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  1. @R.J., what an amazing story! The videos were great, and I'm still wearing a smile! Your planning and execution were awesome -- and I can so relate to the "where did I hide the presents" story
  2. Crab cakes! A great addition would be Maryland Blue Crab . . .
  3. I volunteered because I'm in a position to (retired, able to quarantine if necessary, willing to accept the risks involved, in good health) and because I want to support RCL in returning to cruising. My eyes are wide open; I know this will be a test, not a 'cruise' as such, and that many of the things I love about cruising will not be occurring. That's okay. I believe at this point, the industry needs support; more than that, I think it needs belief and trust.
  4. We booked a tour with "Simply Dave Tours" -- you can find him on Trip Advisor. It ended up being about 3-1/2 hours; we went to the Fort (don't remember its name), Queens Staircase (got to walk down it with a guide , and were picked up at the bottom)very interesting!!), drove by the Governor's Mansion and other sights, stopped at a tea place, got about 1/2 hour at Atlantis, and then headed for a beach for lunch. All in all, it was really fun, and worth the $35/person. In the afternoon, we went to Jetline Simulations so my husband could fly a Boeing 737 (simulator!). I'm not sure if they're
  5. Just got a $14/day price drop on DBP on Jewel of the Seas The Arctic Crossing (August 31 - September 12, 2021). Current new price: USD $43/day + 18% gratuity = $608 per person DBP + 1 Voom Device is USD $51/day + 14.54% gratuity
  6. On the RCB Group Cruise page on FB, someone had posted an "ad" from Royal Caribbean that the reductions were being offered on Anthem OTS sailings in 2021 (it included prices in British Pounds. I tend to check my Cruise Planner every couple of days to see if there are price reductions, which is how I spotted this one. Hopefully you'll see some for Oasis as well.
  7. I don't know how long this will last, but here are the prices I saw on Cruise Planner today (9/21/2020) at 1:20 pm PST for Anthem OTS Norwegian Fjords 16-24 July 2021: DBP (it says including gratuity!): $46/day; total for each DBP was $368, so it looks like gratuity was included in the price. DBP + 1 Device VOOM: $54/day ("Each adult of legal drinking age assigned to the same stateroom must purchase this package. Price shown is per person, per day.). I couldn't tell if this meant that both had to buy DBP + Voom 1 Device) VOOM 1 Device: $11.49/day VOOM 2 Device: $17.
  8. @Pooch, I'm not sure what RCCL uses to verify military service. I do know that AAFES (the Army/Air Force Exchange Service, or BX/PX) now allows all honorably discharged veterans to shop online, and the process they use can be found at https://www.shopmyexchange.com/veterans. Also, Apple offers a military discount for veterans, and they use a website called id.me. I think Princess Cruises uses id.me as well. I would urge you to be careful about providing copies of the DD214 (Certificate of Discharge) to RCCL or anyone else, as most of the older ones will display the servicemember's SSN. If
  9. @Neaxan, I noticed you are located near Nuremberg -- I was stationed in Ansbach (and Katterbach) in the '70s and '80s. Such a great area and such great memories!
  10. Our Allure OTS Transatlantic in November (#FingersCrossedFingersCrossedFingersCrossed) is offering the DBP for $39/day, and the DBP+Voom 1 Device for $47/day! Coco Cay Beach Club Day Pass is $58.99.
  11. I've done the same thing, @Pima1988. @Pattycruise, have you tried doing so? I think the only concern right now might be that it may take 7-10 days to get your first purchase refunded. It took mine about 5 days, I think.
  12. @KristiZ and @M First: FWIW, I sent mine in last month for my May 2021 and July 2021 cruises, and both were accepted and the $ applied to my account. I did use the online application, and had to make sure that my brokerage statement was dated within 90 days.
  13. I think the Cruise Planner sale has started! On our (FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED!) November T/A on Allure, we now have: Voom Surf/Stream back down to $11.49/day for 1 device or $17.99/day for 2 devices or $19.99/day for 4 devices; The Key is $19.99/day; DBP + Voom 1 device is $47/day. All USD.
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