for catching that!
  4. It's one of the rolls they give you in the main dining room at dinner. Matt has a blog post dedicated to them: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/12/12/royal-caribbean-classic-savory-bites
  5. Great live blog, thanks! As someone who has recently gotten off Grandeur, I can't see a reason to get The Key there. I'm not sure which itinerary you are on, but if it's Bermuda/Charleston then it's worthless for disembarkation. You go through customs in Charleston and walk off the ship in Baltimore. The customs process was so easy in Charleston, and everyone was through in far less time than originally scheduled. There is only one show worth going to, the CD does a Neil Diamond tribute show. We didn't go, but all the retirees were raving about it after it was over, LOL. Otherwise, those "reserved seats" are for meh shows. There will be a lot of specials for specialty lunches, they are big on sea day lobster brunches. It's a small ship with very few bells and whistles, so unless you want the private rock wall time, there is no venues to offer you private anything (like Flowrider.)
  6. Definitely not a fluke. They try very hard to keep you with the same wait staff and table where possible.
  7. We do My Time Dining, so not the same table/waiter each night. May be worth doing traditional dining just one sailing to have them again!
  8. Some bars are really more walk up, while others are full staffed for roaming waiters. Trellis Bar on Oasis class seems to be more walk-up, and we've had very little luck in the Solarium with roaming waiters - those seem to be at the pool bar. If there is a Sky Bar above the pool bar, that is more walk-up as well. Sometimes the pool bar waiters will walk the top deck, but it depends on how busy they are being kept below. Indoor venues, like Schooner, lounges, R Bar, have more roaming waiters than the Pubs, in our experience. I don't think I've ever seen more than 1 roaming waiter at a time in any pub...if any at all. I can't speak for the Casino as we don't go in there due to the smoke.
  9. Welcome to the Blog @Debbie Picken! You should be fine. Especially if you are a US citizen on a closed loop (leave and return to same US port.) Friendly note for future posts, do not put your name in the topic title. Put a short phrase about what your post is about. You won't get replies if no one knows what you are asking about. Example for this one: Passport Question
  10. The games will be muted on the ship as well. Depending on the ship, if there is no pub you may find the tvs in the casino and/or or Schooner bars.
  11. One of the nice things about the punch card is that it is shareable. We've seen the all drink card & the draft beer card offered in the last 12 months, but honestly never in the same sailing. It has been one or the other.
  12. We had our first aft-facing balcony and we loved it. Sat there for half of each sea day, when depended on the sun. Hubby napped, I read. Brought snacks from WJ, drank two bottles of wine over the three days, read a book each day. Other two books were read over the three port days.
  13. Thanks everyone! I ended up picking Hotel Plaza de Armas Old San Juan, for now. Looks to be right in the middle of things, and for one night we can deal with pretty much anything. We can arrive straight from the ship and drop off our luggage which was a huge plus. We fly carry-on only so won't have huge suitcases, but still don't want to lug more than a backpack around for the day. We may change to some place else when it gets closer, but for now that's what I chose. We like to try to stay local as much as possible, not really into the huge chain hotels when out of the country. Helps the local economy in a different way.
  14. Sounds like an amazing trip, thanks for bringing us along! We'll be on Allure in May of 2020 with a CP balcony. Can't wait to sit on the balcony and listen to the sounds every evening as we recover from our long port day each day. We're doing a 7 night med that has 6 ports. Talk about tiring excursions! 😄 We went on Grandeur last month and I read 5 books over the 7 days. I'm a huge fan of balcony reading.
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