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  1. If it makes you feel any better -- we in the West have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to make a 5:00 a.m Zoom meeting when it's held at 8:00 a.m. on the East Coast . . .
  2. If you live in the Pacific Time Zone, check in is at 9 pm!
  3. I should get to Miami in time to see you off! Do you know what terminal Jewel will leave from and what time? I'll be heading out the next day on Freedom.
  4. @CruisingOz, like your wife, I have only been to two "states" in Australia -- NSW (Sydney) and Queensland (Cairns), and am hoping to visit for longer (and farther afield) in March/April 2023 when we (hopefully my DH and I, although he's reluctant to travel right now) visit Australia to board Ovation of the Seas on her TransPacific back to Honolulu.
  5. @CruisingOzThis inquiring mind wishes to know -- what is your itinerary from Feb - Oct 2022? Land cruising in the USA, perhaps?
  6. And here's a real-time tracking map: https://publictransportation.tsomobile.com/webtracker/webtracker.htm?labels=false&tkn=81E39EC9-D773-447E-BE29-D7F30AB177BC&lan=en
  7. I found this on the Miami Dade website (https://www.miamidade.gov/portmiami/directions-transportation.aspP Miami Trolley stops at the Port The Miami Trolley stop signs are easily identifiable by the round palm tree logo. Please make a note of the destinations at each stop: PortMiami North stop: Terminal B, Terminal C, Terminal D, Terminal E, Terminal F, Terminal G, Terminal H, Port Miami Administrative Building, Port Miami Garage PortMiami South stop: Terminal J, Royal Caribbean Corporate Office For real-time travel information, please visit the Miami Trolley website.
  8. @PG CruiserSo in your experience, the coffee card works on more than one ship? Yay! Maybe I will purchase one for my upcoming Freedom cruise (no DBP) and then use it on Navigator in January . . . Do they not check where the card is from, or is it just transferable from ship to ship? I've read differing accounts.
  9. I did -- 12:00 Now working on finalizing my choices for where to stay in Miami the night before.
  10. @DuaneGDid you get checked in?
  11. If you have the different apps, check out the Intercontinental (IHG); I just got a really good deal on a Bay View room for late November. I found it by looking at Priceline first, and then found a lower price using the app. I will be in the "2" part (literally -- December 3-5) of my Side-to-Side, and am staying at the Best Western in North Bay Village. I got a really good deal on the room for the first night, and used BW points for the second. It actually looks like a nice place to stay, and will give me a chance to explore. Plus, they have a laundry!
  12. Checked in (again!). They have earlier check in times now, beginning at 11:30 -- get'em while they're there!
  13. I ordered the two test kit (Optum) and received them last week. Their expiration date is 9/21/2021, so with the 3-month extension, they will expire 12/21/2021. That's sufficient for my needs, as I wanted them as a backup measure. I noticed that Optum had a caveat that the kits might have an early expiration.
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