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  1. Bob_KY what part of KY are you from? I’m in. Bowling Green.
  2. Lindy, We have some very dear friends of ours on Explorer. The Top Notch Band and lead singer Cherry. If you have a chance please say hello to them from The Mayor of CocoCay (Kelly) and his wife Vanessa. They are really great people and talented artists. A picture would be great too! Thanks and have a wonderful cruise!
  3. What do the drink card normally sell for and what drinks do they cover?
  4. No, you will be fine. You won’t hear a thing. What ship?
  5. I just booked the Deluxe Drink package for our 14 night Transatlantic on Explorer in Nov 2020 for $18 a day!!!! JACKPOT! Have received conformation email from RCCL.
  6. After our cruise on Empress in September my wife and I will move into Diamond status. Would it be better for us to pre-book a dining plan or do they offer specials for Diamond members like buy one get one free or something like that once you are on board. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.
  7. One of the best Head Waiters is aboard Navigator. His name is Ben Alli. He is from Tunisia. He has been our Head Waiter 7 times. If you see him please tell him Kelly and Vanessa from Kentucky says hi. Take a selfie with him and post it. Have a great cruise!
  8. I have traveled to London many times and we always stay at the K&K George in Kensington. Super nice English hotel in a great location. Earls Court tube station is a 2 min walk from the hotel. Enjoy your time in London. It’s one of the greatest cities you’ll ever visit. https://www.kkhotels.com/london/hotel-george?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6r64nMqA4wIVjv5kCh0-8w4REAAYASAAEgKw0_D_BwE
  9. What they said above is correct. I would suggest calling RCCL and asking what all paperwork is required for your niece. It changes from time to time. Also if you don’t have a passport I would suggest getting one. If not make sure you have original birth certificates and a copy of a marriage certificate if you have a wife going with you.
  10. If you are married and don’t have a passport and are using Birth Certificates then YOU MUST Have A COPY OF YOUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE that shows your wife’s maiden name was legally changed. If your birth certificate has a maiden name and her driving license has her married name you MUST have that document bridge. If not your not getting on the ship. I’ve seen it happen many times.
  11. For the day you are there you are much better off going to Kennedy Space Center. They have amazing things to do and it’s time better spent. You will spend at least 3 hours in travel to and from the ship getting to the parks in Orlando and the parks will be so crowded you won’t get to do much.
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