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  1. Did using this disqualify any other promos like crown and anchor balcony discount?
  2. I tried to apply two as well. One was declined. Sent each separately from different email accounts. They said only one per booking. In the past I was able to apply two.
  3. Sorry to piggyback on this thread, but it got me wondering if the new infinity pool at the beach club might be heated?
  4. Yes! Only for my April 2022 booking. I hope it doesn’t go away...
  5. I have never seen pricing this high for Oasis Sept. 2021 sailing. I’m so glad I already purchased it at $79 pp. I hope this is not a sign of future pricing trends.
  6. I am having the exact same issue. I contacted Royal and all they could say it is like that because I purchased the item previously and then lifted and shifted so it was cancelled. Makes no sense. How can I repurchase if we don’t know how much the current price is?
  7. Looking way ahead on my March 2022 cruise planner Cococay cabanas recently became available. Lowest prices I have seen. I grabbed a south beach cabana for $399. Over water are $1099 but there’s only two of us so I can’t justify that one. I figure since it’s so far away I can always cancel if I change my mind.
  8. Do you recall what the food option differences are? I am considering a south beach cabana and can’t find much info about it thanks!
  9. I have just left myself one FCC and have requested returns on my other cancelled cruises. The fact that you can only use one FCC toward each cruise is very limiting and I do not want to get stuck with them.
  10. In answer to your first question I did. My travel agent took care of it for me. Saved quite a bit of money. All done within a day. Use MEI.
  11. In hindsight I totally agree with you. I should have cancelled my planner purchases first. But that doesn’t excuse Royal for trying to be slick and holding onto my money.
  12. I did mind that they did this because it interfered with me using a full FCC toward my balance. And I really didn’t want them to hold my money for another year.
  13. Yes I have that confirmation email. I called them and they are going to fix it and refund my credit card. Smooth move on their part trying to hold onto my money!
  14. I received my new invoice from Royal today for a cruise I lifted and shifted. I was told that my original cruise planner items would be refunded to my original form of payment. Instead they credited them to the balance owed on my cruise over a year away. Final payment on this cruise isn’t due until next June. Now Royal has over $1000 of my money I was expecting to be refunded to my credit card. Has this happened to anyone else??
  15. Why can’t I use more than one FCC toward my future cruise? It’s money I already gave Royal and I feel like we should be able to use it any way we like.
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