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  1. Our 14-night Transatlantic Surf and Stream Voom dropped to $15.99/day, so I grabbed that (just one device -- my husband and I will share :-) ); if the Key went down to $19.99, I'd grab it; any higher than that and I think the costs would outweigh the benefits. Right now, it's $29.99 a day; $840 is a bit much in my book.
  2. I would not consider the area "unsafe;" it is not in the middle of a built up area, but there's a gas station/convenience store on the corner, then a mini-golf site, then the Zachary's restaurant I mentioned. I think if we had gone in more than one day in advance, we would have rented a car, and would have explored more. That said, I never felt like I couldn't walk around (there's actually a park nearby; I just didn't walk to / through it), and there were a few restaurants/breweries that we would have visited (on foot) if we had had more time. It's not a resort area in terms of beach access; at least not within walkable distance, but I think the amenities (pool, nearby parks/etc.) would lend themselves to a more-than-one day stay. I'm sure an Uber or Lyft to/from the beach would not be more than a few dollars...
  3. We stayed at Radisson Resort at the Port before our cruise in February 2019. The room was fine and its price was very reasonable; we didn't avail ourselves of the pool, but it did look inviting. However -- DEFINITELY try eating at Zachary's (right next door). We had breakfast there the morning of the cruise -- delicious, and an excellent value. They have dinner as well -- we should have eaten there rather than at the Radisson, which had okay food but at somewhat elevated prices. If we hadn't been so tired (traveled from Washington state), we would have ventured further out. Great customer service at the Radisson, too.
  4. Thanks, @twangster, I missed that one. Have downloaded it and am ready to devour! Your point is well-taken about my request for Rhapsody or Brilliance was based on their itineraries for this fall -- but this one will work well too!
  5. We'll be on the Allure for the November 2020 Transatlantic. I found and downloaded pictures of a 2015 Cruise Compass for a Transatlantic on Allure (October-November 2015), but they're only from Day 6 (At Sea), and are a bit dated. If anyone is going on a Transatlantic this year on Brilliance or Rhapsody, could you please post some pix of the Cruise Compass dailies? This will be our first long cruise on RCL.
  6. Still $17.59 for one device on Allure in November 2020. I'll keep on watching; with a total of nine sea days, I may spring for it, but am hoping for a lower price. If not, I'm sure the ship will let us in on election news . . .
  7. Well, we'll be on Allure while Odyssey is making her way westward -- it will be interesting to see when/how she sails. We leave Barcelona on Nov 1, and reach Miami on Nov 15. Enjoy, everyone!
  8. I did the class on Enchantment in February this year -- it was a BLAST! There were about 10-12 people in the class; we all washed our hands first, and then had little "stations" set up on tables. The Sensei showed us how to do it, and then talked us through it. I think it would be ideal for anyone who's interested in sushi but is intimidated by it (that's me!). After we were done, I couldn't eat all of mine, but they provided me one of the dish covers and I took it back to our cabin so my husband could try some of my "masterpieces!"
  9. A little bit late to the party, here -- but I'm wondering if Royal has added liqueurs to their name inventory? Grand Marnier, perhaps? (see Is that the Grand Marnier of the Seas?
  10. Some sample views from the cockpit . . .
  11. Some views from the passenger seat . . . at Jetline Simulation. Very realistic!
  12. Jetline Simulation was terrific! Here's their website -- they were listed on our Excursions List when we were on Enchantment of the Seas in February, but just in case you can't see them there . . . https://jetlinesimulationbahamas.com/
  13. Welcome! I'm the most junior "member" to say that -- so far -- but have sailed on Brilliance once already, and will be boarding her again on November 30. If there's any specific intel you want on Brilliance (or pictures, or impressions), let me know. I'm an 'almost Navy brat -- my dad was Navy, but got out before I was born -- raised with all kinds of nautical terms and standards :-).
  14. LarryR-- that is so kind of you! Kudos to you for trying to locate the "owner." I would suggest that you "encrypt" your email address (by typing out the word "at" for the @ symbol) and perhaps disguising the "2," especially if you put your post on a more public board or an open social media site such as FB or other. I think putting the Cabin # in is great, as that's the first search term I would use if I was looking for something I lost. You could also look at the Roll Call for the previous cruise, if there is one.
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