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  1. Which is why I asked how much it cost on board...
  2. It's been a couple of years since I sailed last. I've got a 3-night package booked for the adults travelling. Just wondering if it's cheaper to buy the package ( currently 42.99 CAD including gratuity) or to pay per night on the ship. TIA
  3. I pulled the trigger and bought the package as a Christmas gift. At 177 CAD it's a sensible purchase considering one trip to Chops is 77 CAD.
  4. Travelling with some picky eaters coming up in a few months... I've read some horror stories about the direction food is heading since I last cruise in the fall of 2022. I've done tons of specialty dining thanks to previous Star Class voyages. The picky eaters I'm travelling with have enjoyed Chops in the past. I'm thinking Mason Jar and Playmakers might be a good idea for the picky eaters but I've never done them myself. Is the MDR "THAT" bad now? The 3 night package is currently 20% off so thinking about it as a Christmas gift. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  5. They really need to update their literature. This was handed out at the Captain's Corner. Can you spot what's wrong with it? This Captain's Corner might be the least impressive one I've ever seen. Only the Captain and Hotel director. 30 minutes in the Star Lounge. No fact sheets handed out on provisions. One good question did come up "if you kill all power to the ship, how long would she take to stop?" Captain James' response "that's a good question. I'm not sure. I've never tried it." He did say that if he had to stop in an emergency they can hit the brakes and the ship will come to a stop within 3 ship lengths. He also added that if he did that a bunch of things would rattle and crash and the Chief Engineer wouldn't speak to him for 3 weeks.
  6. Ya my TA made a mistake. The loyalty ambassador was great. Let's be honest-even if they didn't fix the error, it's not a big deal. Not getting double credit for a cruise is the epitome of a 1st world problem. I see it's 17 at home. It could be colder... But it's 32 feeling 36 here (for the Americans on this site, 32 is what the rest of the world calls hot...). My feet and ankles are starting to swell. That usually happens - keys to avoiding that are reducing the salty foods you eat and reducing the amount of alcohol you drink - HA.
  7. Day 6 is upon us. Two more days at sea. So far this has been a great trip. Some observations : 1. After having the Ben and Jerry's manager say our diamond drink vouchers were good for milkshakes on Wednesday, we were told that they made an error Thursday. The loyalty ambassador confirmed this and it is due to the franchise contract they have with B&J's. Another example of RCI being consistently inconsistent but it didn't put a damper in our trek. 2. On the subject of the loyalty ambassador, Ruby is fabulous. We had this sailing booked in the window where you could get double-double points for a suite. We had to rebook it outside the window for booking. My TA instead of transferring the reservation to this sailing, he cancelled it and created a new booking. With a quick email to C&A, Ruby had the ship righted so that we all get 28 points. (getting my 8 y/o closer to Diamond status on her own instead of freeloading ;)) 3. Pub staff are some of the best I've ever encountered. Shine, Rui, Jayson are top of the charts. 4. Amit in the suite lounge is probably the best concierge I've ever had. 5. Food in the MDR has been good to very good. Beef tenderloin on the menu for the second time tonight - that pleases me. 6. The sports staff are amazing. My daughter is a thrill seeker but was a bit timid around the flowrider and understandably so. The sports staff were incredible. Lori loved it! She's since gone back again and they even had her doing tricks. It seems like Liberty may be one of the least talked about ships on this site probably due to the fact she sails out of Galveston and is overdue for a refresh... That being said there has to be some more questions so come at me!
  8. Greetings from Jamaica! So far this trip is great. Amit the concierge is incredible. Spectacular bar service from the pub. Great MDR service. Yesterday we went to Seven Mile Beach. We rented a jetski and frollicked in the water for a few hours. Today we're pretty much staying on the ship. I dislike Falmouth. It's close to absolutely nothing. 3 nights left including 2 sea days. If you have any questions let me know.
  9. To anyone who says they don't take care of this ship, I beg to differ. Is she 15 years old? Absolutely. But they are always painting, cleaning, and scrubbing places both obvious and not. Here's a shot of them vacuuming the ROOF of Vintages right after they finished polishing the top of the casino sign.
  10. No news. It was the first ship I've sailed on in years that haven't had them so I was surprised to see that they have them. I haven't asked. I'll ask the concierge if I get a chance.
  11. Can confirm. The casino still reeks of cigarette smoke. Nothing has changed. Celebrity has non-smoking casinos. The province of has non-smoking casinos. It is unconscionable that RCI still permits smoking in their casinos.
  12. Greetings all! I'm somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico now and thought it would be a great time for an update. 1. Embarkation in Galveston was pretty smooth. We're in a suite and my mom who's travelling with us has some mobility issues so that sped things along. There was a lack of communication thought. After telling several people that we were in a suite and being told that didn't matter I finally went to someone after seeing dozens of people be whisked passed us.. I asked the employee who was marshalling people if there was expedited boarding for suite guests. She seemed surprised that nobody had told her we were in a suite. Shortly after we were at the pub enjoying a beverage. Our suite is nice but far from fancy. I've previously sailed in a grand suite on Allure and 2 star class suites. I had tempered expeditions. This room is big, clean, and comfortable but it is far from opulent. There is some soot on the balcony. That's to be expected in an aft balcony. The phone doesn't call housekeeping but we are pretty sure low maintenance. Our suite attendant Viola is amazing. The dining room was great. I had the mushroom soup, prime rib, fried chicken and 2 helpings of keylime pie (they're small). The Texas liquor laws are ridiculous. Texas should stick to ranching and shooting things. They have no idea how to grow grapes. Absolutely putrid wine until we were 12 miles out. The crust bow Suite lounge is amazing. Amit the concierge I think knows every guest by name already. Sorrento's pizza is almost a flatbread crust now. That's good. Fewer carbs... Which is good-I tend to drink my carbs. WiFi coverage and speed is awful. Starlink can't come soon enough. The app crashed for everyone last night and even though I linked a credit card it's now telling me I have a cash account so I'll see Amit to help me out there. My daughter's prepurchased arcade package didn't show up on her card so I'll look into that as well. Apologies for any typos.. I'm at the gym sweating out the damage I did to my body last night and sweat VS touchscreen is "un-good". If "y'all" (apparently that's how people speak down here) have any questions let me know.
  13. Boarded my flight. Pushing back whenever the last few passengers board. Apparently Cozumel isn't the only place where people are late.
  14. Tropical depression 7 is now Tropical Storm Fiona ( a coincidence for sure- my daughter's stepsister's name is Fiona). Fiona now almost certainly seems to be headed north. It's 12:49am EST. I have less than 6 hours left until my vacation starts. Better set my out of office. Travel docs including authorization to bring my 8 year co-pilot are set. A week's worth of homework, both English and French immersion have been obtained- wish me luck with that!
  15. Tropical depression 7 is set to be the next named storm. Early tracks have it hanging a right to head north. The gulf should be fine. Mother Nature knows not to screw with my long overdue vacation.
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