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  1. $179 per person? I guess Royal doesn’t want people to sign up
  2. Do you just let them know when you show up at your reservation that you have the dining package and they issue the credit to your account?
  3. Booked our first Celebrity cruise on Summit last week. Diamond on Royal. Looking forward to the more adult vibe I have been reading about. Also love the all included fare.
  4. Does anyone know do you have to be staying in a suite to reserve a cabana at barefoot beach?
  5. They are provided free to use by anyone in the Beach Club.
  6. Totally agree with the feelings when you take the first steps off the gangway and onto the ship. I’m not too proud to say I shed a few tears stepping onto Oasis this past September.
  7. I am booked for 6/23 on Liberty that has this port as well as La Romana. Looking foward to seeing what others experiences are. Exciting new ports for sure!
  8. Liberty of the Seas from Cape Liberty NJ August 2023!
  9. My TA is @michelle. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She responds to my many emails at all hours of the day and evening. I highly recommend her!
  10. I used to be able to in the old cruise planner now that’s it’s a new updated one I can no longer modify
  11. That makes more sense to me. I was on the Oasis in September and my cabin was changed a few days before. Royal told me it was because of maintenance issues but I found out when I was onboard that part of the deck my original cabin was on was housing quarantined crew.
  12. I found having the refreshment package as well as the Diamond vouchers was perfect for me.
  13. What most surprises me about this thread is that this is for March, spring break. That is not for 5 months. We all know how much things can change in that time. Why just this particular sailing? Are other people getting these emails booked in other ships and dates?
  14. Ok thanks for the help! Once again, things just can’t be easy with Royal tech lol
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