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  1. In the Windjammer they always have some type of juice, usually lemonade, apple and fruit punch on ours. In the dining room it varies. For breakfast in the dining room you can usually get orange and tomato, sometimes cranberry. Also if you bring a reusable water bottle you can fill it with whatever, you just have to use the cups they provide and fill it from that. They don't want a reusable bottle touching the drink dispenser for sanitary reasons. It's a bit of a nuisance but cheaper than buying bottled water for excursions.
  2. @PoochYes, respectable stuff! I got into lots of trouble as a teen, but I was rarely a nuisance to others.. usually just myself and my mom. I'm not saying my experience is the case with every cruise.. I'm just putting my experience out there for others to do with what they want. @wordell1 Yes, I have shared this information a few times, even with RCL, if you're wondering. I just know this is something I would have liked to have known before embarkation. I was under the impression that this group was to share information with each other so you know what to expect. I do know my cruise isn't the only one with very few choices to keep teens entertained in the evening. Bored teenagers do even stupider stuff than they would normally do. That's all I'm saying.
  3. @PoochI'm sorry that sounds like a miserable job.. dealing with other people's teens!! That's why I could never be a teacher. I have many wonderful, patient friends that are teachers, and I'm so thankful for them (so I don't have to do it ). Did you happen to catch the teen that climbed the game palm tree to the top?! I'm so proud that my boys that they don't want to a part of group that would act like that! Even my 13yo said "seeing these kids act like this makes me really glad you're our parents!" And that kid does not give out compliments easily.
  4. I'm just putting the info out there for the newbies. I did not expect to find teens running around like they'd escaped from an asylum. My teens tried the teen lounge one evening after dinner and decided that it was not their scene. They have no patience for anyone acting like a fool. We all like to think we raise our kids to behave.. but that also includes the kinds of parents that let their children run around a restaurant screaming like a banshee.
  5. The teen program (at least on Harmony last month) is like the wild west. There's no rules and no real supervision unless it's a planned event like basketball or something. At night they're running around like crazy and doing whatever they want totally unsupervised. If you don't want your young teen hanging out with unruly, ill mannered other teens, then I suggest you keep them with you in the evenings.
  6. We were on Harmony a few weeks ago. My teens were 13 & 15. There were no rules for the over 13 group. They could come and go whenever (and wherever, it seemed), and join in on events or not. My teens didn't care for the "obnoxious" (their word) teens on the ship so they didn't spend any time in the teen areas. When we walked around late at night the teens we encountered were running around, screaming profanities at each other and I swear they were trying to break whatever they could get their hands on. I think RCL needs to have a little more for them to do, or at least keep an eye on them when there isn't much to do. All the teens I saw were ridiculous!! I assume their parents were in shows or clubs and so they felt they were free to do whatever they wanted. It was off putting.
  7. Just to reply to my own question. For our 7 day cruise we downloaded multiple movies and shows on 2 tablets. My teens used it more than we did. Turns out there's not a lot for the teens to do at night.. especially if they're like mine who stay up later. My 15yo walked around at night by himself for an hour or so after dinner and my 13yo watched movies till he fell asleep. They tried the teen lounge, but most of the other teens were obnoxious and they didn't care to spend time around them. So the movie downloads turned out to be a good idea.
  8. I used to only rely on Dramamine, but it always made me so sleepy. I read that bonine doesn't cause sleepiness so I tried it this last cruise and I didn't get sleepy, yay! But I do think it depends on the person. Maybe try both on land to see if one makes you sleepy. A lot of people like the patches, but I can't stand the dry mouth.. I could drink a gallon of water in 30 mins and still feel dry. I hate it.. plus it makes me feel dizzy.
  9. Good to know spring is often rough.. Not sure I'll do another spring one again, then. Even our ports were cloudy/rainy sometimes. Much nicer in the summer. Some of the crew were talking about how they've never it seen it that bad. I wasn't sure if they were newer, or if it really was rocking that badly. The captain said at one point that we had winds gusting up to 50mph on the ship because of headwind and us going fast. @Pooch I've never seen their rolling cart to clean up sick before this cruise.. I saw it multiple times on this one. The little vacuum and lots of sanitizing cleaner bottles. Once it came out in the dining room. I was really glad it wasn't me. It was hard to tell who was drunk or not those first few days.
  10. We left Canaveral on March 13th, when Florida was having a cold snap. The first 3 days at sea were so rocky. We went down to St Maarten on the Atlantic side. Everyone was feeling it those first few days, I saw many people bumping into poles and others trying to catch their balance (so it wasn't just me). Things in our room were literally swaying back and forth. There were more seasick cleanups than I've ever seen on a ship. I was certain I was gonna get sick a few times, thank goodness I didn't. (I had bonine and Dramamine just in case.) I'm just curious if spring is more windy/rocky like that? We've never gone in spring time before. Thankfully by the time we got into the Caribbean ocean the rocking settled a bit, but we still moved around quite a lot the whole cruise. Sidenote - My poor husband is one of the rare people that suffer what they call reverse motion sickness. Everytime we get off a cruise he feels like he's moving for just about as long as we were on the cruise. So he just started feeling better a few days ago.
  11. Possibly my last post before we sail away tomorrow. So I'm curious what you all recommend we definitely do onboard. Also any stuff to skip.. the buying stuff (art, jewelry, etc) does not interest us. Neither does the spa tour or free massage gimmicks. So what else to do and/or skip? Thanks!!
  12. We sail tomorrow and Solarium Bistro is still not showing in the app. Any idea why it's been closed so long?
  13. Thanks!! I really love all the assistance I get from this board. Y'all are lifesavers!!
  14. Yes! It's always so hard for me to do before any vacation. I've passed that trait on to my 15 year old.. Poor guy.
  15. Yay!! We all tested negative last night. So relieved!!! Just read about your delay.. I will thinking about you today and sending positive vibes to your airplane!! Hopefully your brother gets things sorted as well. Sorry your anxiety is not over yet.
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