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  1. Yayyyyy this suite is absolutely GORGEOUS! I cannot WAIT to be in it! I also had NO idea there was a window near the bed! Can’t wait to hear more!
  2. Yayyyy this is the update I have been WAITING for! You have the same genie AND the same suite as we do so I am glued to this blog LOL So glad you had a fabulous embarkation and can’t wait to hear more!! Xoxo
  3. Not sure that’s true? Maybe for this ship but Jarell and I rented tuxes for our upcoming Oasis cruise! You can check and rent here. We got our confirmations already too https://tuxedorentals.rccl.com/tuxedo/tuxrental.nsf
  4. Welcome to the longest month of my entire life! Also luggage tags JUST became available to print today!
  5. Thanks for the awesome updates! Can’t wait to see more!!
  6. Lmao to be fair it’s actually very simple and low key we are super low maintenance. Mostly just standard things like food and show reservations. I just took the idea of “the more information the better” to heart and have even included example photos of past Star Cruise parties/cakes/tables/decor that I loved he’s gonna be like uhhhh there’s PICTURES?!
  7. It’s finally happened!! Just got our long awaited Genie email for our sailing and we got Shane!!! I’ve heard nothing but RAVES and so we requested him and now it’s official! So excited!!!! Ok so is this the time that I send him my two year in the making prep/wish list and hope he doesn’t immediately give us to someone else?
  8. Omg 1720 is the suite we will be getting married in next month! I picked it SPECIFICALLY for the fabulous giant balcony! Also we requested Shane and we are also in 1720 so this makes me even happier that we may get our wish! Please post lots of pics and deets! So excited to follow!
  9. This is amazing and THANK YOU so much for posting the entertainment and Cruise Compass! This helps so much with my planning/scheduling ideas for November!
  10. We have that firmly in our Genie notes LOL CK night one filet night dinner
  11. Oh dang….I gotta admit I am actually looking forward to trying Chops! Hopefully my experience is better
  12. Lmao God help me…but yes it does. WHY I decided to throw a wedding, host guests, and film a vlog series AND write a live blog is beyond me
  13. Yes and yes! We have our best friend officiating for our vow exchange. And we are sending a VERY long detailed itinerary and wish list for the day including photos of past star class food spreads and cakes and things we love. It’s going to be in the balcony at sunset on Day 2 after Coco Cay. We are going to bring things like a runner for an aisle & cake topper and garland for rail etc etc. and the rest we are just trusting the magic. We already have such a BEAUTIFUL backdrop and amazing friends that we know whatever the genie does will be amazing. We really just want yummy appetizers and a champagne toast and a cake that feeds 12 LOL I’ve seen people get more than that for their birthdays And yes the rest will simply be a much needed vacation with friends! The Mediterranean honeymoon cruise will come later
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