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  1. Some sample views from the cockpit . . .
  2. Some views from the passenger seat . . . at Jetline Simulation. Very realistic!
  3. Jetline Simulation was terrific! Here's their website -- they were listed on our Excursions List when we were on Enchantment of the Seas in February, but just in case you can't see them there . . . https://jetlinesimulationbahamas.com/
  4. Welcome! I'm the most junior "member" to say that -- so far -- but have sailed on Brilliance once already, and will be boarding her again on November 30. If there's any specific intel you want on Brilliance (or pictures, or impressions), let me know. I'm an 'almost Navy brat -- my dad was Navy, but got out before I was born -- raised with all kinds of nautical terms and standards :-).
  5. LarryR-- that is so kind of you! Kudos to you for trying to locate the "owner." I would suggest that you "encrypt" your email address (by typing out the word "at" for the @ symbol) and perhaps disguising the "2," especially if you put your post on a more public board or an open social media site such as FB or other. I think putting the Cabin # in is great, as that's the first search term I would use if I was looking for something I lost. You could also look at the Roll Call for the previous cruise, if there is one.
  6. I would imagine that if you can describe it, the bartenders can build it! It sounds really good!
  7. @packercruising What ship were you on? I understand that the larger ships go through a separate channel because the original channel is too small? Do you know if you can see the other channel/ships?
  8. Congratulations, Matt! I STILL want to know how you talk so fast on the RC Blog!!!
  9. I have not used MEI Travel, but I'm sure that they would work with you on getting answers. I looked at their website, and while they don't have any numbers prominently posted, I did find this info: However, if you prefer to call you can reach our corporate offices at 877-881-7771 and we will take your information and assign a Vacation Planner to return your call. I would try calling that number, and express your concerns and request assistance.
  10. I second (or third!) the comments on how I was skeptical at first, but now swear by them! I also use them to store my electronics chargers together (one of the smaller bags); when I'm traveling, and not using the chargers, they stay in the bag. When it's time to unpack my suitcase, I find that just pulling out the cubes and putting them in the drawers is very satisfying -- pull out the cubes, put them in the dresser drawers, hang up clothes, put toilette items in the bathroom -- done!
  11. No email for me yet either -- but it has never stopped showing in My Orders in Cruise Planner, and I still have the confirmation email from when I purchased it in the Amazing Booze Race :-).
  12. I noticed yesterday (during the exciting "Race for the Booze") that my C&A # no longer appears when I go to the RCL Booked (i.e., Cruise Planner) page. I was able to add it back in today, but am curious as to why it disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else?
  13. I noticed that (on my Cruise Planner, anyway) it was labeled as "Deluxe Package Special Offer EU - 18 years and older." Is it just on cruises that include Europe in their itinerary, maybe?
  14. I grabbed it for our TA in November 2020. If they take it away, then I'll just wait for Black Friday sales. It sure would be nice if they let us keep it, though . . . Fingers crossed!!!
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