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  1. Yes, can confirm we used it for an unvaccinated child and it wasn’t an issue as all. Can’t recall if it said PCR or NAAT. No need to sweat it though, by this time all the pier workers are very familiar with all the test types.
  2. We used NAAT for our unvaccinated children on two cruises.
  3. Yes, it counts as a PCR. This can be found in testing details on Royal’ site.
  4. Royal is targeting 100%, safe to assume it will be close to that soon.
  5. Where and when did you see 50% advertised? We sailed on a cruise over Thanksgiving that was already at 80%.
  6. They just count days, not hours. Morning is good.
  7. Yes, Royal accepts PCR/NAAT tests for unvaccinated children. They do not accept antigen tests for unvaccinated. This is clearly laid out on their website and been confirmed numerous times by people here, including myself. Cheers!
  8. I thought the yes, with supporting documentation from Royal’s website was a pretty solid answer.
  9. Wow, AO on Symphony was wide open the week before. They wouldn’t even take bookings.
  10. Here is a fascinating read on the subject. Hope you didn’t have a frenemy cancel it. https://www.elliott.org/cruises/royal-caribbean-canceled-cruise-help/
  11. They haven’t done Hairspray musical for months.
  12. Great news, thank you Matt! enjoy your cruise!
  13. Laser tag, parades, 1/2 production shows on some ships, library has no books. YMMV.
  14. Correct, $1.99 per day, per device. So it’s about $14 per device on a 7 night cruise.
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