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  1. Thank you so much for the information. I will make sure and take all my documents with me just in case including test results.
  2. I have done plenty of B2B cruises but have never left the port between sailings. So here are my questions: 1. Am I allowed to do this? 2. Do I have to go back through all the same processes as if I were a new passenger? 3. How does Covid testing play into this? Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks
  3. Yes, it all depends on the weather. Something else to consider is the noise you get from the anchor and the tie-off ropes in the front. This only applies to the lower decks 2,3 and 4.
  4. Athens I recommend The Royal Olympic Hotel. It’s close to everything in Athens. It has one of the best rooftop restaurant and bar in Athens. Stunning views of the Acropolis. Venice, I would stay at Hotel Palazzo Vitturi it’s right in the center of Venice Those are wonderful city’s. Have a great time!
  5. My wife and I did a S2S pre-Covid and Royal provided the transportation from Miami to Ft Lauderdale. It was no problem. If they don’t, just use Uber or Lyft. That will be your least expensive and quickest way. Have a great trip!
  6. Everyone please remember to tip the person that brings you your Diamond drink only if it’s a dollar. Those folks do not receive any gratuity for Diamond service. It’s the right thing to do.
  7. Since all of the 2021 Transatlantic cruises from Europe back to the states are on hold, they are not showing up on the web site. Can everyone post the following information: Ship Name, departure port, date and arrival port that you know of? Thanks in advance for all the information.
  8. I’m on that same cruise on Jewel out of Galveston and was wondering the same thing.
  9. We have been on Enchantment many time. Great Ship!! If you are staying in a suite The Key is not worth the extra dollars. You will get almost the same benefit with the suite. No there is not a special pool seating area for Suite or Key guest.
  10. I use the Bank of America Travel Card. Have been very happy with it. No annual fee, 1.5 points per dollar on all purchases. Those points are redeemed for anything travel related. I use the card for almost all my personal and business purchases. I’ve not paid for a cruise in 4 years. My points have covered 3 or 4 cruises per year. The trick is to make sure you pay the balance off each month so you don’t pay interest. If you can’t do that then it’s worth it at all as the interest rate is high, but if you can it’s the only way to travel. 3 years ago I took my family of 6 on a 2 week vacation to Greece, England and Scotland. The total cost of the trip was $20,000. The points covered all but $1500 for meals. Plus the card offers free currency exchange. Also it is very easy to redeem the points. Use just log into your account and apply the points to your purchase and it removes it from your balance. The card does offer some insurance but would suggest additional protection.
  11. Joe, Thank you for your service! It takes a special person to service in the silent service!! Beat Army! This is something my wife and I have talked about doing. Take a transatlantic from Florida to Europe in March/April. Spend the 6 months or so traveling in Europe with a Euro rail pass and AIR B&B’s Then catch a transatlantic back to Florida in October/November. What a great way to travel.
  12. We do the very same thing. SWA into FLL. The cheapest and easiest way to get to Miami Cruise terminal is to get a Lyft. Once you collect your bags walk out the door and turn right. Walk about 300 ft and you will be at the pick up area. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the ship. Very easy.
  13. For us its been from 30 days out up to 2 weeks out. Mostly about the 30 day mark.
  14. Thanks Chadster. I love making those videos after some of our cruises. I like to change it up a little bit.
  15. Enchantment is a Vision Class, but she stands apart from the others. Some time ago the ship was sent to dry dock for a refurbishment. During that time the ship was CUT IN HALF. A new 90' section was added in the middle of the ship. You will notice on the pool deck a "flying bridge' on both sides of the ship. Inside the Centrum in different than the others. They also added a Boleros Lounge. She is a great ship and the one we have sailed on the most. Do not hesitate to book her!! Here is a video I made while on board. https://youtu.be/J1whgEVsvq0 Here is the video of the ship cut in half in dry dock https://youtu.be/lKDA8GgBSIM
  16. I was on the same time as CruiseGus. I have sailed on Majesty 6 times now. Despite her size compared to the newer ships, Majesty is still relevant. She has been well maintained and her staff is as good as it gets. The food in the main dining room is as good or better than most in the fleet. If your the type of person that MUST have something to do 20 hours a day then Majesty might not be for you. However, if you want to slow down, relax and enjoy a slower pace then she is PERFECT! Don't let anyone talk you out of not cruising on her because she doesn't have "Specialty Restaurants" or fancy slides. There is plenty to do. Enjoy this Classy Middle-Aged Lady and remember not to many years ago she was the largest most advance cruise ship in the world. She may not be around in the next couple of years so enjoy this classic while you can. I really have not noticed any more movement on this ship vs any other in the fleet. The seas, wind, currents and an individuals tolerances make each cruise different. This applies to all ships so don't let that discourage you.
  17. Thanks Matt, I do agree that this could be a worrisome trend in the future. I completely understand the need for minor adjustments in the future, but don’t completely remove a function that is held every night on other ships. I know Empress does not do it, but that’s a whole other issue in regards to space available.
  18. It’s not about that at all and I’ve never been “privileged “. I’m a blue collar home builder that has spent a lot of money with Royal in the past to earn that benefit so stop being a jerk. It’s about something you have strived for and now it’s been removed for no good reason. Royal says it’s because they don’t have a dedicated room for it. I’ve spent many a night in the Viking Crown Lounge and it works just fine. Never has been an issue. Looks like a money move to me and a lot of other people. Who’s to say they won’t stop with just Majesty.
  19. Calling all Diamond and above cruisers. Royal has decided to stop holding its nightly Diamond Event in the Viking Crown Lounge on Majesty of the Seas. For those of us that enjoy that time of fellowship with others over a nice drink please contact Royal to voice your disapproval. Even if you don’t regularly cruise on Majesty. Who’s to say this is only the start of a trend. Is the Vision class next? If you want to voice your disappointment. Please call 1-800-526-9723. You can also fill out a form online at RCCL.com A strong outcry can bring change.
  20. Its official! Was told by the Crown and Anchor desk today that they would no longer be holding a Diamond Happy Hour in the Viking Crown Lounge. Only the 3 drinks per night during the Happy Hour at the bars will be honored. This is not just about the unlimited drinks and snacks, its also about the social aspect of fellow Diamond Members. We have met most of our "Cruise Friends" during these times. Bad move for Royal. As a guest that regularly books Majesty, this will be my last cruise on her Feb 8.
  21. I heard that Majesty of the Seas is no longer providing a Diamond Event in the Viking Crown Lounge in the evening beginning next week. They will only honor the 3 drinks per night from 4:30 until 8:00 at the bars. Matt, can you confirm this? If this is so look for a Majesty Mutiny to occur for Diamond and above members. Not good look for RCCL.
  22. September is one our favorite months to travel. Less kids, warm waters, great weather and low prices. Enjoy it. We always do.
  23. Bob_KY what part of KY are you from? I’m in. Bowling Green.
  24. Lindy, We have some very dear friends of ours on Explorer. The Top Notch Band and lead singer Cherry. If you have a chance please say hello to them from The Mayor of CocoCay (Kelly) and his wife Vanessa. They are really great people and talented artists. A picture would be great too! Thanks and have a wonderful cruise!
  25. What do the drink card normally sell for and what drinks do they cover?
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