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  1. Add another vote for art auction! We also thought it would be a good idea to walk to the main Cozumel area from the non-main pier. We, uh, rode back in a taxi.
  2. My wife and I did this about 2 years ago, and it was a great experience. Just be prepared for the previously mentioned upsell at the end and can give a strong No Thanks. Depending on your itinerary, and if you are flexible with when it can happen, there will likely be onboard deals that are cheaper than the cruise planner price. If you are willing to risk it, and/or get an off peak time, then waiting is beneficial.
  3. My backup plan in case an April Oasis was a no go was an 8-night Independence in June.... Crud. Now the backup needs a backup, but have to make a bet on which of Brilliance or Allure will be online in June (all other things remaining equal, numbers falling, etc., etc.)
  4. Until a recent sale, I always thought high 400s was the lowest. I recently have seem them flirt with the high 300s for a few days, then shoot back up to over 600.
  5. Hello group! We have a pending voyage for 4 on the Oasis in a junior suite with an additional Pullman bed. In researching options to try and take advantage of kids sail free next summer, I was looking at examples of Pullman beds on a Freedom class ship. It looks like the Pullman is over the "master" bed in most/all of the pictures that I have seen. I assumed, poorly, that the Pullman would be above the couch, creating 2 segmented rooms. Has anyone been in a Pullman equipped JS on an Oasis shop to know the layout? Thanks!
  6. In addition to the serenity mentioned above and the elevated (usually) service provided, maybe consider the sample menus of the restaurants. I am typically torn between two and three items in a specialty restaurant. Even with a small number of restaurants to rotate through across 6 to 8 nights, the UDP would provide me the chance to try them all on return visits. I have also been able to talk to the Chef's Table representative and get a "credit" towards a night there via the UDP - you still pay more, but not the full cost.
  7. Brilliance has a wonderful concierge setup, with (pre-shutdown) the best staff I've ever interacted with. Hope you enjoy!
  8. As I research, I am seeing a lot of "deals" on the Canon T7, and a lot of reviews that it is pretty basic and the "i" version is much better. That said, there are a couple of used T6i for sale near me that may be the sweet spot for more feature and less middle school risk. Any strong opinions on 6i vs 7?
  9. Thank you both for your time and information, much appreciated!
  10. I know there are many of you with a lot of experience and quite sophisticated camera equipment. My early-teen is taking up photography and it is a new world for me/us. She will be taking classes next year as a school elective and needs a "real" camera for class. I'd like to get her one that will allow her to learn the proper features of a camera while also being useful as a family until (or if) we need more power in the future. All that said... do any of you have recommendations for a brand and overall beginner outfit for a budget up to about $500? Thanks!
  11. I am still hoping my January '21 sailing will head to Labadee, and on the cruise planner over water cabanas are available for under $400. If you have reserved a cabana, check the sale against your receipt.
  12. It looks like the single and 2 perk price points are using the classic package, and the additional upgrade to 4 perks would bring in premium. Overall for the cost it seems a good deal, and I'm not using $2 gratuities as a deal breaker, just not sure how it fits together.
  13. Hi - I have done some research and found the flyer showing what is included in the premium package, seems like a pretty good "freebie" for something offering up to $15 drinks. There is fine print on the flyer though, that 20% gratuity is added. Ehen the package is included as a perk do you end up getting a lot of $1 - $3 receipts for beverages, or is that gratuity factored into the perk itself?
  14. I appreciate all the info an experience from you all. I was leaning Sky class, and based on the discussion will likely go for it now. And the comes the debate between a GS (aaugh, deck 12, no 8, no 6) and the splurge for the loft. Maybe I'll ease into it and save the loft for a future milestone.
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