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  1. I’m that class of ship, difference is normally between love seat and full couch. Spacious rooms get the couch and couple extra feet to go with it.
  2. Luggage tags haven’t been needed and that’s why Royal quit mailing them years ago. Porters will tag at port and get bag to you in no time.
  3. An exclusive forum opens up when you hit diamond status.
  4. Is there a toll number to call since toll free numbers can’t be dialed outside of US?
  5. Isn’t all the tab water onboard distilled?
  6. It all depends on where you are or where hurricane is headed. They will re-route and change plans based on storms. You may have to go back early or you make get a couple extra days at sea. Your cruise may even end at a different port, although rare.
  7. It’s tough at that age because you will have to travel with car seats unless you find a speciality service that provides them. Assuming you are traveling with your own seats, I would recommend Uber XL or Lyft XL.
  8. ??? This discussion reminds me of this video on how they decided anniversary gifts.
  9. You missed the DreamWorks era that Royal tried last decade…. More funny ears. ?
  10. UGG, that’s no fun. Hopefully there will be an exclusion for parents with children that are unable to get vaccination because of age. Royal Caribbean excursions aren’t exactly geared around young children for the most part. Here’s to hoping.
  11. At one point it was fully covered by Royal, but not sure if that’s still the case.
  12. You may want to check your news source. FL numbers have flattened. Can offer you 30 day view too if you would like. There is no doubling of anything in bigger picture. Cruising will continue to resume and be ok.
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