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  1. Wowww TWO cakes!! That is so awesome! I was hoping the genie could arrange a small Plain white two tiered cake That we can decorate for our wedding reception in the suite. I was sure but I’ve seen so many celebratory cakes without any requests that I’m sure if I tell them in advance they could manage. Yay congrats Delaney!
  2. What an amazing day!!! Question did they deliver cocktails to your suite? Or did you venture out and get them and bring them back?
  3. Thank you so so much for this incredible review! I just started from the beginning and went all the way to the end. I am SO excited to be sailing Star Class for our wedding on this ship in 2021! From what I see and read it’s going to be an experience of a LIFETIME!
  4. Thank you so so much for posting! These are beautiful photos and it looks like you all had an INCREDIBLE time!!!
  5. This looks awesome! Can you tell me how many pages there are and maybe show some examples? We are definitely going to do the unlimited photos for our wedding cruise!
  6. That’s so amazing! We really wanted to be married on the deck with an ocean backdrop which is no longer an option so rather than settling we decided to get the largest balcony star class suite with a genie! We have a small wedding so honestly a few decorations we bring, a small cake, some platters and bubbly and we are all set! Hoping this is as amazing as we think it will be! We are very low maintenance. We just want our loved ones and a beautiful intimate setting
  7. We are in 1720!! We like the balcony set up because that is where we are exchanging vows on a sea day overlooking the water! Let’s just pray that they don’t try and make us pay for charcuterie etc being sent to the suite life I’ve been hearing rumors about! Lol this is no cabin crawl!!
  8. Omg yay! This is the suite/ship we will be sailing for our wedding 2021!! Please report back! So glad I found this blog. You all are the best!
  9. This room is STUNNING! Can’t wait to stay in our Star Loft Suite on the Oasis Of The Seas!!!! Thank u for this awesome blog!
  10. Are the WOW bands a different color for non Star class? Just curious if this is yet another way for the amazing crew to know who is STAR? What an amazing start!
  11. This is SO amazing! Quick question.....was there an additional cost for the Bloody Mary/mimosa bar or the food that you ordered for the pub crawl? Or was that all included in the Star Class service?! What an incredible time you’re having!
  12. Thank you so so much! We are so thrilled to be doing this! And really excited to film it all for our Cruise travel channel Booscruize! Loving your blog!
  13. Thank you so so much! We always wanted to get married on the ships deck but they don’t allow it anymore so we decided that since our number of guests is small and we know that many people throw parties/cabin crawls in their suites that the genie could help us with a few platters and some bubbly! Praying this all goes off without a hitch LOL Love your blogs btw! I am catching up on everyone’s SC adventures!
  14. Omg my partner and I just booked Star Class 1720 on the November 7th 2021 sailing....and we are having a small wedding ceremony on the balcony! We can’t wait!!!! Thanks so much for all the amazing SC info!!
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