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  1. You can search cruises in cruise critic and click on the circled arrow for the maps.
  2. Do the larger ships drink packages cost more? Was on Brilliance and sale last month was $46, that of course was cancelled and refunded, this month on Indy it's $50.
  3. My TA said many of the customer service people are new and not well trained so will take a bit to get everything sorted. There looks to be plenty of blocked rooms for them to shift people around on.
  4. I'm getting moved to Indy as well but still stuck in limbo. I was just able to get into cruise planner and cancel my bev pkgs. When I asked them if they would honor the pricing I was told no, they said keep an eye out for sales in the future.... Like I hadn't done that and it been screwed up by them.
  5. I think you know what numbers to play once you get to the casino.
  6. Still waiting to get moved over... Maybe they are waiting until the last minute to do a giant data dump.
  7. I’ve seen someone post they received a $200 obc, per cabin, for having to change ships/cabins, can anyone else confirm this? Also heard anything purchased in the cruise planner is not moving over and will be canceled/refunded.
  8. ROYAL CARIBBEAN ANNOUNCES UPDATES TO 2021 SUMMER CRUISES Royal Caribbean Press Center News Feed 3min//keep unread//hide MIAMI, Sept. 23, 2020 – Royal Caribbean International today provides an update to its 2021 summer cruises, announcing upcoming changes in itineraries and homeports. Tapping market research and valuable feedback from guests and travel partners, the cruise line has adjusted its schedule with the goal of providing guests with greater variety for their 2021 adventures. Highlights of the updated summer cruises for 2021 include new 4- and 5-night Mediterranean getaways fro
  9. I sent a DM to them on Twitter, here is reply: I'm so sorry for the delay. Yesterday a press release was posted that featured an update on our Summer 2021 itineraries. It was posted in error and featured outdated info. We’re always looking at ways to offer our guests and travel partners the best vacations. When there are confirmed details on any changes to our itineraries, we’ll let you know.
  10. The price on my balcony guarantee has gone up 43% since I booked it the beginning of August. Maybe they readjusted the cost due to moving from Brilliance to Independence....
  11. I would think the lobbyists are way out in front of this and have steered them towards language that encompasses things that are already in the works or would need to be done in any case and are probably already in the works. Most senators don't pull this stuff out of thin air.
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