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  1. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/liberty-of-the-seas/things-to-do/suite-lounge
  2. I notice that the suite lounge now lists an age restriction of 21+.. I've never noticed this before. I've had my daughter in the SL different times. Is this something new or just something that's never been enforced?
  3. I get that. But Freedom and Marnier but offering internet to those in a full suite or higher doesn't require physical real estate like space for the CK etc..
  4. Can anyone shed any light as to why Voom is not included as a suite perk on smaller ships?
  5. So LOS is supposed to go in for a dry dock in January. Nothing has been said about what there plans are for her. With the COVID-19 silliness going on there is no telling on even IF she'll go in. I suspect she may need some routine maintenance done but perhaps no big additions? Keep in mind, they spent a truck load on LOS 5 years ago. My questions for you are what do you think/what would you like to see added to LOS? It's been 10 years since I last sailed on a Freedom class and now I'm booked for one in August of 2021 and I'm curious to see what ( if any) changes RCI will make.
  6. I'd be shocked if they ever reverted and went away from the 7.95 service fee for room service.
  7. With a few Star Class sailings under my belt, as well as working as a live sound engineer before I started in law enforcement I've seen my fair share of bridges, galleys, and theatres. Interesting for sure but not a perk I really am shook up about losing. This may sound petty but in the past few years all of my trips have been on Oasis or Quantum class vessels. They currently have more included dining options available then a Freedom class ship( LOS is slated for dry dock in Jan I think so who knows what, if anything will change). My biggest concern was if I could get room service delivered at no additional charge to help offset the lack of dining venues.
  8. So it's been 10 years since I've sailed on a Freedom Class vessel and never in a suite. RCI goes to great lengths to publish their suite perks for Oasis and Quantum class ships- not so much for the smaller ones. What I've been able to gleam so far is this Suite lounge access with concierge Reserved seats in the theatre/studio B Expedited embarkation, disembark and tendering Reserved breakfast/lunch location- usually Chops. Pressing of formal attire on first formal night. What am I missing? Room service for those in a full suite is included at no extra charge,right?
  9. I'm not cruising until May 10th. I will not cancel until May 8th.
  10. What ship are you on ? On Oasis they have totally redone the age groups. 6-12 is now one big group that may split into smaller subgroups based on age and/or interest.
  11. Ya you have nothing to worry about.
  12. I take the QEW to the 427 to Toronto Pearson.
  13. I can give you a recommendation of who NOT to use. I had booked 2 star class suites through this guy ( well I technically transferred one to him). For my most recent cruise due to a change in my marital status I had to downgrade from an 2BRATS to a balcony. This guy went ahead and charged my ex-wife's credit card that he apparently still had on file. So I sent him an email asking WTF ( i was much more tactful). He sends a screenshot of the initial email he had sent my ex when we booked the cruise 2 years ago and says " perhaps next time make a note in your calendar". If the mood strikes me to ever take another more affluent journey I sure the hell won't be booking through him. If you didn't pick up who I'm talking about and want to know drop me a PM.
  14. Why wouldn't it be? Their ship. Their rules. If you don't want your child to have their temperature taken then make sure you take lots of pictures because your child won't be allowed to board.
  15. On Oasis class ships you get select beers and house wines from 11a-11p in the Suite Lounge.
  16. The most alarming thing is that it takes a pandemic to get people to wash their hands.
  17. Johnny Rockets is just fine. Not great. Not awful. But fine. In the just over 10 years I've been cruising, the cost has more than doubled. The quality of the food and the experience has not increased to commensurate with the price increase. What really grinds my gear is how a competing line has an authentic gourmet burger joint that is included with the cruise fare and by all accounts from those who have tried both is SIGNIFICANTLY better than Johnny Rockets...
  18. That's what you said in the Podcast- Imma hold you to that.
  19. I keep checking back every few hours to see if entertainment bookings have opened up yet. I'm a big fan of all previous aqua shows but this one sounds like I might actually enjoy the soundtrack, too. If the aqua show doesn't live up to my expectations it is @Matt's fault.
  20. I'm on that sailing as well. My then 6 year old, my folks, my brother and sister in law, and my 2 aunts. 4 cabins in all.
  21. @BunnyHutt and @Linda216 currently this setup is ONLY on Oasis
  22. We're on her in May- my ex ( the early child hood educator) suggested I pull her out of school when it is easier to do ( in SK) and when prices are better.
  23. So I like the new look of Adventure Ocean on the Oasis. BUT I find the age grouping of 6-12 worrisome. 12 year olds are obviously at a different level of maturity than 6 year olds. Previously putting 6-8 year olds together made sense. 12 year olds use different language and are exploring with different things that no 6 year old should be near ( my ex is an educator in a primary school- and I obviously work in law enforcement). A CSR on Twitter told me that it was done to keep family members together. I get that. I really do.. BUT I'm not sure what ( if any) safe guards are in place to protect an overzealous 12 year old from doing something inappropriate ( whether intentional or not) with a younger child. Full disclosure- my heightened concern is due to the fact my daughter is 6. Any parent will know that despite their best efforts, things can happen. Does anyone have any experience on the new AO on Oasis that will help quell my fears? Thanks!!!
  24. You're right it doesn't matter but these first world problems are a welcome distraction from the real world issues.
  25. That's what I thought but typically the Godmother is a licensed green Ogre of a Godmother like Allure's is...
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