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  1. @Pooch, I'm not sure what RCCL uses to verify military service. I do know that AAFES (the Army/Air Force Exchange Service, or BX/PX) now allows all honorably discharged veterans to shop online, and the process they use can be found at https://www.shopmyexchange.com/veterans. Also, Apple offers a military discount for veterans, and they use a website called id.me. I think Princess Cruises uses id.me as well. I would urge you to be careful about providing copies of the DD214 (Certificate of Discharge) to RCCL or anyone else, as most of the older ones will display the servicemember's SSN. If nothing else, if you do get a military discount, just take a copy of the DD214 with you when you board, to prove eligibility.
  2. @Neaxan, I noticed you are located near Nuremberg -- I was stationed in Ansbach (and Katterbach) in the '70s and '80s. Such a great area and such great memories!
  3. Our Allure OTS Transatlantic in November (#FingersCrossedFingersCrossedFingersCrossed) is offering the DBP for $39/day, and the DBP+Voom 1 Device for $47/day! Coco Cay Beach Club Day Pass is $58.99.
  4. I've done the same thing, @Pima1988. @Pattycruise, have you tried doing so? I think the only concern right now might be that it may take 7-10 days to get your first purchase refunded. It took mine about 5 days, I think.
  5. @KristiZ and @M First: FWIW, I sent mine in last month for my May 2021 and July 2021 cruises, and both were accepted and the $ applied to my account. I did use the online application, and had to make sure that my brokerage statement was dated within 90 days.
  6. I think the Cruise Planner sale has started! On our (FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED!) November T/A on Allure, we now have: Voom Surf/Stream back down to $11.49/day for 1 device or $17.99/day for 2 devices or $19.99/day for 4 devices; The Key is $19.99/day; DBP + Voom 1 device is $47/day. All USD.
  7. For our Allure T/A in November (FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED!), there are some great deals as well -- Voom Surf/Stream $11.49/day for 1 device or $17.99/day for 2 devices or $19.99/day for 4 devices; The Key is $19.99/day; DBP + Voom 1 device is $47/day. All USD.
  8. I routinely check the Cruise Planner, and when I saw the price drops for Internet and DBP, I posted on my (Allure 1 Nov Transatlantic) group page. Many people expressed thanks, but there were also one or two "it's just a money grab from RCL" comments. While I acknowledged that it may take a little longer for the refund of the $ I spent for the originally priced Voom, I will eventually get it -- and it's about a $30 savings. The combined DBP and Voom 1 Device was $47/day! Of course, I have my "Intern" DBP, so didn't take advantage of that savings, but . . . WOW!!
  9. Maybe check with Good Sam or an RV group? Even if it wasn't right by the cruise port, you could Uber to the port . . . Or an RV dealership?
  10. @WAAAYTOOO, have a great trip! Would you mind relating at which hotel you stayed in Newark?
  11. My granny used to say: honey, whiskey and lemon juice; adjust proportions as appropriate :-)
  12. Great pictures inside the Opera House! I love your perspective choices :-)
  13. And it's so functional, with its handy retention loop (unless they've changed from this one)
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