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  1. Has anyone done this excursion? It's out of Akureyri, Iceland, and involves a short plane ride. I checked on the cost of the flight itself, and RCL's excursion price is really reasonable. So I signed up! Just curious if anyone has any experience with it. I'll be on the Arctic Crossing T/A in September 2022
  2. @She Sails Away, this account epitomizes the "brave" part of solo cruising to me! I could tell from your story that serendipity played a large part, as it often does (i.e., feeling bad that you hadn't planned anything, overhearing the gentleman (Edmond)'s conversation about his tour, seeing that there were other people already on the truck, having just the right amount of $ in your wallet). However, it did take courage to make the leap onto the tour, and I'm so glad you did! Thank you for sharing your story -- it was inspirational to me, as that's something I wrestled with on my solo cruises -- trying to do different things, but doing them safely and within reasonable bounds of my comfort level.
  3. In the (not so recent) past, we used the Cocoa Beach Shuttle and were pleased with it. Good price and good service. This was back in 2019, though.
  4. Did you ever get through? I'm curious as to when the ticketing process actually occurs. When do you cruise? Hope it all works out.
  5. So did you find out if you're subject to additional charges due to changes?
  6. @She Sails AwayEnjoy! I completed my first solo cruise last August -- just a four-night on Freedom -- I truly loved it! I followed that up with a 7-Night on Oasis with my daughter. It was fun to introduce her to cruising, but it did feel a bit odd to shift from solo mode! My husband doesn't really care to cruise (unless there is a theme or planned activities), so I embarked (literally!) on my own and found it really suits me. I love having the freedom to do exactly what I want to do, be as sociable (or un-) as I choose, and explore on my owns. I'm probably more extrovert than introvert, but do cherish the choice.
  7. Hmmm... how about Everclear? Or Stroh Rum?
  8. Itinerary: Day 1: Embarkation from Port Canaveral, FL Day 2: Nassau Day 3: Perfect Day at Coco Cay Day 4: At Sea Day 5: Puerto Plata, DR Day 6: Labadee, DR Day 7: At Sea Day 8: Disembarkation (Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!) at Port Canaveral, FL
  9. If you've been on one -- you know! If you haven't, but are going on this one, you're in for a treat! This time it will be a bit different -- Dialysis patients will still be aboard, and there will be fundraising for several different charities, including the (new) High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Mariner will be an interesting change from Brilliance OTS, which had been our "home" on the 2017 and 2019 HSRs. If you're reading this and are wondering, you can find more details at https://www.highseasrally.com/, and details about the good we do at https://www.highseasrally.com/hsr-gives-back/. In 2019, we raised (I believe) over $600,000 for Debbie's Dialysis Fund. "The High Seas Rally is honored to carry on the awesome HSR legacy of supporting dialysis patients by providing them with an incredible all-expenses paid vacation on the high seas, while also expanding our mission in 2022 to honor and support our military servicemembers, first responders and the Wounded Warrior Project." Kickstands up!
  10. I agree with you, @XtremeGK. Used a Solo B2B in January on Navigator to reach Diamond; I actually reached it after the first part of the B2B, and coordinated with the Loyalty Ambassador to achieve/use my Diamond status on the second part -- to include my 4 free drinks. Like you, I fill my refillable water bottles at the water station (love it when they add ice!), and enjoyed my carry-on bottle of wine. I figure the 4-drink vouchers are good for one experimental drink, one morning/day drink, and two with/before/after dinner. And then there are the discounted drinks as well. I'm not a huge soda drinker, and habitually drink tap water at home, and brewed coffee is my go-to.
  11. Park Cafe and Solarium are two of my favorites.
  12. Thanks @Karla JensenI found your tips really helpful!
  13. I think it's a super picture -- especially with the Arco in the background! Thanks for taking and posting it
  14. @mnshortie21I received a 20% discount on a minimum bid for Interior - OV Balcony on Oasis in early December. Minimum bid was reduced to $125 from $145 or $150 (can't remember which); I bid $135 and won the upgrade. I probably could have won it with a minimum bid of $125. If you don't care too much for your present location, I would double check current balcony fares and go from there. I ended up saving about $300 total -- and my daughter's first cruise was in a balcony vs. in an interior
  15. Any tips on things to do or see in Ensenada? Or Catalina? My wrist is still in healing mode, so no strenuous activities or adventures for me. I'm much more inclined to walk around, and maybe take in a museum, than go on a tour bus.
  16. One more tip -- if you have the 1-device package and want to switch from one device to another, you don't have to log out of one and log in on another -- just use the "new" device to attempt to log in-- it will say "Too Many Devices" and then will give you the option to "bump" the first device off. Of course, you may want to coordinate if there's another person using the device that will be bumped off. It does save some time and complexity though.
  17. @DublinFCThe Abbott test is at https://store.optum.com/royal-caribbean/
  18. Me, three! This is the second part of my B2B; I haven't started packing yet, but am thinking of trying to travel light with just a carry-on. We shall see ...
  19. On Freedom (4-Night) they couldn't test me on Debarkation Day (one day between that and embarking on Oasis) so Guest Services provided me with a proctored AG card test to take on my own. Maybe ask someone else at Guest Services?
  20. This will be the first part of my first B2B -- a 3-Night followed by a 4-Night on Navigator. No special excursions or activities planned yet -- just want to be on a cruise ship! Anyone else?
  21. Thanks, @Matt. Since this will happen on turnaround day (the second part of my B2B), is there anything different that will happen as I leave and then reboard the ship? Is that when RCL will ask me where the second person is?
  22. On this topic -- if I know my second person is definitely not going, I assume I should do nothing as far as checking them in -- just complete my check - in, and then what do I do at the port -- just say they're not coming? As an additional complication, this is the second part of a B2B; I'll be solo on the first part. Any advice on how to handle this? My first cruise is through MEI; the second part I didn't transfer in time, so it's an individual reservation rather than one through a TA.
  23. 2 days -- Interior to OV Balcony on Oasis in the beginning of December
  24. @rjacbeing on Pacific time I was able to check in at 9:01 L (Local) for my cruises, so 12:01 am should work!
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