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  1. We are scheduled to go on the rcb group cruise in November 2021, and was looking at the possibility of purchasing the key. We usually buy the deluxe beverage package w the internet, (that is $58 pp )but if purchasing the key, would buy the drink package with out the internet (that’s $50pp) cause it comes w the key. The key is $21.99. I would have to purchase for myself wife and daughter who will be 7, my son who will be 4 would not need it, I guess ? Do you guys think it’s worth it to get the key. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks in advance !
  2. Thanks everyone, made the switch, now we just gotta get back to cruising! [email protected] made it super easy!!
  3. Maybe I should reach out to her
  4. I am looking for or at an ocean view balcony, for 2 adults, 2 kids. I am going to reach out to my agent and make the switch! Let’s get back to cruising !
  5. I haven’t switched to it yet, was just trying to gather as much info as possible. I def like the idea of being to attend some social events, meet new ppl etc
  6. Does that typically mean a better rate for it, as well?
  7. So a little story here sorry in advance , I was originally booked on a Odyssey sailing for 3/2021, but that was obviously cancelled, we have since re booked on a diff cruise same week in 3/2021, but we are concerned cruising won't be 100% normal at that time, trust me I wish it was, but we are considering moving our cruise back to maybe November. March worked well because the kids were off for the week we were going etc. Looking at calendar and seem Thanksgiving would work well because we would only have to pull the kids out for say 2.5 days. So I was eyeing a few cruises that week and realize
  8. I was a victim of the most recent odyssey sailings cancelation, and chose to take the FCC and the OBC. In regards to the OBC how long does it usually or how long has it taken to show up, and will it show In my cruise planner login, I already have another cruise booked and want to use it for cruise planner purchases on there. TIA
  9. Thanks for your help, 1 more questions, then for cruise planner purchases, what’s the policy there? We booked a drink package and a a cabana I believe, but you can’t get the 125% obc with out picking the fcc for the actual cruise or you can?
  10. Sorry all the more I read about the FCC credit. The more I am confused. On my sailing, I only paid the deposit so far $1000, which was a refundable fare booking. The fcc I receive is based on that or the total cruise fare, minus taxes and port fees?
  11. I was planning on waiting, but we have other cruises in mind, for that same week, and didn’t want the price to jump, and or availability go away.
  12. Just saw the news that the odyssey will be delayed, and all sailings through April 2021 are canceled. I had a cruse booked for March 2021, it’s obviously canceled, I booked via Costco, and just paid the deposit so far. I also booked as refundable. Here’s my questions : if I choose fcc, what do I do? do I have to wait for Costco? can I book another in the mean time while waiting for the fix , then apply it to The new booking? i also have a bunch of purchases on the cruise Planner , that I believe I can choose credit for that as well? TIA for your answers
  13. Awesome thanks, yea I know they can’t raise my odyssey rate, but I meant to books a backup, I was going to wait till I heard more about odyssey, but who knows when that would be and then at that point maybe prices would be higher for that back up booking.
  14. We are currently booked on a 3/12/21 southern Caribbean booking on odyssey of the seas, with the possibility of a delay in the ship being delivered , and the report that prices might go up, we have selected a few back up cruises for the same week timeframe , both western Caribbean, almost same intineirary that I am about to book as a back up. One being on the oasis , one being symphony , what are the main diff between the 2 ships, I know oasis was recently amped. Is there any reason to pick one over the other? TIA
  15. So here’s the update. I called at 9:59 am literally, and 10:01 one got through to a agent, but it took an hour for her to get someone at RC, but all set. Saved $457.
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