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  1. On Allure in March we we able to get into the Suite seats at all shows about 15 mins prior to showtime. I'd say it was about 80% capacity, so if you are flexible it should be ok.
  2. Slight hijack of the thread to congratulate all the corrupting influences on this specific thread who are responsible for my family being #TeamDeck17 rookies on the Allure sailing that departs this same day. 4 negatives for us, so packing has commenced. Happy sailings to all!
  3. If you put all in one account, the "primary account holder" has to be there for the test, but that seemed the only twist. They did not like me putting my 9 year old's passport up, it had to be mine. And, if you happen to share a name be prepared for extra hoops, but it eventually works.
  4. 4 negatives here as well. After losing one in January I wasn't even allowing excitement until after 12PM today. Deck 17 rookies are inbound!
  5. Hi folks - my most recent cancellation for June was booked under kids sail free, but my oldest will not be eligible for the promotion if we shift to 2022 and it is enforced as of sail date. Has anyone hit a similar age milestone issue during all the reschedules, and if so what was your experience? Thanks!
  6. Things I have learned so far: 1. I am able to receive emails from Celebrity. Royal has yet to figure this part out for my account. 2. Celebrity has a bug and I get a daily email from the CEO thanking me for booking 22 months from now.
  7. We are dipping our toe into the Retreat experience with a 7 night Apex in Jan 2023 for a big anniversary. The value seems good relative to Royal's suite prices for that winter season, so a little modern luxury it is.
  8. To the topic of the space center, I'm been in Orland since middle school in 88 and had been to KSC once. We went for a school field trip last year, and if you have any memory or history with the shuttle program at all, I think that it is worth your time.
  9. In fall 2019, we had a cabana for 6 an one solo ticket purchase... and the attendant did not bat an eye. They added a tick mark next to our name on a paper and waved us on through. That will be nearly 2 years and a lot of lost revenue ago, so the policy may change, but it is worth a shot.
  10. Question for the experts... On the Celebrity site, for closed loop Panama Canal cruise on the Edge, one of the days is noted as Panama Canal (Cruising). The 10 night Serenade does not explicitly call that out and there are 3 port days in a row. Do you think it will enter the Gulf side of the canal, or is that only an excursion for this type of sailing?
  11. We sailed this room on Mariner fall 2019 and I loved it. The location is great, there is hardly any reason for folks to be above or below you. Having the additional half bath and the sitting area makes this a go to for me going forward, with @Lovetocruise2002's caveat about the Covid protocols and lack of balcony nagging at the back of my mind along the way. We had the portside room, a few more visuals are attached.
  12. Add another vote for art auction! We also thought it would be a good idea to walk to the main Cozumel area from the non-main pier. We, uh, rode back in a taxi.
  13. My wife and I did this about 2 years ago, and it was a great experience. Just be prepared for the previously mentioned upsell at the end and can give a strong No Thanks. Depending on your itinerary, and if you are flexible with when it can happen, there will likely be onboard deals that are cheaper than the cruise planner price. If you are willing to risk it, and/or get an off peak time, then waiting is beneficial.
  14. My backup plan in case an April Oasis was a no go was an 8-night Independence in June.... Crud. Now the backup needs a backup, but have to make a bet on which of Brilliance or Allure will be online in June (all other things remaining equal, numbers falling, etc., etc.)
  15. Until a recent sale, I always thought high 400s was the lowest. I recently have seem them flirt with the high 300s for a few days, then shoot back up to over 600.
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