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  1. That's what you said in the Podcast- Imma hold you to that.
  2. I keep checking back every few hours to see if entertainment bookings have opened up yet. I'm a big fan of all previous aqua shows but this one sounds like I might actually enjoy the soundtrack, too. If the aqua show doesn't live up to my expectations it is @Matt's fault.
  3. I'm on that sailing as well. My then 6 year old, my folks, my brother and sister in law, and my 2 aunts. 4 cabins in all.
  4. @BunnyHutt and @Linda216 currently this setup is ONLY on Oasis
  5. We're on her in May- my ex ( the early child hood educator) suggested I pull her out of school when it is easier to do ( in SK) and when prices are better.
  6. So I like the new look of Adventure Ocean on the Oasis. BUT I find the age grouping of 6-12 worrisome. 12 year olds are obviously at a different level of maturity than 6 year olds. Previously putting 6-8 year olds together made sense. 12 year olds use different language and are exploring with different things that no 6 year old should be near ( my ex is an educator in a primary school- and I obviously work in law enforcement). A CSR on Twitter told me that it was done to keep family members together. I get that. I really do.. BUT I'm not sure what ( if any) safe guards are in place to protect an overzealous 12 year old from doing something inappropriate ( whether intentional or not) with a younger child. Full disclosure- my heightened concern is due to the fact my daughter is 6. Any parent will know that despite their best efforts, things can happen. Does anyone have any experience on the new AO on Oasis that will help quell my fears? Thanks!!!
  7. You're right it doesn't matter but these first world problems are a welcome distraction from the real world issues.
  8. That's what I thought but typically the Godmother is a licensed green Ogre of a Godmother like Allure's is...
  9. Sooooo Does she get a new Godmother?
  10. It looks like they'll make an exception to the toilet training policy. Not sure about the pools. RCI has been lauded for their autism program. This link has some useful tips ( that's where I learned about the toilet training exception) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/autism-friendly-ships
  11. Michael Bayley admitted when I poised the the question to him on Facebook (if you read between the lines) that they eff'd up. I asked him why and he said " the pool is returning to the solarium on the Symphony". I don't think they expected the negative backlash they got.
  12. There are a number of reasons why terrestrial radio won't work on a cruise ship. I've got some experience in this area as I've worked as a broadcaster, broadcast technician and audio mixer.. 1. You're in the middle of the ocean. Ok, maybe not the middle.. but you're far enough away from the transmitter that reception would be shoddy at best. Many radio station transmitters are further inland in hopes of mitigating damage from nasty weather so you'd need to have a real flame-thrower of a station to get from where the transmitter is out into international waters. A NY/NJ/Baltimore departure would assuredly have more success than a Caribbean voyage just due to the amount of stations. 2. Metal. Radio Frequency ( RF) signals and metal are not friends. The ship is virtually all metal ( don't believe me, stick a magnet above your bed...) Walls are hard enough to penetrate but when they are made with metal, they are even tougher. 3. RF interference. There are a TON of RF signals on the ship... maritime communications equipment, proper portable radios used by the crew ( not the gimmick walkie-talkies that people try to use), wireless mics, cell phones, wifi... A few years ago I did a test and the amount of wifi signals I was seeing on my graph was alarming. While each of these devices use different frequencies within the spectrum, there is only so much room. 4. Electrical interference. Not only is the entire ship metal, but it also has hundreds of miles of cabling running through it. Even devices such as a microphone carry low voltage.. that's enough to wreck havoc with a weak RF signal. If you want music, you can get a spotify premium account and download your music. If you want to listen to the radio, get the voom package ( get the surf and stream) and download the Tunein Radio app. Good luck
  13. Further to my last post about the price of Chops, can anyone hook me up with a recent kids menu from Chops? The last time I ate their my genie sent up chicken fingers for my little one- sailing genie-less this time so I'm unsure what she'll eat.
  14. It's been a while since I've had to pay out of pocket for Chops... On the HOS 18 days... What is the going rate for Chops on board? Cruise Planner says 65 CAD ( about 50 USD) Can anyone who has been on board lately and been to Chops advise? Thanks
  15. I hope it gets everything! Waterslides.. Abyss.. Skypad. If they dare remove the Carousel I'm going to send my 5 year old to have a chat with Mr. Bayley... I wouldn't want to have that conversation with her.....
  16. ya.. I've looked at a bunch- but the waterpark at Playa Mia is what tips the scale.. that's my 5 year old's jam.
  17. Sorry to resurrect an old post- but I'm less than 4 away from my trip now.... For those who have done Playa Mia- did you book directly through the ship? I'm leaning towards booking directly through Playa Mia as they offer an all-inclusive option that RCI does not seem to.
  18. My experience is this. Email your genie with your preferences. Tell them what food you like ( and don't). Tell them what time you want to eat. They'll take care of the rest. Your genie has a significant amount of clout to sneak you in to a restaurant that is otherwise full so I wouldn't worry about times not being available. Plus, this saves the hassle of getting your CC refunded. My first Star Class cruise we ate half of our meals in the MDR as we were travelling with a large group. Our genie was dissapointed in the fact she wasn't able to make 7 nights worth of reservations for us- we certainly made up for it by having specialty dining room service nearly every day.
  19. I've done it 3 times... The first 2 times we had pictures of the ship printed up along with all the travel documents. I told my parents the dates they were going away and sent a packing list. The next time we had to coordinate between my folks and my then in-laws so we just showed them the itinerary and had them figure out the date. The last time I called and asked my folks if we could get them to babysit their granddaughter the night we went to Chops...
  20. Hi all. This will be my first time reverting back to peasant class after a few star class voyages. I think I've convinced my folks into booking a 4 night dining package. How do these work? I know you get a reservation made on your behalf on night 1 or 2.. but you can change that. Are there any exclusions? It is 125 CAD right now.. Chops is currently 61 CAD on the cruise planner, so this seems like a good deal. Also, my little one will be travelling with us- she'll be just shy of 5... Anyone recall what the rate for a kid's specialty dinner is? I know @Matt has talked about these packages on different podcasts, but that's a lot of podcasts I'd have to sift through. Thanks
  21. I meant figuratively.. Meaning there is no reason I a single parent can't travel with his kid. We had a big family vacation planned and now our family dynamic has changed. I already have the letter ready to go. I just meant there's no reason why my kid and I can't cruise together. Just like my wife and her can go if they wan't. I'm well aware of the legalities but it was a figurative expression, not literal.
  22. So due to a recent change in my my domestic situation, the cruise that was planned for my wife, daughter and myself in a 2 bedroom ATS will now just be my kid and I in a 2d balcony room. To hell with her... there's nothing stopping a father from travelling with his kid just the 2 of them.... So... my kid loves the beach. I like all-inclusive options.. We're going to Cozumel.... Anyone have experience with either Nachi or Mr Sanchos? Last time I was in Cozumel the wife and I did the ilsa pasion by twister, but I don't think my little buddy will be big enough for that trip just yet. @Matt I'm too lazy to surf through your podcasts.. I know you've talked about this very subject...
  23. Some highlights... 1. Parking. I took this photo from my parking spot. Yes. It is that close. Also they charge you per night.. Not per day. 160 bucks to park for the 8 night trip 2. Move over Chops mushroom soup. The smoked tomato soup from the CK is now the best soup. Ever. 3. Glass floor in the staircase between deck 13 and 14. Not for the faint of heart.
  24. So during the pre-cruise survey I mentioned I'd love to have dinner with Bruce Springsteen and Poppy and Branch from Trolls. The other day Jay showed up with a stuffed Poppy and Branch. Tonight when we got back from dinner on our table was this book.... I no longer think that they don't read the surveys.. Wow
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