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  1. I heard they stopped it for “health and safety reasons” for now
  2. We def want to go on shore. We did our part and booked an excursion as required, that included children etc. now it’s obviously changed, but just for the excursion it seems. I would gladly switch. To something else, But like I said since it’s next week, and this just changed, all or almost all others are sold out
  3. Yes to consume alcohol, not to actually go on the tour.
  4. So confusing, this is like day 5 of cruise, so way past the 48 hours. As I said I would gladly change to a diff excursion, but almost all are sold out. Do you know even if it shows sold out, does royal or the ship hold a few spots back to be reserved on the boat etc?
  5. We are on the November 21 st group cruise on Harmony, (next week) and was browsing the app a little while ago, and just noticed this in the notes of the excursion! I had booked it for my wife and 2 children under 12, long ago! I would just switch to a different excursion, because we do want to get off the boat and not leave the kids on the boat, but with it being so close to sailing almost all are sold out! I have not been notified at all by RC. Is this saying they are not allowing anyone unvaccinated or that they need to be tested 48 hours prior? the wording is a little conflicting!
  6. It’s a obc as a result of the price going down. So your saying if it wasn’t used it go back to my cc?
  7. How would you do so? Just draw against your obc in the casino then cash out?
  8. I take that back I just found a decent deal on a rental, so i booked it! wasn't that last time I checked !
  9. 4 ( 2 adults/2 children) I would normally rent a car, but the rental prices because of car shortages/ all the other stuff going on, are insanity right now. I keep checking!
  10. @twangsteror anyone else, we are doing the RCB group cruise on November 21, and return November 28th, (sunday) and our flight home isnt untll 8pm at night, we looked at the excursion as it was available through the cruise planner, but its kind of pricey etc, and it states they need a certain amount of people for the tour to go, so was looking to go on our own, I have no problem spending the $ on an uber/lyft, but my question is, any idea what to do with luggage /bags while we did that.
  11. Thank you! Normally thats what I would do but, the price of rentals are ridiculously high with the car shortage etc etc. We need a larger size car or SUV to fit us 4 plus bags. So now just planning to use a uber/lyft type service.
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