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  1. It’s looking better and better for September my friend...
  2. sorry! Yes April 10, 2022!
  3. a whole ship to ourselves sounds fabulous!
  4. Welcome Aboard! Starting to get excited about this sailing! Who else is on this one?
  5. Welcome Aboard! I am feeling more confident every day that this sailing is going to happen! Who else is sailing on this date?
  6. They were there for me yesterday. Someone else on my April 2022 sailing has the same problem
  7. Sept 12th Oasis and April 10th Anthem
  8. Has anyone else noticed their Internet Options to purchase have disappeared from the cruise planner? This has happened to all my future bookings. I’m wondering if they are doing a big change up?
  9. Why is everyone feeling cruises won’t start by the summer? I’m booked for September and keeping optimistic!
  10. I highly recommend @michellefrom MEI!
  11. Did using this disqualify any other promos like crown and anchor balcony discount?
  12. I tried to apply two as well. One was declined. Sent each separately from different email accounts. They said only one per booking. In the past I was able to apply two.
  13. Sorry to piggyback on this thread, but it got me wondering if the new infinity pool at the beach club might be heated?
  14. Yes! Only for my April 2022 booking. I hope it doesn’t go away...
  15. I have never seen pricing this high for Oasis Sept. 2021 sailing. I’m so glad I already purchased it at $79 pp. I hope this is not a sign of future pricing trends.
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