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  1. It has been my experience that the cabin stewards will (often without being asked) tape the extension cord down with painter's tape to eliminate/reduce the tripping hazard. Just let them know! And, if the water/extension cord aren't in your cabin when you first get in, let your steward know and he/she will track it down for you. I usually route the cord under the bed.
  2. Just 25 days to go! I guess this is a roll call of one -- well, two, but only one of us posts anything. I'm not going to promise a Live Blog, but I will be posting from time to time on our experiences onboard and offboard. Right now, the only shore excursion we have scheduled is the Jeep adventure in Nassau. I'm not sure we're going to go ahead with it, since it says in the T&Cs that if you have fewer than three guests signed up for it, you may be sharing the Jeep with someone. I don't feel comfortable putting my health and comfort in the hands of an unknown driver. We also have a bungalow on Labadee reserved. We will have 11 dialysis patients and 5 Wounded Warrior alumni aboard. "HSR Dialysis Fund will provide 10 dialysis patients an all-expenses paid vacation as well as dialysis treatment on the 2022 sailing." " Wounded Warrior Project has selected five alumni members to travel with us in 2022. " https://www.highseasrally.com/news/2022/09/meet-the-wounded-warrior-alumni/
  3. How much is a latte at Cafe Promenade? Does anyone have access to (or can point me in the direction of) a current price list?
  4. Interesting note for this year's HSR - the cruise price includes the Deluxe Beverage Package! Here's hoping the provisioning folks understand what that implies . . .
  5. I did almost the same in January/February 2022; a 3-Night and then a 4-Night on Navigator. Does your 5-Night stop at Catalina Island? I was in an Interior Virtual Balcony (1633) and then a regular Balcony. I found the interior pretty roomy -- for a solo traveler! It might have felt differently had there been two people in the room. I stayed at the Crown Plaza and posted a video on YouTube of the walk from the Crown Plaza to the Cruise Terminal. Easy and pleasant walk.
  6. Only 48 days to go! So far I've only scheduled one RCL Excursion -- out of Akureyri to the Arctic Circle (Grimsey Island); I have two others through 3rd Party / other cruisers in Reykjavik. I think I'll wing it for Greenland. I've been avidly following the Seattle-Amsterdam flight I will (hopefully!) be taking to get across the pond Eastbound, and have been working hard on making my carryon inventory support a possible checked baggage SNAFU just in case . . .
  7. They'll even loan you a free snorkel vest -- at least, they used to. There is a snorkel shack near Chill Beach that has equipment for rent, which is where I got my vest (and a temporary loan of fins when one of mine broke!
  8. Thanks, @USCG Teacher. Both of us can drive a stick shift, so here's hoping!
  9. We're planning on doing this on our cruise in October 2022. Has anyone done it? My main concern is the prospect of being "assigned" to a Jeep with people we don't know, as the "IMPORTANT" notes state "Parties of three guests or fewer will share a Jeep." Normally I wouldn't care, but I wonder how it's decided who will drive . . . My BH has back issues that will prevent us from riding ATVs
  10. To start off, I have only been seasick once -- in a 25 foot fishing boat off the coast of Monterey, CA -- and it was just a bad headache. Haven't experienced it since then, even on the rough days of a Northern Pacific Crossing on Westerdam in October 2018. That said, I'll be going on the Arctic Crossing in September on Voyager -- and figured I should take something JIC (that way, I know I won't need it ). Any suggestions for what an anti-seasickness "starter kit" could include? I'm already a ginger fanatic, and often ask for ginger root to put on / in my salad. I'm thinking maybe Bonine? Dramamine? Any suggestions?
  11. I visited Ensenada twice on a B2B in January 2022. The first time, I walked to the Bar Andaluz/ Centro Cultural Riviera (a former grand hotel) -- it was just under a mile to walk there, but pleasant enough. The second time, I took the RCL Wine Excursion so I could see the countryside -- which I did! We went to two vineyards, one of which was obviously set up for tourists (but nice, with a great store!), and one which was newer, and didn't have quite as extensive amenities, but their wine was pretty good. I would recommend it as a way to see the countryside -- there were some great views of Ensenada's bay coming back in.
  12. Has anyone done this excursion? It's out of Akureyri, Iceland, and involves a short plane ride. I checked on the cost of the flight itself, and RCL's excursion price is really reasonable. So I signed up! Just curious if anyone has any experience with it. I'll be on the Arctic Crossing T/A in September 2022
  13. @She Sails Away, this account epitomizes the "brave" part of solo cruising to me! I could tell from your story that serendipity played a large part, as it often does (i.e., feeling bad that you hadn't planned anything, overhearing the gentleman (Edmond)'s conversation about his tour, seeing that there were other people already on the truck, having just the right amount of $ in your wallet). However, it did take courage to make the leap onto the tour, and I'm so glad you did! Thank you for sharing your story -- it was inspirational to me, as that's something I wrestled with on my solo cruises -- trying to do different things, but doing them safely and within reasonable bounds of my comfort level.
  14. In the (not so recent) past, we used the Cocoa Beach Shuttle and were pleased with it. Good price and good service. This was back in 2019, though.
  15. Did you ever get through? I'm curious as to when the ticketing process actually occurs. When do you cruise? Hope it all works out.
  16. So did you find out if you're subject to additional charges due to changes?
  17. @She Sails AwayEnjoy! I completed my first solo cruise last August -- just a four-night on Freedom -- I truly loved it! I followed that up with a 7-Night on Oasis with my daughter. It was fun to introduce her to cruising, but it did feel a bit odd to shift from solo mode! My husband doesn't really care to cruise (unless there is a theme or planned activities), so I embarked (literally!) on my own and found it really suits me. I love having the freedom to do exactly what I want to do, be as sociable (or un-) as I choose, and explore on my owns. I'm probably more extrovert than introvert, but do cherish the choice.
  18. Hmmm... how about Everclear? Or Stroh Rum?
  19. Itinerary: Day 1: Embarkation from Port Canaveral, FL Day 2: Nassau Day 3: Perfect Day at Coco Cay Day 4: At Sea Day 5: Puerto Plata, DR Day 6: Labadee, DR Day 7: At Sea Day 8: Disembarkation (Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!) at Port Canaveral, FL
  20. If you've been on one -- you know! If you haven't, but are going on this one, you're in for a treat! This time it will be a bit different -- Dialysis patients will still be aboard, and there will be fundraising for several different charities, including the (new) High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Mariner will be an interesting change from Brilliance OTS, which had been our "home" on the 2017 and 2019 HSRs. If you're reading this and are wondering, you can find more details at https://www.highseasrally.com/, and details about the good we do at https://www.highseasrally.com/hsr-gives-back/. In 2019, we raised (I believe) over $600,000 for Debbie's Dialysis Fund. "The High Seas Rally is honored to carry on the awesome HSR legacy of supporting dialysis patients by providing them with an incredible all-expenses paid vacation on the high seas, while also expanding our mission in 2022 to honor and support our military servicemembers, first responders and the Wounded Warrior Project." Kickstands up!
  21. I agree with you, @XtremeGK. Used a Solo B2B in January on Navigator to reach Diamond; I actually reached it after the first part of the B2B, and coordinated with the Loyalty Ambassador to achieve/use my Diamond status on the second part -- to include my 4 free drinks. Like you, I fill my refillable water bottles at the water station (love it when they add ice!), and enjoyed my carry-on bottle of wine. I figure the 4-drink vouchers are good for one experimental drink, one morning/day drink, and two with/before/after dinner. And then there are the discounted drinks as well. I'm not a huge soda drinker, and habitually drink tap water at home, and brewed coffee is my go-to.
  22. Park Cafe and Solarium are two of my favorites.
  23. Thanks @Karla JensenI found your tips really helpful!
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