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  1. No mention of tattoos yet? Seems piercings and tattoos are what kids do these days Guess our life as a teenager would be considered dull to teenagers today Somehow i ended up with tattoo after a night of ....
  2. Hmm Sabrina has her own Oasis Lagoon island to enjoy while being in dry dock to read all the blogs. Hopefully it's warm enough there to enjoy since it's HOT and humid here
  3. Had similar experience with Effy on Celebrity and when told sales guy he was clearly nickel and diming me over his BS speech. Didn't like words NO thank you and replied to me i don't care if he makes his quota to support his family. If you could have seen his pale face turn red with such snippy remarks and attitude. Honestly was worst than being at the dealership looking for a car. What happened to days of girls just window shopping Believe me i am major Effy collector just like Sabrina and only will buy from certain sales people at Effy.
  4. It would be interesting just one time if you would blog your NCL cruise for us to get some inside of their brand. Way rates continue to skyrocket, if we all want to continue to sail high seas, one has to weigh all options or stay in dry dock way too long YOLO book NCL Joy for August
  5. Isn't ship going into dry dock soon? Looks like needs some TLC. I have sailing booked later this year and need to prepare for smaller ship options..... Does ship seem crowded? Let us know statistics from Top Tier event
  6. To think Sabrina didn't even add to her agenda, her live blog which should be hitting the press release being a month out from sailing..... The suspense waits.... I truly enjoy sailing Celebrity. Much more relaxed vibe and you can actually venture into the buffet to grab a snack without the usual craziness on way to Sunset Bar. There was tons of fresh seafood during lunchtime and Ranger Cookies. Can't forget the Cafe for afternoon sweets and tea. Just got back from a Bermuda sailing and hitting high seas again in a few weeks....
  7. What a color name for the nail polish. Can't wait to see pictures of nails holding a Have a great time
  8. Lord if that rate isn't crazy.... Might as well book NCL Joy instead whether Batman likes it or not...he might huff and puff NOW but once on the ship he will be singing a different tune with those cocktails and hopefully packed underwear
  9. Any spotting of the Amish again? Some people need etiquette cruise 101 even on Celebrity... Passed thru Ocean Buffet to the bar and a brawl over crazies hoarding the cocktail shrimps like their last dying meal. Surprised forks weren't flying with the raised voices of others over a snotty lady cutting the line to basically take the entire pan... Chair patrol is in full force and they are mad when come back and poof go to guest services to retrieve their belongings
  10. Batman hold up his bargain and whip up the cocktail like he said? Is there confirmation, he forgot anything? Maybe modernized Amish since on cruise. Think this is only beginning of the shenanigans.
  11. Day before go to lounge to let Concierge know you need tender ticket. You will be able to pick up directly from Concierge night before. Your ticket will be first group off with ship excursions.
  12. Well while at Martini bar a person griped couldn't bring a steamer onboard so instead steamed up bathroom so badly, alarms went off bridge called and here came security to their cabin...... I thoroughly enjoy sailing Celebrity. As you see shenanigans happens over here as well
  13. Well way Batman is thinking on retirement sailing Suite Life, obviously his financial eyes and calculation hasn't looked at those god awful rates even for the bunker. Maybe he is planning to keep working while you sail the high seas in retirement. Just was over at Next Cruise and literally almost choked on rates for a sailing. Even picking a cabin down in drenches was outrageous. Just to do a sunset Aft vernada, will need to sell a kidney and God knows what else when add airfare for across the pond .....
  14. Let's Go and is Batman wrapping suitcases again in plastic? Sure hope he remembers to pack underwear Don't forget red panties for the casino gods Currently on Celebrity and it's become a swingers invasion heading to Bermuda
  15. Can't beat perks with Celebrity with status match. Lately Celebrity sailings have been cheaper. On Celebrity sailing now and got Concierge class cheaper than Royal for a basic balcony. Celebrity does have some unique itineraries.
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