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  1. Great topic for times like these! I'm a proud German/Irish catholic, I've always gotten DBP and hey, I'm not driving the ship. Day 1-3ish are a lot boozier than days after but here we go- 8-9AM -order a few orange juices with the bagels/danishes and coffee room service. Mix the champagne I brought onboard (as my two bottles of wine) with the OJ and enjoy on the balcony 10-11am- Bloody mary from pool bar or the new bar by the windjammer (great addition) Noon-3p Sea day couple beers by the pool, maybe a fun cocktail like mai tai or mojito, if on diving/snorkeling excursion
  2. Great idea and execution from Royal Caribbean. Float the idea, let it leak and marinate a little bit, then launch it. Honestly hard to believe that they actually *need* anyone's name or contact info, they have thousands and thousands of people who had cruises booked for whichever time period, region or ship they choose to start with (although there seems to be a lot of consensus for those factors that seem valid). It will be a new or newly remodeled ship with the latest safety and tech, launching from Miami (or FLL) and maybe just going to their own island and back. That's what I would do
  3. Really a bummer, but at the same time that island can be really packed (like Saint Thomas, Nassau, others). It's certainly a debatable, subjective opinion and everyone has different preferences.... I agree with the unfortunate sentiment that the real winners are the lawyers (as with a lot of things). I would add that there's another sea faring option and that is to take the Key west Express, a couple hundred passenger catamaran ferry that goes from southwest florida. I am not an employee or anything, I'm not getting paid haha but I can say that I have taken it several times and
  4. Navigator four night in February earlier this year, just before everything started going haywire! Booked a GTY balcony with DX bev on a whim and stayed on the SW side of Florida with some family for a couple nights on either side of the trip, was a very easy drive over to Miami. As many others have mentioned, so impressed with the brand new upgrades on Navigator and at CocoCay - it was all just so great, especially enjoyed the escape room (set the best time on our cruise but who knows, maybe they say that to everybody) and the schooner bar, best memory probably the last sea day where patienc
  5. #1 from last cruise- Cococay south beach experience was really just incredible. what did they put on those burgers?! 1 expected change - I'm not personally wild about it but we'll likely see a lot more enforcement on assigned times and directional traffic flow to mitigate crowds in tightly spaced confined areas; not just disembark/embark on first and last days, but probably all port days, entertainment, dining etc. hard to see personal movement going back to as free as it once was
  6. @Joe01 well see above or just click around on Royal's site...there is a quite a lot of variety among the freedom/voyager class itineraries although Mariner and Navigator are clearly among the nicest/most beloved of the AMP's but those two ships are doing those two particular things because at the end of the day, it's business. it's well documented that doing the 3-4 nighters with Navigator and Mariner have been a cash cow for royal on ships that had already paid for themselves. it's showing first timers a great intro to cruising on warm, very calm seas with updated ships moving at low speed
  7. I love the voyager class, was just on navigator in February as my first reamped ship and love what they did so I share many of the original poster's feelings here. When my wife and I were researching cruises we looked hard at the Freedom class as very similar ships and I can tell you that whenever things resume we will be looking at Independence and Freedom of the seas, which I think are also incredible values on upgraded ships. The Freedom class is VERY similar to Voyager and they offer a lot more variety in their itineraries. Four night, five night, seven night to canada, bermuda, so
  8. Yes, technically you can. but it’s going to be a pain. Why chance traffic or an accident or something god forbid happen and you miss the boat. You already paid for a day of vacation, why not enjoy it? Just stop and get the items you need on the way to the ship. Wouldn’t that work instead?
  9. This is really good (as usual from you Twang) brings a whole new way to look at things. Thank you!
  10. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I must say that it's funny to me, the number of people worried about the number of people on this particular island versus the dozens or even hundreds of other caribbean islands that have four to six cruise ships tied up on any given day, to say nothing of the hotels, resorts, rental homes and other visitors that could potentially add up to 25,000 souls or more. For example, I love some of the as yet not hugely developed islands like St. Kitts where there will regularly be an oasis class, another middle sized from another line and a luxury style
  11. I was on symphony last year during spring break the middle of March for a family cruise with a group of a dozen of us including my wife, some other in-laws and outlaws from toddler aged niece and nephews to my folks in their mid 50's and chose spring break because a couple members work in education and could only go that week. We have all cruised the voyager class together several times, two of those cruises were also on previous spring breaks and at the end of the day, Royal Caribbean bills itself as a family cruise for all, so spring break with kids is kind of right in their wheel house.
  12. Full ship charters are a huge undertaking and would be booked and set years ahead of time, just as much work as Royal setting their own itineraries. I would say zero chance of a full ship being chartered in less than 90 days. Most charters are smaller groups (still could be hundreds of people, but not the whole ship) and they could be on any cruise, anywhere, anytime.
  13. interesting yea this morning symphony is at Terminal A and navigator (usually out of terminal A on Mondays) is further up the row https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  14. Was surprised to see that my ship was sold out a week or more ago for Feb sailings, just checked online for my Navigator cruise leaving in 10 days and, well....
  15. Haha yep. It's always been like this in business, maybe sticks out more here because this is a new category and a new kind of experience. Supply and Demand. Kids want the waterpark. RC wants to maximize profits and also has a limited capacity for the rides. I feel the same way about the cabanas and the new beach club. To me, it's highway robbery for one 6 hour experience but some people clearly have a lot of money and want the status, they want to be seen and want to be pampered. It's like anything else, there are plenty of cars that can drive you from point A to point B, watche
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