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  1. As I mentioned in another post dealing with snorkeling on Coco Cay, I had my own gear (including snorkel vest) and did just as Twangster mentioned -- left my towel with my (non-swimming) partner, and just walked into the water. Unfortunately, my (ancient) flippers split/cracked about 1/2 way out to the first raft (there were three of them). I was glad to have the vest on as I paddled back in with my non-functional flippers. Went up to the Snorkel Shack, and explained what happened (I was actually just looking for a trash can large enough to put my flippers in); Claudia was kind enough to loan me a pair of flippers free of charge to complete my snorkeling excursion. They do want you to sign in, even if you don't rent from them, but I'm sure that's for liability / insurance purposes; they also have a pretty informative video for you to watch, which explains the layout of the snorkeling area. Since I was on my own, I felt better signing in, watching the video, and following their guidelines. That may be what prompted the Snorkel Shack folks to look so kindly on my predicament. I have since bought a new pair of fins (the others were 20+ years old!) and am looking forward to using them. As to the OP's first question; we were there on Enchantment before the pier opened, but the snorkel shack is to the left as you cross over toward the beaches.
  2. In this same vein -- any idea if Next Cruise is available/offered on charters?
  3. We're from Washington state, too -- I use the wine bottle "gloves" and pack one bottle in my checked bag on the way to the port, and then bring it on in my carry on. A lot of our favorite (local) vintages aren't available in the Florida stores -- it's an easy way to make new friends, too :-) . You could also go to some of the wine store sites (wine.com, totalwine.com, etc.), and look for Florida vintages that seem to be popular -- then go to a Publix or similar store and see if they stock them. The last time we were in Orlando/Daytona, we stopped by some vineyards and had some really nice fruit wines -- the raspberry was particularly good.
  4. Following with extreme interest, as we'll be on the Oasis in 29 days! Would love to hear your observations on the shows, and your Izumi Hibachi experience :-). Thanks so much for setting an example for me -- I'm hoping to do a blog of our Transatlantic cruise . . . If you have any lessons learned about blogging, I'd love to read those as well. Bon Voyage!!!
  5. Thanks to the contributions of twangster and KristiZ, and the recognition that we will have 10 sea days, I took the plunge (so to speak) and got the DBP! I called RCL, as I only wanted the DBP, and my husband wanted the Voom+DBP; no way to do that on Cruise Planner, but no problem with the RCL Customer Service agent. I'm ready to start on my next DBP Exploration List . . .
  6. Sailing Oasis of the Seas Transatlantic April 21 (14 Night), and the price for the DBP has been $44 (30% off) for about a week; finally decided to go for it. Called RCL as my husband wanted the VOOM/DBP and I just wanted the DBP, and Cruise Planner wouldn't let me separate them. It worked out well calling RCL; end result was $726 for me, and $888 for him. With 10 sea days, I think we'll be able to effectively and efficiently use our purchase!
  7. Thanks for posting current prices. We're heading out on Oasis in April on a Transatlantic; we've done the Deluxe package before, but the prospect of shelling out over $700 each has me considering trying to take advantage of Happy Hours, Drink of the Day, and C&A coupons . . .
  8. Thanks, Melski94, for the tip. Do you know if it holds for all Oasis class ships?
  9. 1. Eat salad first if you're in the buffet; only eat dessert every other (or every 3rd) day 2. Take the stairs at least five times a day 3. Go for a "dawn walk" every morning -- at least two laps of the ship's promenade -- if you're early enough to catch the sunrise, you'll find it pretty open, 4. Drink water with every meal, and DON'T get the Deluxe Beverage Package!!!
  10. I'll be going on the tour on the Oasis in April -- really looking forward to it, especially after having viewed the "Megafoods" episode filmed on Oasis (from several years ago, but still . . .). I will be watching the price to see if it goes down, as it was $119.
  11. I purchased the Izumi Hibachi dinners; the menu shows all sorts of add-ons, but I'm curious as to what is included in the meal price. Does it comprise an appetizer, main course with veggies/rice cooked in front of us, and then dessert? Some of the add-ons look interesting, but I'm looking forward to the Hibachi experience itself. I assume we can order those add-ons when we get there?
  12. We got the DBP on a recent 4-night cruise to Nassau; I decided to try new drinks every day since I rarely go to bars; this was my chance to "explore!" My favorite moments and drinks: 1. As soon as we got on the ship, we went right to the Pool Bar and got drinks of the day -- sat there sipping and watching everyone come on board, with our frosty drinks in hand (well, the weather wasn't HOT, but they still tasted good!) 2. Trying a Chocolate Martini. Sounded gross -- tasted divine, and looked beautiful! 3. Coconut Mojito, Frozen Mojito 4. Baileys with my coffee in the morning! I'm not a huge fan of lattes, but I love cafe au lait with a dollop (or two) of Baileys!
  13. We're going on a 14 Night TA on Oasis (April 21-May 5), and the price is really good right now ($44), but I'm balking at purchasing just because 2x14x$44 is a hefty amount. Any feedback on purchasing the DBP for a longer (i.e., 14+ nights) cruise?
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