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  1. Thank you so much for the info. I reserved one for when I am there in May. They did not give me the option to reserve a specific one though. My confirmation says Chill Island Cabanas E. How/when do you chose a specific one? Thanks!
  2. We have made it to day 7....a sad day as our vacation on this amazing ship is coming to a close. It was a nice, relaxing, fun day at sea! We started our late morning by eating breakfast in the Windjammer. We didn't get up there until about 9:00 so it wasn't too busy and there was still plenty of food to go around. Right outside the windjammer is a model of Symphony with TV screens explaining many features of her as well as her stats! Pretty cool! Once we finished we headed down to Next Cruise for our appointment and YOLO booke
  3. Recap Day 6! Sea Day!! We love us some sea days!! I rolled out of bed a little late this morning (6:40) as I didn't make it to bed until almost 3:00. Today we skipped breakfast as we had the Bottomless Galley brunch tour at 10:45 and at the end of the tour they provide us with brunch. We did of course have a couple cups of Seattles Best Coffee to hold us over from Cafe Promenade. They do have a free standing Starbucks onboard but their coffee is not included in the drink package. We lived in Seattle for nine years and actually prefer Seattles Best
  4. Yes, just by chance. Have you had him? I thought his name sounded familiar. I have his info if anyone would like it. I will definitely use him again!
  5. Day 5 Recap - St Kitts/Nevis Captain Rob had us alongside in St. Kitts at 7:00 AM. We enjoyed watching the docking process this morning and I did a scope welcoming everyone! We decided to grab a bite to eat in Park Cafe which is located in Central Park. They have breakfast sandwiches, burritos, bagels with various toppings, pastries, etc for breakfast. On Symphony they do NOT have.a coffee bar with specialty coffee but do have regular coffee, tea, and juices. This is where you will find the famous roast beef sandwich as well. Once we disembarked, w
  6. Recap Day 4 Welcome, welcome to St. Thomas! It has been quite a few years since I have visited St Thomas Virgin Islands! Once again we decided to go out on our own and did not book a Royal excursion for this port. We decided to start out our day by eating some breakfast on our balcony. We opted for El Loco fresh and if you like breakfast burritos, I would highly recommend trying this on symphony at least once. We docked at Crown Bay which is further away from the downtown area. The Celebrity equinox was also in port with us. We decide
  7. Recap Day 3 ( did I mention this was going to be a “as live as I can make it” blog..?? Today is a Sea day, aka relaxation day!! I am not one to sleep in on a cruise or in life for that matter… So waking up today at almost 8 o’clock was completely foreign to me! I think it had something to do with the fact that I was up until 3 AM channeling my inner @CruiseLifeRick dancing in the attic! So we eventually started our day by eating breakfast at an amazing alternative, Johnny Rockets. Breakfast is included in your cruise fare on oasis class ships! And it just might be our best brea
  8. Hi! We actually flew into Ft Meyers and drove down to Naples. We flew out of Portsmouth, NH on a discount airline (Allegiant). Frontier also flies from there. We saved almost $500 flying with them and we’re still alive sooooo... it was worth it hahaha!
  9. Recap Day 2 As on every first full day of a cruise, I woke up quite early and headed down to Paek Cafe for a large Caramel Latte! I headed up to the pool deck to take a look around when I noticed we were headed into the port of Nassau! No photos as I promptly put my mic on my phone and scope our arrival. (You can catch the replay on PERISCOPE by following me, @kaeahvacatimes) We started our morning by eating breakfast at the solarium bistro which is a fantastic alternative to the Windjammer, if you are looking for one. You can also have breakfast at El Loco fresh, MDR, park café
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