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  1. Thank you @Lovetocruise2002 for tagging me. I hope ours isn't changed as flying isn't ideal right now but good to know!
  2. If it is expanded, the FCC would be in the names of the second and third passengers, even if it was you that paid for it. We had that issue and because ours ended up being cancelled, I took the refund for the 3rd person so it would go back to my CC since we paid for it.
  3. It has a "1" in front of sail date : - )
  4. We are booked for September (don't like posting exact dates online as internet trolls will know when the house is empty).
  5. We are booked on Oasis for September (I know, there is a chance cruising won't be up and running but we are hopeful). Since many ships are off the coast of Florida and the virus is horrible in NY/NJ area, is there a chance Royal would change the ship to sail our of Florida instead?
  6. @Lovetocruise2002That must be why I can't find any Star Class rooms available!!! I do see a Star Loft but was hoping for 2BR Aqua since there are 4 adults.
  7. I would normally think that is the case but the March 6, March 13 and March 27th ones are all available for booking...it is just one week missing.
  8. I was looking at March 2022 cruises on Oasis and the March 22, 2022 cruise is missing....does that mean it is already sold out or is it chartered? That was the date we wanted so curious if anyone knows.
  9. We are in the 2BR Aqua theater on the four nighter on Deck 10!
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 Yen made it all seamless. We did have certain nights we asked her to schedule dinner in advance of the cruise. On the nights we didn't have plans to just let her know the night before. I think the only difficult thing was we didn't always know what the plan was. When we opened the balcony and had room service for most of us that was only a few hours before that we decided and she made it all happen. She was wonderful!
  11. We definitely had way too much leftover food! I think we had 20 bags of chips. Plus, when snacks were being delivered, we were rarely ever there so anything hot went to waste. Next time I will make sure to specify when we want snacks!
  12. Debarkation Day Saddest day. Yen asked us what we wanted delivered to our room for breakfast and what time we wanted to get off the ship. Promptly at 7:15 our breakfast arrived (bagels, pastries, coffee and juice). We caught Brian and Lucky out in the hallway after breakfast and gave them their tips for amazing service. Yen came with a porter at 8AM and whisked us off the ship with our luggage in no time. She used her special card to get us on an elevator with our porter which was great. As we said our final goodbye near customs I had tears in my eyes thinking about the best week we
  13. Day 7 – Last Sea Day A very sad day….last sea day. This is the day where we had to start packing and enjoy every last minute on the ship. We had great weather the entire cruise so it was nice to still be able to sit out on our balcony. Since we didn’t get much wind back there, sitting in the sun was very nice. We only had plans to do the back stage tour and bridge tour. I had already done the back stage tour so I only opted to do the bridge tour. Yen met us in the afternoon with one other Star Class group to do the bridge tour. When we got to the bridge,
  14. We had Brian and Lucky. They were both absolutely amazing and really cool different towel animals. we said we loved the penguin so he made a baby penguin the next night which was so cute!
  15. Day 6 – Sea Day Since Cococay was our last stop, we were officially heading back to NJ. There were a lot of passengers on board worried as to whether we were going to be quarantined but the Captain announced that no one was showing signs of being sick so that made it ease our minds. Through the entire cruise, crew were wiping railings, door handles into rooms, doors, walls, etc. so they really did a good job. It was another late night so we slept in but had various activities planned throughout the day beginning with the Galley Tour. It was only about 20 minutes and they cancelled
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