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  1. I wondered about this when I booked. When booking he just kept saying with your USAA discount it's "x" price. So perhaps it was booked through some kind of group block.
  2. I thought masks were mandatory at adventure Ocean, no? Is it just not being enforced or did they do away with it?
  3. Not that I'm aware of. I called USAA and booked two cabins. It was about $150 less than booking with Royal directly so I went with them.
  4. Update. I got someone at the TA willing to call Royal. He said they told him they were unable to re-price mine based on the original fare I had booked? Something about how it was 50 percent off? It didn't make much sense to me and if I book another cruise I will be going through Royal directly. Ugh.
  5. Hmmm. I booked an April cruise in March 2022 through royal directly and the rep offered it as an option. That's how I found out about it. Then I had to postpone the April trip. When I rebooked for August I was able to get a better price through USAA travel (the current TA). I think I may just call royal today and see what my options are. I had a feeling I should have just booked direct again. Not liking the middle man thing.
  6. Thanks. I've always booked direct prior to this. If I try and call myself do you know if they will redirect me to the TA? I'd rather do that than go back and forth with this guy.
  7. I'd already decided I wouldn't use again after I mentioned I wanted the option during dining where they come pick up your child after 45 minutes so they could play. He had no clue about it and didn't offer to call and inquire.
  8. Hello all! I was under the impression you could call for a reprice if you see your cruise fare go down and if it was after final payment you would get an onboard credit. The TA I booked with just replied that they won't do a reprice after final payment. Any insight?
  9. I also got the $18.99 refreshment package for the April cruise I had to postpone. Now it's up to $23. I was able to get the swim with pigs at our previous rate yesterday so that's a plus. Seems like it's a crap shoot. Maybe there will be a Mother's day sale.
  10. So I had an April cruise booked and I had ended up getting fabulous prices for the Refreshment package, wifi, and shore excursions thanks to a presidents day sale. Had to rebook for August and now I'm bargain hunting all over again. Are the sales a usual occurrence on holidays? Should I be looking toward Memorial Day to get some price drops?
  11. So, due to possible documentation issues I had to move our cruise from this Monday to the summer. I'm already trying to digest the $950 increase, but the rep also stated they can hold the new reservation but we have to wait for the cruise credit to come back to the account. Any recent personal experiences as to how long that takes? She said she can expedite it but the issue is, if I book with RCCL direct again it will be more than the price I got with a TA. Rccl can hold my new reservation for a few weeks but a TA can't. I'm feeling flustered and super bummed.
  12. Apparently Carnival spells it out on their site! Ugh.
  13. Local library cards, yes. No photo though. Looking at voter ID card now to see if that's an option.
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